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have u noticed that the last 3 teams in the nfl to change their unis ( bengals, bills, lions) for the most part keept their helmets and logos on them the same? this goes against the general idea that a team changes its unis for money. think about it....

if the bills changed for $ then they would have changed their logo as well. that way a fan would not only buy a new jersey but a new hat, jacket. ect...

the same can be said for the bengals. i know that they got a new logo, but they will also keep the tiger head. a fan in cincy with a tiger head hat will most likely keep it, whereas if the completly got rid of the tiger head they could make more money of the "B" because everybody with a tiger head hat, shirt, ect... would be buying one. as for detroit, all they did was add a black outline. if i were a lions fan with a hat that had the black-less logo i wouldnt buy a new hat. the logo is basically the same.

just thought id point this out.

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It's more of an update that most teams want to do now. Their logos are popular as it is, I think more so they just want to keep the current look and just update it a bit. Also the Falcons while they did change their logo, it isn't completely a huge change (except in uniforms)

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Winters got a point there. Everything Bills is now in navy, and I bet there's a whole lot of new black Lions stuff. The B Bengals logo will probably now be used on all apparel now.

I think most teams now maintain their identity, but sell out having new colours/logos to force fans into getting new merchaindise.


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