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St. Louis Blues

Lights Out

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The primaries are pretty simple, with sublimated sheet-music lines and St. Louis Arch, while the third is a modernized version of this.

I'm surprised this doesn't have more common. I think it's beautiful. Kind going after the sharks layout (which I'm a huge fan of) but the subtle arch makes it complete and even compensates for the missing stripe in the front.

I also noticed the music lines right away. Great representation. And I feel like although he might be right about the walmart comment, i wouldn't change it. moving to the center isnt' the answer. it looks good enough for a third jersey. but the rest: awesome looking. (and I HATEEEE THE BLUES since they beat the sharks last playoffs)

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Why stop the stripe? That's what ruins an otherwise great Boston College uni set. Let it continue over the arch, and you have a great set.

Totally disagree, here...

I think the uniqueness of the stripes is waht makes this concept absolutely PERFECT!!!

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