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An Instagram Concept


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This actually looks pretty good, except it would come off much better in higher resolution in vector-form, since there's no anti-alias to the circle in the middle. And the 'I' could probably be in a better font, something more defined. Also try adding a glare on the top-third of the logo to give it a professional look. With all those steps done I don't see how this wouldn't be better than what Instagram has right now (not that they're in desperate need of a rebrand or anything...)



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not bad. i've never liked Lobster's "I" though. i think a simple solution is to make it a lower case "i".

the colors a a bit off. i think the blue outlines would look great in a chrome effect. it would reflect a camera more and give the icon some definition. its very flat right now. the black might be a bit too much contrast. try a dark grey maybe.

some texture added to this would go a long way too. see the shots below for ideas on how to finish it off really nice






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