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  1. Time to start this up. Apparently Brendan Rogers first game with Celtic was a nightmare, losing to a team from Gibraltar 1-0 in the Champions League. They should still take of business at home, but still, really?
  2. Scoring one goal in two games vs Dallas will mean bad things for you.
  3. Zona choked, nuff said. Got out coached tonight, plus didn't put the foot on their throat up 8 with less then 4 to go.
  4. The Blackhawks and Maple Leafs decided to throw some punches.
  5. Kaepernick didn't completely suck last year, but he was in a simple scheme to master and typically went cold in the 2nd half last year. There was that game vs the Jets in December when he and the offense came out guns ablazing, then literally did nothing against the pathetic Jet D. Seemed way too obvious that they were tanking. I don't think it's gonna happen, but wouldn't surprise me if he comes back to SF as a backup. I don't think the team is all that enamored with the QBs in the draft.
  6. Blue Jackets are going dancing!
  7. Xavier absolutely destroys 3 seeded Florida State. The refs blew it on that goaltending vs Northwestern, but the coach can't get a technical at that point in the game.
  8. Nova goes down to Wisconsin. I had a feeling the Badgers were underseeded.
  9. SMU gets their hearts broken by another LA team in the tournament.
  10. I wonder how that Vanderbilt player feels. What a huge mistake.
  11. I'd add Lavar Ball(Lonzo's dad) saying something stupid, but that's already happened with him wanting a billion dollar shoe deal for his sons and saying he could've taken Jordan in his prime.
  12. The Hawks were quicker to 2 then the Bulls today.
  13. UC Davis punches their ticket for the first time. First team ever from the Sacramento area to do so.
  14. Brandon Marshall will stay in the same stadium, he's going to the Giants.
  15. The Canucks swept SoCal this weekend, so the Ducks are tied with Calgary at the moment.
  16. A certain Winthrop fan on here is happy I bet.
  17. An 11 and 13 year old ransack a facility for special needs adults.
  18. Jannik Hansen to the Sharks for Goldobin.
  19. Looks like Oduya is going back to Chicago.
  20. Just as we all predicted, the Kings hammer the Nuggets tonight.
  21. Probably because they play in an overall weaker division plus obviously having the best pitcher in the game. Plus they still won the division even though Kershaw missed 10 weeks(of course the Giants had to Sharks the division away)
  22. Kings get Tyreke back and Buddy Hield who ironically grabbed Cousins' nuts last week. Who knows maybe the locker room was toxic beyond repair. Just like the Browns, rebuilding year after year with no end in sight.
  23. 42-15 3rd quarter. Holy crap.
  24. Draymond loses it again after Cousins buries an And 1 and got tossed. He is gonna need to control his temper going forward.