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Same court, same building. It only changes the name. Milwaukee Arena, later renamed Milwaukee Exposition Convention Center Arena.

I see, i don't know that, thanks for explanation. Could you say what other teams timeline courts you will updating after you finish the Bucks? i mean what's is your pririoty?

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The Palace of Auburn Hills (2007/2008)


Quick question I am sure one of you will have an answer to:

There's all sorts of regulations about uni designs, logo designs, primaries and changes/rebrands and what not - are there any rules regarding center court logos like this one here, too? What I mean is did the Pistons have to tell the NBA beforehand that "Well this will be our 50th season so can we please put a special anniversary logo center court instead of having smaller logos somewhere else?" (think NBAs 50th season)


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Bradley Center (2004/2006)


Man, you accidentally placed the 2001-04 rounded line inside the paint.

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