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Mystery Player 5/31/04


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I began my NHL career with the Flyers in 1971 after 5 years in Philly I was traded to the Capitals in 1975 after a half season in Washington I was traded again to the Flames I would move with the Flames to Calgary in 1980, where I finished my career in 1982, since then I remained close to teh game and am at every game in this yeras finals.

Who am I?

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I haven't really heard him much--but I think I read a newspaper column he wrote years ago...--but I could be confused--anyway I knew it was him, and so I posted that--jkrdevil was kind enough to post it too, and Tank to confirm it...

As for Pang--he was a rookie the same season as Nieuwendyk--and the line out of Chicago where he played for the Calder voting was, "pand is easier to spell than Nieuwendyk"--Nieuwy won it...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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