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the big bash league - am interesting phenomenon


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The Australian big bash league (bbl), one of the newer competitions in the short season t20 cricket circuit only in its third season. I'm not sure what to think of the league.

All uniforms are supplied by kooga and hats by new era. In a league of only 8 teams there are 2 blue and 2 green teams and all teams use black in their colour schemes.

The league is also full of teams with those stupid makes that I know everyone here lives to hate, with teams called the strikers and 6ers. Infact the only teams with tangable names don't make sense for the area. The logos are not necessarily badly designed but use alot of gradients and aren't the best due to the bad choice in names.

The uniforms are quite template-y with most teams using a large logo under the sponser logo on the front of their jersey's, some form of either racing stripes or side panels and black pants.

A league riddled with bad decisions (design wise) some how manages to look relatively good

Here are my thoughts on the teams logos and uniforms

Melbourne stars




One of the better designed logos on the league, it makes sense for the name there isn't much else the could have done.


The uniforms are one of the few in the league that use side panels and they have used them quite well integrating starts into them without being too obnoxious

The pants use the most used or of the two templates used bit surprisingly are not black as many others are. They also use green batting pads



A lighter green and less gradients on the logo could have improved this by a mile

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Adelaide strikers




The logo is fairly boring just a modern font spelling the word strikers


The uniforms use a large s logo on the front of the shirt with "phantom" racing stripes down the sleve. The pants are the same template as the stars paired with black pads. The fielding hat has a black brim. Overall a boring look matched with the boring logo.



A better name paired with a better logo plus eliminating block from the uniforms would make this team perfect

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Going the obvious route the other green team in the league had used lightning imagery which was a good decision but also opted for the boring wordmark logo


The uniform one again uses the big logo on front of their jersey's but have also cleverly used lightning bolts coming from the crest area on their chest. Black pants and pads are used wich blends with alot of the league



A non wordmark logo and more lightning on the uniforms plus the removal of black pants/pads would help them alot

If people are interested I'll do more

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It was such a weird concept.

They clearly wanted to go for a fresh, exciting design aesthetic as well as going really generic with the names and imagery, to keep it really accessible to everyone, but they went way too far IMO.

It's just bland and boring. Across the board. It looks like someone was given a packet of highlighters and told to create 8 team identities with no distinct features that someone could have an opinion about whatsoever.

There is nothing about any of the sides that hooks people in other than their locations. I watch the Strikers as an Adelaide resident, and I want them to win, but I can't think why i'd ever buy any merchandise.

The A-League did basically the same thing less than a decade earlier (forming a league from scratch with city based franchises) but were much, much more successful in creating a strong identity for each club IMO.

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The Scorchers have come closest (pardon my WA bias...) to an immediately-engaging identity. Perth folk know all about heat and hot weather, and orange and black isn't that much of a leap from the traditional gold and black. Brisbane had the right idea too with Heat, but for mine the pale blue really brings that name unstuck.

What makes it worse is in Melbourne and Sydney where there is absolutely zero distinction between each of their two sides to draw fans one way or the other - it seems inevitable that the earlier successful teams will come to dominate people's interest (sorry Renegades, too bad Thunder). Something will have to give in those cities.

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The ACB wanted the City names and their identeties to be as far away from their state links as possible so they could grow the game, but did not put any teams in any different area than was already occupied.

Most of the clubs did not get the chance to pick identities or logos as they were done for them before the league was announced.




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There are some terrible team names in the Big Bash League, with Renegades and Scorchers being the exception. All of the others (Stars, Heat, Strikers, 6ers, Thunder) are hopelessly generic ... but the primary colours matched with the names are even worse. Lime green stars? Aqua/teal Heat? Pink and black 6ers? Purple hurricaines? Two green teams on a massive green field?

Also, why "Hurricaines" not "Cyclones", and why Hobart, where they never occur?!

Also, Thunder ... but all of their imagery is lightning-related?!

Also, Strikers ... there are no strikes in cricket?!

That said, the league is pretty fun and Channel Ten's coverage of the league has been fantastic.


Thanks to Gobbi for the awesome buttons!

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The entertainment standard of the games this year has been excellent - for the moment at least they can rely on drawing in plenty of casual fans while they work out the kinks in the team locations/identities.

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