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Miami Marlins tweak


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The Marlins have been wearing black seemingly every day for the past 11 years... I thought to myself: What if the Marlins were forced trade in their black alternate? With that, I decided to see what the Marlins new look would be with some tweaks:



The orange cap look on the home jersey should be a regular feature. Also, after a couple of years of "Marlins" on the road jerseys, then a couple of years of "Miami" on the home jerseys, this set puts the names to right. The "Marlins Blue" jersey is a replacement for the black jersey, and is used soley at home games.



I added some color to the road jerseys, which are far too bland for the Marlins' new identity. The orange jerseys would be used exclusively on the road. I've changed the trim to yellow (so that yellow trim is used on both alternates). I've also added the black "Miami" wordmark from the 2012 home jerseys to the orange alternate becaue it contrasts better with the bright red-orange jersey.

These changes utilizes the Marlins color scheme (instead of just black, white and orange). It gives one "orange" look and one "blue" look for both the home and road sets, and even has a splash of yellow... with both alternates have yellow trim. There's a lot of black in the set, but it doesn't seem as oppresive (to me, at least) because it's used to contrast the brighter alternate jerseys, and the orange in the home jersey.

Anyhow, what does everyone think?

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I like it. Good use of all the team colors. Your new home uniform reminds me of the Angels home, but only a little.

Your road is like a blue version of the Red Sox road uniforms, Very cool.

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