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Charlotte Coliseum 2000


Nearly perfect reproduction, but it's missing the beehive trim in the paint:


No, the reproduction is perfect. Your picture isn't even from 2000; Kenny Anderson played for the Charlotte Hornets in 1996. Also, the basketball at the top of the key in your picture is different from the one in the court pictured from 2000.

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There's even another one (1997) different from the picture you showed: with the semicircle below the free throw line dotted and the painted area inside the 3 pt line starts from the NBA triple; the one you showed is painted from the college 3pt area.


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By the way, there were also changes on the color of the lines in the early 90s Memorial Coliseum. Once I figure out I will update 'em.

And the center court of the Seattle Center had a pattern in the yellow circle, but the close I'm able to get to it is two pictures of Coby Karl when he was a kid. Any help would be hardly appreciated.

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There's a bunch of courts in which I'm working right now, for example: the Salt Palace, the first Delta Center, the Tacoma Dome, the Kingdome, all Philly courts, the Boston Garden from back in the 60s, the Forum, all Blazers courts, the MSG, the Pyramid, the New Orleans Arena, the Richfield Coliseum, the Alamodome, two more versions of the Hemisfair Arena, the Reunion Arena, the Philips Arena, the Alexander Memorial Coliseum, The Milwaukee Arena, to of The Market Square Arena... and many more.

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