Determining An Identity for Toronto's Second NHL Team

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Yes, but Canadian cases of province-wide names don't happen as much as state-wide names in the US. If I hear a new team in Dallas go with the name "Texas _______s" it sounds normal. Not ideal, perhaps, but it would sound normal. "Ontario ______s," on the other hand, just sounds weird. It rarely happens. Southern Ontario and northern Ontario are two completely different parts of the country. To suggest we're all united in one uber community is pretty silly.

i agree that they don't happen very often in canada... and i was totally on board with everything you said, until that last part. dallas, houston, san antonio, west texas, the panhandle.... all completely separate entities. dallas and houston in particular have a bit of a heated rivalry. if that's your reasoning behind the ontario point, then i'll disagree overall. if the texas rangers can play in arlington, the markham team can be called ontario. they'd represent the entire province about as well as the texas rangers represent lubbock.

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