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  1. Time to start this up. Apparently Brendan Rogers first game with Celtic was a nightmare, losing to a team from Gibraltar 1-0 in the Champions League. They should still take of business at home, but still, really?
  2. Well, this was how I expected this series to go.
  3. Hamburg continues to pull off Houdini acts in surviving relegation.
  4. The Celtics sure are playing like a team that drafts first overall.
  5. Just a horrific 5 on 3 for the Preds there.
  6. Not just didn't make the tournament; went 2-16 in conference play.(The Pac-12 outside of the top 3 was very beatable as well). UW didn't play a lick of D at all last year. Romar got shown the door after the year, so maybe it had more to do with him bottoming out as a coach(Repeated underachiever since 2011).
  7. There's the playoff Fluery we've expected!
  8. Stars will bring back Hitchcock, announcement tomorrow.
  9. Pretty big mental error there by Gibson, goals aren't much easier then that.
  10. Ok I'm away from the TV now, but apparently the golf tournament has pushed the start time of the hockey game back. They can't put the golf on the GOLF channel they own?(This isn't even the Masters, etc)
  11. That team had flippin Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney as their top two receivers. They shouldn't have made it that far if not for some serious mental midgetry by the Chargers.
  12. So both Red Bull teams have qualified for Champions League(Salzburg and Leipzig). I got an alert that said that UEFA will need to decide whether or not Leipzig can play since Salzburg is in.
  13. Neal draws first blood off Perrys head.
  14. Reminds me of Game 1 Sharks vs Preds last year in Round 2.
  15. Since 98 when the Caps made the Final, I believe only the Jackets, Thrashers, Panthers, and Islanders have failed to reach the final 4 alongside the Caps.
  16. Predictions: Penguins in 5 Preds in 6
  17. 8 straight years with a California team in the Final 4.
  18. The Penguins aren't 100% healthy now, but man I don't see them dropping more then one to the Sens.
  19. Nice job by the Senators. I would be lying if I didn't think that they should've drawn the Penguins or Jackets in the first round. NBC is probably sad their beloved Rangers are done.
  20. Oilers gag up the lead.
  21. Fellow ginger Justin Turner of the Dodgers has that Ed Sheeran song playing when he bats.
  22. The pitching could be better definitely, but that's not the main culprit. The team has the 2nd worst OPS in the majors(ahead of only KC).
  23. The Giants just flat out suck now.