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  1. sonny

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    The marlin is black. I don’t like that. Otherwise it’s ok, I guess.
  2. Seems to me that the “Magic Johnson” inspiration for this uniform was his show The Magic Hour. And by that, I mean the goal must’ve been to make it very terrible.
  3. sonny

    American Premier League

    I like to see Columbus with a club. First ever MLS team and unofficial home of USMNT
  4. sonny

    #SaveTheCrew fan kit Crew SC’s excuse for an owner has announced his intent to move to Austin next year, the amount of backlash has been substantial. Different things have been done both in front and behind the scenes but in the interest of this group, the #SaveTheCrew gang has endeavored to create a Supporters kit with actual local sponsorship. Very cool indeed.
  5. sonny

    2018 MLS Kits

    With the exception of Dallas, MLS is looking mighty fine this upcoming season
  6. sonny

    NFL 2018 changes

    Sweet! Were talking about uniforms again. My hope for for the Titans is that they just change their silly 90’s number font. Anything else is gravy.
  7. sonny

    Cleveland Cavaliers New Uniforms

    Don't like the Navy numbers. Muddle's what could've been a decent set. Meh. Meh big time.
  8. sonny

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Swansea will unveil their first ever 3rd kit before their August 12th opener. They were forced into it as both their white shirts and their red shirts both clashed with Southampton,s red and white shirt.
  9. sonny

    NFL 2017 changes?

    New template looks loads better.
  10. sonny

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Yep. A solid black sponsor would've looked much better. Since I'm the only American Swansea fan I know, at least no one I know will wear this around me.
  11. sonny

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Total downgrade! kidding.
  12. sonny

    NFL 2017 changes?

    Keeping that same crappy template. Great.
  13. sonny

    NFL 2017 changes?

    Anyhoo, so so is the new template being adopted league wide, or what?
  14. sonny

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Also worth noting is the lack of bullcrap brand-speak describing the elements of the jersey. Thank GOD!
  15. sonny

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    I kinda feel the same way, but I'm reserving judgement until I see the whole kit. The checkerboard pattern looks to darn small but Acura is a damn fine get for a sponsor. "You never forget your first car." - Roger Sterling
  16. sonny

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Love this. Clean and classic
  17. sonny

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Man, Can't wait to see more kits unveiled.
  18. sonny

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I LOVE kits with collars.
  19. sonny

    MLB Changes 2017

    The only thing blue on the jersey of the team called the Blue Jays is the word "Blue". What in the world were they thinking?
  20. sonny

    Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    How about they just do fauxbacks?
  21. sonny

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Interesting the jersey template is the Elite 51. I'm sure they just photoshopped an old image and they'll be using their current template, but interesting nonetheless.
  22. sonny

    College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Agree a billion times. A billion.