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  1. What Cleveland did was create a compromise. They built a bridge from the past to the future and they allowed their fans to keep a sense of familiarity. Some people seem to look at that idea as immoral or bad. Complaining on social media has become as human as waking up.
  2. I know a lot of people here wanted a color change but I think the direction they went in was right. I like the name and the imagery.
  3. I can't help but see the certain word when I see those uni's. I'm glad I'm not the only one
  4. I'd consider incorporating bad design choices as poor execution, but I can understand your reasoning for a distinction. In essence we agree the designers are trying too hard to reinvent the wheel
  5. The NBA really went all in on being the fun uniform league. 3 out of 4 years a team has won the title in a random alt?
  6. I'm suggesting their execution is so poor it's hard to believe they have art degrees. And with the second, I'm saying that if they became traditional master artisans they'd be better artists for it. Your second question is pure head canon, but i'm glad it made you happy.
  7. a designer who's been educated scholastically Can you imagine how much better modern artists would be if they were able to dedicate themselves like this?
  8. I had no idea the A's logo suffered from the same problem as the Yankees logo (mismatching versions)
  9. This was such a slam dunk of a rebrand and they just couldn't stop themselves from ruining it.
  10. I vehemently dislike the modern approach to designing numbers. They've tried way to hard to reinvent the wheel at the cost of a well balanced uniform. I still have a hard time believing they're classically educated designers
  11. If they want to wear navy they should bring back the old navy primaries. It uses the same template as their current royal blue primaries
  12. They're a victim of their success in this regard. They got locked into that logo and these colors. I never thought these bright colors were great for a team called the Thunder (something you associate with dark skies and dark clouds). They need a new logo
  13. I understand why a traditionalist would hate these but black, blue and orange go together very well
  14. Most people would think all those teams uniforms look very similar. What is obvious to the trained eye can easily be missed by average people. Isn't this the reason soccer teams have a clash set? If two teams have similar colors one of the teams can wear something totally different?
  15. I don't think their goal was to glorify criminality. There are people who see gothic style font and associate it with gangs and criminality because they've seen criminals and gang members with gothic font tattoos. Not in a gang. Live close to a city with a lot of gang activity. Gothic font isn't exclusive to black gangs though. White, Hispanic, and Black gangs have/will use gothic font in their tattoos. I haven't used the term gang activity as a euphemism, dog whistle or synonym for black people or black culture.
  16. I said gothic style font has a history of gang affiliation. You decided that meant I was talking about black people. You made that connection and imposed it on me. You've created a caricature of my argument and are now arguing against that I said gothic style font has a history of gang affiliation. I never once said it was synonymous with black culture, hip hop or Chicago. You made that presupposition and put it on me.
  17. I'm having a hard time understanding your perspective. Are you saying gothic font tattoos have no history of gang affiliation? Are you saying only racist people think that? Are you saying they used to have gang affiliation but not anymore? Please help me here
  18. No. I have an issue with the whole uniform being gothic font because gothic font has a historical connection with criminality. At no point did I say that criminality is a synonym for being black.
  19. I could show you dozens, if not hundreds, of pictures of people (OF ALL COLORS) in prison covered in gothic font tattoos. You'd still insinuate I'm racist. The uniforms exist. People can buy them and love them forever. Gothic font carries with it cultural connotations because it has been historically affiliated with people who commit crimes. I didn't make it up. It isn't a conspiracy theory.
  20. They made up a gothic S-o-x font logo in 1949, we agree. They brought back the logo in the 1990's, we agree. The city connect uniforms are based on gothic font, we agree. The City connect uniforms use nothing but gothic font and are most definitely trying to invoke an urban style. Part of the reason gothic font is considered to be an urban style is because of the gang affiliation. Gothic font didn't have gang affiliation in 1949, but in 1990 it did. In 2021 it still does but hip hop being totally mainstream has made it more marketable, or at least that's what the White Sox and Clippers are hoping.
  21. Where's the gothic font that says Southside? I thought they've been using it since 1949? Where's the gothic numbers? OOOHHH You mean the Sox Logo they switched to, away from, than back to. Then in 2021 they decided to make an entire uniform in gothic font. You can sit here an act like 50's America is still the standard we all live by, but you and I both know it isn't. Criminals have been getting gothic font tattoos for at least 30 years, if not longer.
  22. Tigers have used one gothic letter (D) since 1904. The White Sox decided to pull out a gothic brand in 2021. You're saying they've been sitting on it for 58 years. Those are two different situations. That being said, I'd bet you money that gothic D has been appropriated by local gangs.
  23. https://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/55/Chicago_White_Sox/ False. What you said was that they had this design sitting around for 58 years because of a previous rebrand. They specifically didn't use it until now. Lots of things have different social connotations today than they did in the 40's. Gothic style font is one of them. The White Sox know what they're doing.
  24. I believe you're accurately quoting the White Sox. The White Sox (much like the Clippers) want to have their cake and eat it to and are willing to blur lines. Gothic font, like it or not, is associated with prison style tattoos. It has been for a long time. They can spin it as much as they like but people see the connection. As for the Giants, this is pretty much inline with what I expected when Nike announced the City Connect project. It's a uniform that resembles the franchise it's representing. Not a fan of gradients, but the fog makes sense. Adding the bridges is a little cheesy but it represents the local population well
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