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While I only officially joined a short time ago, I lurked the boards for a long time and I think I have (3) big/great/huge series ideas:

The FIERCE THIS Challenge

This first one is called FIERCE THIS!, and when the boards are a bit slow, or you're a bit bored, you Fierce This: Frogs, or Fierce This: Grasshoppers, or House Cats, or something that is not typically fierce. The challenge is to then create a sports logo that wouldn't make you immediately start laughing at the team mascot. And of course, you have all the range in the world; the Frogs name doesn't have to be used, instead you could be the Toads or the Peepers or the Tree Frogs or whatever. The important point is that you try to create an intimidating bunny, pony, skunk (polecat), etc. So someone makes a logo for something silly or typically considered soft or cuddly or wimpy, and then we all try to toughen up the image.


We always create logos of great old jobs--miners, blacksmiths, soldiers of all types. But this challenge is to take a modern profession and make it work: doctors, surgeons, lawyers, professors, politicians, librarians...I mean, think of how hard it might be to create The Librarians look good and sporty enough to be on a minor league team's jersey? This is another one where the approach can be made a million different ways, and it should start a pretty good thread.


A state-based logo series that uses only official state birds, fruits, animals, fish, etc. as the mascot. New Hampshire (my state) has a history of using Granite (the state mineral, we are "The Granite State") as a team name for local and amateur teams. Our tree is the birch, our amphibian is the Red-Spotted Newt, our animal, the White-Tailed Deer... You get the idea. The point is to make us break out of our creative box. We can only create the Bulldogs and the Knights so many times. Plus, if it takes off, we could create a league of all 50 states.

Those are my ideas, and if the community doesn't embrace it, you still may see my attempts at a few of these things.

Any thoughts on these? Any out-of-the-box ideas you might be holding onto?

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