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ColorWerx: Individual Team Color Swatches


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I've been working on a new project - generating individual color swatch images for all clubs in the "major" sports leagues - MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. So far, I've gotten the NBA and NHL completed; and have made significant progress on the MLB.

These individual images will help with the various color-to-color comparisons we're debating from time to time. For example:


As you can see, I list the team name, the color description, and the time-frame used. If a color is an estimate (i.e., not from a confirmed Pantone value), the color description will be followed by an asterisk ('*').

I'll update this thread as I get individual leagues completed.

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That's lovely, thanks.

You going to organize them by color rather than league?

Haven't thought yet about the organizational aspect of it all...right now, I'm just compiling each color per team, per league.

I have all these plans for what I'd LIKE to do with all of this information, and no time to actually implement it.


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