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If Nike took over the NHL


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Hey everyone!

This is my fictional series where Nike takes over the NHL.

I will post every team (Hopefully) one at a time to get suggestions on how to improve them.


First team I did was Anaheim.


I really wanted to go back to the diagonal stripe, eggplant turquoise style. This is my all time favorite look for the Ducks.

Up next will probably be the Bruins.

(Sorry Winnipeg fans, I might do this alphabetically.)

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Firstly, welcome to the forum.

That's a nice simplification of the Mighty Ducks striping, although having the eggplant and jade swapped around like that on the white jersey would take some getting used to. In a way it sort of works, so let's leave it at that.

Now I've been quite vocal on these boards regarding my preference for the team's original logo, but I think what you've done to it here makes it feel off. The black sticks sort of get lost in the purple background, and this wouldn't work very well in real life as they just don't stand out enough. Maybe find a way to incorporate an accent colour into your concept to help the hockey sticks stand out better, or try experimenting with a different colour palette for the whole identity until you find something that you feel works best for this team.


PotD: 24/08/2017

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I like the update. Only thing i'd say is a lighter silver but whatever. I think you should update the sock for the away jersey as well. Being primarily eggplant/white doesn't really fit now that you made the jad more prominent on the jersey. At the very least i'd color that the same way, but i think you should flip it around too so the color is the bottom of the sock and white is the top half.

On the logo i think you should make the details on the mask black so it stands out better. The eggplant works enough if you're trying to stick the color pallette, but just that small amount of black would help the logo at least.

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