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  1. Yep. A solid black sponsor would've looked much better. Since I'm the only American Swansea fan I know, at least no one I know will wear this around me.
  2. Total downgrade! kidding.
  3. Keeping that same crappy template. Great.
  4. Anyhoo, so so is the new template being adopted league wide, or what?
  5. Also worth noting is the lack of bullcrap brand-speak describing the elements of the jersey. Thank GOD!
  6. I kinda feel the same way, but I'm reserving judgement until I see the whole kit. The checkerboard pattern looks to darn small but Acura is a damn fine get for a sponsor. "You never forget your first car." - Roger Sterling
  7. Love this. Clean and classic
  8. Man, Can't wait to see more kits unveiled.
  9. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I LOVE kits with collars.
  10. The only thing blue on the jersey of the team called the Blue Jays is the word "Blue". What in the world were they thinking?
  11. How about they just do fauxbacks?
  12. Interesting the jersey template is the Elite 51. I'm sure they just photoshopped an old image and they'll be using their current template, but interesting nonetheless.
  13. Agree a billion times. A billion.
  14. This x1000. One of the most iconic, classic looks in all of baseball.
  15. Why does this bother you so much? There are receivers who dance every time they catch a 7 yard pass, crybaby holdouts, players hitting women and smoking dope. But this guy, we gotta stop this guy from showing his abs. It's kind of his trademark. He's marketing and selling the Ezekiel Elliott brand. Smart. And he's a nice young man to boot.