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Boston Celtics St. Patricks Day/Christmas Day Uniform Concept

Sean F&F

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I didn't really like the new Christmas Day (or St. Patrick's day) uniforms for this season, so I decided to make my own. I may do others, but for now it's the Celtics.


The font is taken from the Red Sox with a gold outline (similar to their St. Patrick's day uniforms from the last few years).

To make this one stand out, I used a shamrock pattern throughout the uniform, much like the Magic's old uniforms with the stars.

I might try a white version too.

C&C Welcome.

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I do have some problems.

1:The font. The font does not look that good on the uniform.Try changing it to a more reasonable font.

2:The template. It doesn't that good. Try looking for others.

3:The gold waistband. That just looks ugly!

4:The green. I see where you are going but it's not my type.

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I actually like this concept especially with the shamrock pattern. A white version could be cool with green/gold font. Boston red sox font is a good idea.i love the gold waistband too. You should have a logo on the bottom shorts though.

As a Celtics fan, the simpler, the better. A logo on the shorts would be a terrible idea.

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