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    Unusual Team Branding Ideas

    I did something like this in NHL 18, since starting with an expansion team lets makes you create a farm team to go with it; so, I gave Albany an AHL team again, the "Hams":
  2. mcj882000

    NHL 2017-18

    Personally, I don't hate the orca logo. It's colour scheme when it debuted was really nice; the white & blue variant they use now is a little more bland - I think that concept someone posted with green trim inside the C is far nicer - but it's still a fine look. Yeah, there's the nod to their former ownership, but that doesn't bother me quite as much as it probably should. Honestly it feels subtle enough (and still ties into the region anyways) that I personally just don't care about that - the "VANCOUVER" that arcs over it is the bigger problem IMO anyways. Having said that, I think I'd still prefer them finally going with Johnny Canuck in some form, him being their actual namesake and all.
  3. I'm of two minds concerning the Knights from here on out: -My gut feeling tells me have nowhere to go but down now. They won't be surprising anyone anymore; they have actual expectations put upon them now; their guys who had career years are gonna want big fat raises, which will put a strain on their payroll, especially considering they've said they're gonna be spenders in July; plus, George "My Capitals couldn't get past the 2nd round" McPhee has to start making actual player moves that aren't just taking freebies from a more generous draft. They might tread water in the deep pool they've built themselves (I'm not gonna say they will miss the playoffs, because that'd be stupid), but I do think it's all underwater for them from here otherwise. -Having said that, with their first year out of the way now, if they were to get back to the playoffs next year I'd probably be less salty about it - there is precedent for 2nd-year expansion teams making deep playoff runs, after all (both the Jaguars and Panthers played in the NFL's Conference Championships in 1996), so them making a run in 2019 wouldn't be that unusual on its own. I'll probably never fully get on their side, being another Sunbelt team in a league with too many failing Sunbelt teams as it is, not to mention their stupid name and idiot owner(s); but I at least won't consider their presence in the playoffs a league's reputation-damaging farce anymore.
  4. You do have a point with that, but the Knights weren't just a 6-7 seed, .500 team*, they were more like if the 1998 Devil Rays won 100 games and the AL Pennant. * - Ironically with how deep the NHL is now compared to 18-25 years ago, I don't think they needed to alter the expansion draft rules this time - IMO a Knights team built under the older rules might've been a wild card, one-and-done team like you mentioned, instead of an immediate powerhouse.
  5. Except the 1993 Expansion Draft did only have one protected goalie per team, and it did lead to a tandem team having to give up a fairly good goalie: If you recall, thanks to Vanbiesbrouck (and the trap, but w/e) the Panthers were arguably the best pre-Knights expansion team, missing the playoffs in 1994 and 1995 by a single point both years, before going to the Finals in 1996. (I don't count the '68 Blues or the '79 WHA merger teams, because those were under fairly unusual circumstances.) There was quite a bit of goalie-moving before that draft, actually; Beezer was actually taken from Vancouver because the Rangers traded him there beforehand so they could protect Mike Richter, as had the Nordiques traded Ron Hextall to the Islanders so they could protect Stephane Fiset.
  6. I guess there's only one proper way to close out this thread - and boy does CBC/SportsNet just nail these playoff montages every single year.
  7. mcj882000

    Unpopular Opinions

    That was the only jersey in the Capitals' 90s identity I actually liked. Once they ditched that for the black alternate, the one with bronze numbers you could barely even read half the time, I was like "nah, you guys can just rebrand now"
  8. mcj882000

    What if the MLB had promotion and relegation?

    It's a nice idea, but it's completely impractical - you'd wind up bankrupting the teams that are relegated by putting them in a league people care less about, and the teams that are promoted because there just aren't enough minor league cities that could support a major league level team.
  9. The Caps finally did it. The worst expansion team beat the best expansion team.
  10. NHL refs are pretty bad about calling such a play interference anyways, but fair enough
  11. no signed a flames fan EDIT: Speaking seriously, I absolutely HATE the fact that 14 years later there's a depressing amount of Flames fans who still can't accept that Marty didn't score there. It absolutely grinds my gears. Like I get it, Gelinas scoring the series winning goal for every series that year would've been an incredible story, but he just didn't. There's no anti-Canadian conspiracy, it just wasn't conclusive enough to overturn the "no goal" call - compare the one diagonal camera that maybe showed the puck over the line to the 3-4 straight angles that didn't. Besides, the Lightning rising out of the dumpster fire that was the Kokusai Green era and becoming the best team in hockey, led by a player the Flames themselves gave up on for being too short (lol Craig Button), was also a very good story. (Less so is the league capitalising on one of their beloved Sunbelt teams pulling through and winning it all... by locking the players out and cancelling the entire next season. Oh NHL, you're the TNA Wrestling of pro sports.) Sorry if it seems like I'm jumping down your throat on this, goalieboy, but after 14 years of hearing "it was in but the league rigged it" I'm just tired of hearing about it. I wish my team's fanbase would let it go and move on; now if only the team would actually give us something to move on to...
  12. mcj882000

    Your favorite color combinations

    Royal blue/yellow/red
  13. mcj882000

    The Sports Media Thread

    I feel the same way - it's funny how I can agree with him a lot on politics, yet I find him so much more fun, entertaining and funny when he's covering sports.
  14. mcj882000

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Reading through the last 10 pages of this thread... yikes, and I thought I was pissy about the Knights dominating the NHL like it was nothing... Apparently I'm not being pissy enough! Ozzyman, if for some reason you decide to come back to this again, against all logic and rational thinking, I just have one piece of advice:
  15. Yeah, the Knights are real misfits alright, total underdogs; that's how they've won 60 games this season & playoffs with ease, right?
  16. TBH I'm not concerned with what a bunch of pundits & sportswriters thought in September. If they couldn't see that a team backed by Marc-Andre Fleury was gonna at least challenge for a playoff spot, that's on them. If anything it's more proof in my eyes that hockey's outside "experts" are anything but. If anything this whole -show might bring a shake-up the league sorely needs. Regardless of how it was done, an expansion team coasting to the Finals immediately, on the backs of every other teams' rejects, is bad optics for the league, at least in my opinion. (I told a baseball fan what was going on in hockey the other day, and he literally told me "wow, that's stupid.") I know the NHL doesn't care much about optics, but still - at the very least, clearly the standards for player scouting have fallen if almost every single team let such a good player go for nothing. Evidently teams need to reexamine what makes a good hockey player. And again, if the experts looking in couldn't see this coming even a little bit, maybe the sport needs better experts. (Hell, I know it does - among NBC's analysts are one of the league's all-time worst coaches and the worst GM in league history. Almost anyone would be better than those clowns!)
  17. The kicker is that this season of the NHL has been one of the least chaotic in recent history - the favourites won 7/8 series in the first round, and both teams in the Finals at least won their division. Had the playoffs been conference-based, we'd be seeing two #2 seeds in the Finals. Last year a divisional runner-up beat a wild card team for their 2nd straight Cup, and the year before they beat a divisional 3rd-place team from the same spot!
  18. Yeah - one league's dominated by two teams pretty thoroughly right now, but guess what? It's the league people actually want to watch, because that league's teams are driven/carried by their big, heavily-marketed stars, and said stars can actually make it to the championship finals. One of the NHL's two biggest stars just made the Finals for the first time ever, after 12 attempts, and his team's likely to be eliminated by a team that didn't even exist last season! The other star just made it to back-to-back finals... after his team was eliminated early in the 5 previous to that. Compare that to the NBA, where the league's 2 biggest names will meet in the Finals for the 4th year in a row, yet TV ratings, attendance & merch sales seem to suggest this is exactly what their audience wants. What I'm learning is that, no matter how much individual people or smaller groups complain about dynasties and the lack of parity, and the same teams winning every year, in the wider country it's the opposite - fans like to get behind consistent, proven winners, who can dominate the league and win titles with ease, year after year... So on that note, for better and for worse, if they keep it up the NHL's team of the future may very well be the Las Vegas Knights. Assuming the NHL can market them properly, along with avoiding a lockout in 2020. (lol)
  19. mcj882000

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Only the goddamn NHL could try and influence a foreign election to suit their own needs and fail at it.
  20. All that collage tells me is that hockey's "experts" aren't, which I could've told you already. NBC still keeps the arguably-worst coach and undisputed worst GM in the league's modern history employed as analysts, at least one of the more popular rumour sites literally makes things up and has for years, and Don Cherry. This isn't a sport that fosters intelligent discussion and analysis among its insiders and writers, unfortunately.
  21. mcj882000

    2018 MLB Season

    It nearly happened in '94, the first year of the 6-division format - the one good thing the strike did was mercy-killing the saddest divisional race in baseball history:
  22. It does make me wonder though: what would the reaction from the wider sports world be if, say, the National League added an expansion team to Vancouver for 2019, let the existing teams protect 3 of their starting pitchers, 3 of their relievers and 6 of their position players in the expansion draft, then watched as Vancouver immediately won 100 games and the NL Pennant?
  23. I've already answered this question: it's irrelevant because a Quebec City expansion team never would've gotten more generous draft terms in the first place, but yes!
  24. In any event I'm speaking hypothetically. Obviously it's not as simple as I put it, but that's the way it comes off to someone who looks into it, especially in hindsight without the context of "they're gonna suck" headlines written by hockey's "experts" of the time. If I'm an owner who paid more than $500M for a struggling dumpster fire of a team, I'm looking at the Knights and seeing what I could've gotten for as much/less money. Suddenly my team doesn't look quite so valuable; and that's why I think if there's anything that'll make the owners come for Bettman's head, it'll be the sudden devaluing of all their miserable franchises.
  25. They wanted Las Vegas, sure, but did the other owners want Las Vegas to be this good right off the bat? That I'm not so sure about. I meant the whole "getting more favourable expansion terms than any other team" deal. Sure, they went out and won their games like any other team but you can't deny they got a much bigger boost than any previous team.