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  1. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Considering the reaction to these Crew SC kits, especially here is Columbus, I'd wager they're only going to wear them a handful of times. Even before the reveal they made special mention the yellow kit was still going to be in the rotation. A YUGE miscalculation on these new kits. 
  2. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Wow that's bad. My beloved Crew, looking like the lollipop guild. 
  3. NFL Changes - 2016

    So when approximately does info come out regarding changes for the following year?
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Ohio State wearing alternate White's today. Just make these full time already.
  5. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Ugh, I hope not. A few things I noticed however. There's no Nike swoosh and the buckeye leaves on the back was replaced by the word "BUCKEYES". maybe just wishful thinking, but I'm calling shenanigans on this uniform.
  6. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    I sure hope OSU keeps it. Looks so so so sharp.
  7. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Awful. Although I do like the "N" detail incorporated in the pant stripe.
  8. NFL Changes 2015

    I agree with almost everything Paul has on his site and I can see where some can feel he is kind of a pill, but the amount of venom that gets tossed his way is baffling. Almost Star Wars prequel level of vitriol.
  9. Unpopular Opinions

  10. Unpopular Opinions

    I think these are atrocious.
  11. Favorite/Least Favorite Jersey # changes

    6+1, 2+5 =7
  12. New Browns uni coming 2015

    Put the CC on if you don't already
  13. New Browns uni coming 2015

    terrible uniforms.
  14. New Browns uni coming 2015

    Represents Cleveland not yet rising up
  15. New Browns uni coming 2015

    I wonder if retailers were told to face them forward (when they got the green light to display them) so the changes could be better seen. Perhaps the back of the jersey wouldn't cause many people to notice that it was a new jersey.