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Bucs Uniform Ideas


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As a Buc fan I am unhappy with the announcement, because I don't see anything wrong with our current look. But I wanted to mock up what Nike could possibly do to them that wouldn't make me consider getting a new favorite team. But here are two looks, one with the creamsickle color scheme, and one with the current that I hope they keep.


With these I gave them a helmet close to Rutgers, with the distressed pewter chrome along with a black chrome facemask. Keeps the same logo but I'm sure they will change that. Modified Michigan States font a little, because that feels like something they could possibly use. Nothing crazy.


Same template with the orange color scheme, and modified the helmet logo to give it a more full helmet effect that Nike loves these days. Reminds me a lot of Maryland after seeing it done. Let me know what you think, and lets hope the reveal isn't as bad as Jacksonville.

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The switching teams comment was sarcasm haha.

Again this is my idea of how far Nike could push the envelope and me be ok with it, not what I would like for them to wear. This is me trying to imagine a best-worst case scenario.

For this update I gave the helmet a different look I don't believe has been done before, I gave it a hammered texture to mimic some of the swords and metal work on pirate ships, with the facemask and decal in chrome (to fit reports.)

The pewter jersey is something I'm not completely sure of, but is supposed to be like Seattle's wolf grey jersey.

I added a black pants option to give them a couple more options for looks, because if Nike overhauls their identity, I feel like it will be Seattle-esque.


Let's hope the helmet tonight isn't a monstrosity.

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