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  1. I see a lot of random news outlets that still use the Browns helmet with the gray facemask.
  2. The Browns to go back to their old uniforms. I can normally convince myself to like my favorite teams uniforms, or they usually will grow on me. The Browns jerseys actually look worse and worse as each week goes by.
  3. I think the Indians red block C hat works better with the cream alternate than the blue block C hat did. This just flows so well, especially with the red socks, belt, and undershirt. This doesn't look bad, but something about that red hat makes the cream alternates pop more to me.
  4. As a Browns fan, I think the Steelers having a logo on only one side of the helmet is pointless. Have it on both, or don't have it at all.
  5. The random flames coming off the C post is random. And I think they overdid it with the stars.
  6. No worries, I didn't think I was being called out. I would agree it makes most sense for South Carolina schools. But, it is an animal mascot still, and I'm kinda surprised more schools/minor league teams (minus Jacksonville State) haven't tried to pick up on the name. It is a popular name just because people can make jokes with it, you'd think a minor league team would scoop that up. And of course, seems there are few South Carolinians on here. 803!
  7. I grew up in Sumter, South Carolina actually. My high school mascot was the Gamecocks, so I'm very aware of that history. The mascot does hold significance due to being a nod to the state's greatest war hero, but the original post also used Gators as an example and even referenced the gator population in the state. I figured Gamecocks was still appropriate for this thread.
  8. South Carolina Gamecocks, Purdue Boilermakers, and Akron Zips come to mind immediately as far as D1 FBS programs go. Edit: Didn't read the geographic purposes part in the original post. So removed Hoosiers.
  9. One of many uniforms that look unusual on Mark Martin.
  10. Johnson's initial Lowes paint scheme, never saw the track. Jeff Gordon was going to be #46, but they changed to 24 at the last minute supposedly.
  11. Matt Kenseth qualified this car at Talladega, didn't make the race.
  12. Yikes, I had no idea MTSU had gotten this BFBS look now. I already knew that they had blackout jerseys (saw them play in them about 4 and 1/2 years ago), but not black helmets. Blue and silver is a nice color combination and black is just lazy. At least make the pants AND helmet matte! I haven't been to a Blue Raiders' game in a season or two so I didn't know if they had introduced anything new. I work for the athletic department at MTSU, and they are just adding more and more black every year. Some of the combos are just terrible.
  13. Middle Tennessee has had many examples of BFBS, but this has to be by far the worst overall use of black they could have imagined:
  14. You high right now? I mean...our helmets were originally white when the team first started.
  15. As a Hurricanes fan, I have to say these are terrible and actually upset me. Any other time one of my favorite teams changes uniforms, I may dislike it, but I move on pretty quickly. These...I don't think I'll ever be able to convince myself to like these, especially when the old look was so great. Looks like I'll have to try to get a few more years of use out of my Irbe jersey...