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American Football Worldwide - Moldova


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This random country generator doesn't like giving me well-known countries. I'm cool with it. ^_^


Just like the first concept, Uzbekistan, Moldova is a former Soviet republic that achieved independence with the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. Before that, due to its strategic location, the region had been invaded by essentially any powerful group in the area during that time - Goths, Huns, Magyars, Mongols, Tatars, Ottoman Turks, eventually ceded to Russia. It then eventually became a Soviet republic, the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. Moldova shares many similarities with Romania - the Moldovan language is essentially a dialect of Romanian, Moldovans and Romanians tend to share a common ancestry, and (as a result) their flags are very similar. Today, Moldova is considered to be the poorest country in Europe in terms of GDP. Many Moldovans leave home to seek opportunity in other countries.

As with most of the world, soccer is the most popular sport, but the Moldovan side is ranked only 128th in the world. Moldova first sent athletes under its own flag to the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics, with Moldovans previously competing as part of team Russia, Soviet Union, or in 1992, the Unified Team/CIS. Moldova has won 7 total medals: 2 silver, 5 bronze; most recently being one bronze each in men's and women's weightlifting in London 2012.

Hiyo concept!


What little I can find on Moldova shows them mainly in blue and white. However, I went with the flag colors to give it some flavor - mainly blue and yellow with red as trim. The federation logo is taken from the Moldovan coat of arms, specifically the shield that carries the traditional symbols of Moldavia. The full coat of arms is used on the "M" helmet logo.


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People might have my head for saying it, but I want to see more red in the concept. I know the palette causes all kinds of issues in determining colour hierarchy, but I'm wanting to see the uniform come closer to the flag. Also, their neighbour to the north is the very blue-and-yellow Ukraine, so I think Moldova would want an identity that doesn't look so Ukrainian.




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