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  1. Sometimes I see those posts of the day traveling back into the boards history. And IMO we should have a POTD council.
  2. If we need to start talking about NASCAR drivers in the wrong ride,I think we'll start with Kurt Busch in the 51 for Phoenix Racing (now HScott Racing) and the 78 for Furniture Row.
  3. Indiana State (Yes,imma homer)
  4. Well,thats bull. People stealing things that dont belong to them. Wheres the police?
  5. Anyone have ideas of what the San Antonio Spurs championship ring will look like?
  6. AFC Championship Colts 28-Broncos 17 NFC Championship Seahawks 57-Panthers 23 Super Bowl XLIX Colts 31-Seahawks 24
  7. facepalm Otherways,it's about time that the Raiders moved. I don't want them to move to LA,but San Antonio is the right place for the Raiders.
  8. This could be like the BigMac12 incedent with like 5 people getting banned for 2 weeks. I do have a bad feeling about this.
  9. The Curse of the Billy Goat started in 1945,so 70 years.
  10. If it weren't for your avatar is have no clue you were a Cubs fan. Well,the Cubs farm system is no. 1 in the latest rankings. But the Curse of the Billy Goat HAS to end before I die!
  11. World Series: 2014:Dodgers def. Blue Jays 4-2 2015:Blue Jays def.Giants 4-1 2016:Cubs def. Yankees 4-3 (ends at Wrigley on a walk off in the 10th....Cubbies fans storm the field) 2017:Astros def. Cubs 4-1 2018:Astros def Marlins 4-1 2019:Indians def Cubs 4-3 2020:Cubs def Red Sox 4-1 2021:Cubs def Rays 4-2 2022:Cubs def Astros 4-2 2023:Royals def Cubs 4-3 2024:Astros def Phillies 4-0
  12. Please read the title of the thread.Oh! My fault. But for real,they did copy off the Falcons.
  13. I was watching a high school football game on ESPN and one of these schools copied of the Alanta Falcons but changed it to yellow and black instead of black and red.
  14. If the Bills are horrible in the next 5 seasons,move them to Toronto. And BTW,Edwards Jones Dome is 21 years old. It's not time to implode the Dome. Bring in the St Louis Stallions (aka the Pats after Tom Brady)! Edit:Move the Raiders to San Antonino!
  15. Yea. I do go to Jayski but if Chris had one,it will be better.
  16. Why doesn't Chris have a NASCAR logo page? Yes,there are some of you that say that NASCAR is not a sport but IMO they are not people who burn gas. Why doesn't he have a NASCAR page?
  17. Nope. Just nope. The Sox are the worst in this series. The font is completely horrible and you should do better. BTW if I had a choice I would have gone with home no. 2.
  18. 70's Pacers. Man,do I love those beauitful jerseys.
  19. Sonics:really don't like it because if the futuristic font. Everything else I like it.
  20. OK, yes, this is the very definition of an unpopular opinion. I have a question about this logo, maybe someone can help me. What is that thing that forms the crossbar of the "A" supposed to be? At first I thought it was trying to be a halo, but that makes no sense... it's physically attached to the wing. So WTF is it? Well,I do like the logo and it is an angel attached to the head.
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