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It's a good idea, but, as a Titans fan born in 1998, I'm used to the Titans image. My dad actually lived in Houston as a kid and moved to Nashville in '98 (complete coincidence). I showed him this and he thinks that the Titans ought to look less like the Oilers. The Houstonians (hope that right) kind of see the Oilers as their brand. I completely agree with him, and think that the Oilers should stay in Houston. Heck, maybe in a few years the Texans will change colors.


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I don't really dislike them, but I'm a bit hesitant to call these updates. Granted, the Titans have some really futuristic uniforms but these actually look like older, more archaic uniforms. They're almost like 70s or 80s uniforms with a futuristic font for the numbers.

In any event, I recommend you use Columbia numbers for the road jerseys. The navy numbers on the Titans' current road jerseys work since they have the Columbia shoulders on them. However, with this concept Columbia numbers would look better if you plan on pairing the road jerseys with Columbia pants. Plus, the Oilers used Columbia numbers for their road whites.

I also would change up the stripes. Instead of three consecutive equal length stripes I'd go for maybe a more Northwestern-type look.

Lastly, I recommend a taller, slimmer font for the name on the back. I'd also double-trim them like you did for the numbers.

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