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Champions Hockey League


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I've attempted this wee project on several occasions but never got around to finishing it. Well this time I have actually done it and have completed all 16 teams for my project. So here is how it breaks down:

- 16 teams, 4 groups of 4 teams

- Teams come from the top 10 countries according to the IIHF World Ranking System

- The "elite" nations (USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland and Czech Republic) each get 2 teams, playoff champion and regular season champion

- The remaining 4 nations (Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Norway) each get one entry and that being the playoff champion

Something to keep in mind for this: This is a European based competition and so some teams will not have their current logos and instead use alternates. This is meant as a preseason tournament and regular jerseys will not be used as most are covered in ads. Reebok had the contract for the last 2 editions of this competition so I see no need to change that as they had some pretty sharp jerseys. Also, each team will wear a patch on their jersey with the Champions League logo with their country flag below it and their league logo in which they play in will be worn on the tail of the jersey.

So here is Group A:

The Slovak Extraliga representative (and last time as they will move to the KHL next season) is Slovan Bratislava.


They played in the first competition back in 2009 and I kept their look from then with changes to the numbers.

The first representative from the USA and current Stanley Cup Champions, Los Angeles Kings:


I went with their away jersey template and changed the logo to the crown as I think that should be what the kings should use. I also moved their current primary to the shoulder.

The Finnish Sim Liiga regular season champion KalPa:


Based off their current jerseys, they keep a simple design with yellow being the "home" jersey.

And finally to round off group A, the playoff champions from the Czech Extraliga, HC Pardubice:


That's all for tonight. I'll post the remaining teams tomorrow. Enjoy!

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Great series and looking forward to see the rest of the European teams.

But KalPa uses their yellow jersey as their away jersey, but anyway great concepts, because I like these Reebok Edge-elements such as piping and no hem stripes etc. etc.

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Ok, now for group B:

We will start with the playoff champion from the Elitserien, Brynäs IF.


I really like these jerseys as I felt I encompassed the team's trademark shoulder design into the Edge jersey. I also took elements of their current jersey and combined the two into a nice looking jersey.

The first entry from the KHL in Russia, the season champion Traktor Chelyabinsk.


This jersey is basically the same they use in the KHL but into Edge format. some very minor changes like the red piping on the white jersey and different number font, but virtually the same as their KHL jerseys.

From the NHL and the first Canadian entry, the second best team in Canada this past season, the Ottawa Senators.


I went somewhat off the grid with these and took the Sens "heritage" jersey and got rid of the off white. Also went with the 2D logo as I know a lot of people really like that logo. I kept the bilingual logos on the shoulder as I think they went nicely with the jersey.

Finally to round out the group, the Deutsche Eishockey Liga from Germany the Eisbären Berlin.


This is their second time in the tournament and I kept their same design from before but with a little more colour added in.

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Group C:

From Switzerland's National League A and reigning Victoria Cup winners, ZSC Lions.


I kept their "winning" design with some trim added to the numbers. Other than that, nothing really changed from when they defeated the Blackhawks in the 2nd Victoria Cup back in 2009.

Czech Republic's second entry, the regular season champion Sparta Praha.


I went with a classic design style from the team's history and kept one of the most unique colour schemes in hockey. I think it works really well and these jerseys really allow the burgundy, red, blue and yellow to stand out.

The NHL's President's Trophy winners and Canada's second entry the Vancouver Canucks.


With Vancouver, I went back in history to their pre NHL days. I went with their WHL Championship jerseys and kept their current colours and logos.

And to finish the group, the KHL champions who came back from a 3-0 deficit to win the KHL championship, UHC Dynamo Moscow.


Again, same as Traktor, I kept the same design from their KHL jerseys and darkened the blue a bit. Other than that, no major changes.

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Group D and the final group of the CHL.

So to start off, the NHL's 4th and final entry and USA's final entry, the New York Rangers for having the best regular season record for American teams.


I think a few people will like this jersey as it is basically the same design as their 3rd jersey from the 90's. Everything is the same, just switched to the Edge jersey.

Finland's playoff champion from the Sm-Liiga, JYP.


These are very simple jerseys as they are very simple when they play in the Sm-Liiga.

The Elitserien season champs and the second time for these guys, Luleå HF.


Same design as when they were in the CHL before with some minor changes.

And finally the champions from the GET-ligaen in Norway, the Stavanger Oilers.


Went with a classic element for these jerseys and I think it works well. They used the 90's Penguins style template for their jerseys in the past and I wanted to keep a somewhat Penguins style to the jerseys for this with the arms.

Anyways, that is all 16 teams...If only this became a reality and the CHL would start up again under this format, it would really be a great tournament to watch.

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