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Hey guys,

I haven't been pumping out many concepts lately, mainly since I've been busy with school, and also I've been drawing the different templates that are used by NHLUniforms.com (as you can see in my latest post). I started a little project that will get posted someday in the future here, so look for that! But in the mean time, with the info that was posted on these boards about the Blackhawks' stadium series unis, here is my guess for what they will wear. C&C appreciated, and let me know what you think of the new template!

side note: this is based off of what we have seen from the other jerseys released, so please don't say "oh man, the weird angled striping, elongated numbers and chrome logos have to go!" ---- I think we all feel this way. But enjoy.


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I love the nhluniforms.com templates...Can't wait til you share!

This is also what scared me. I wanted Chicago atleast to use what LA went with (striping not being cutoff, no yoke) I think it would look better. For a guess though, this seems like it's what it will be!

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