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Dallas Mavericks uniform concept (Update: new logo added)


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In response to the announcement that the Mavs may be redesigning their uniforms, here's my first-draft attempt.

- Brings green back into the color scheme

- Side striping designed to resemble a horse's stirrups

- Lone Star of Texas forms the notch in the shorts

- Western typeface and styling evoke a more distinctively Texan identity





AWAY (alternative version if you don't want a third color in your color scheme):


Any feedback is much appreciated.


I've also been toying with an idea for a Mavs logo (unrelated to the above concept) for a while now, so I thought I'd see what you all thought about that as well. Obviously, this is far from a finished concept -- not only is it currently using a design recycled from another team's defunct logo (Detroit's), but the execution in general is still really sloppy. This is more a "proof of concept" thing, just to see if the idea might be worth refining some more.

The basic idea is a horse's head that resembles the state of Texas when turned upside-down (the ambigram wordmark is just sort of an extra). It could be used as a secondary court logo or something.



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This is really good. I love the barbed wire and old western font. I suggest you make a light blue alternate though, instead of the full green panels.

Oh, that third one wasn't actually intended to be a third uniform, just a different version of the second. I couldn't make up my mind whether to keep the two-tone piping or just make it all green.

I still tried making a light blue alternate like you said, though. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite make it work. The lighter tones just didn't quite seem to "fit" the harder Western styling. Oh well.

Thanks for the feedback!

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You guys dig the light blue, huh? OK then, I'll keep trying to figure out how to work that into the uniform more without throwing off the overall look.

In the meantime, I've also been toying with an idea for a Mavs logo for a while now, and thought I'd see if anyone had an opinion about that as well. I've added it to the original post.

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