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Yet another senators jersey

Roger Clemente

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Yup, that's definitely out there.  And how fat does one have to be in order to wear #88?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but 88 is "LXXXVIII" right? If so...I'd say he'd be about 800 pounds. Park him at goalie and you're set.  :laugh:

Anyway, I actually like the jerseys. Both of them. I know the Roman Numerals would never be used in a game (except possibly for some sort of special occasion), but they're pretty cool for fantasy purposes, sort of like that beehive Hornets design :D...nice work though!


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Wouldn't the Roman numerals give the play-by-play announcers fits?

On the plus side, Lalime would have XL.  (Is it too late to say no pun intended on that one?)

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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