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  1. Evil Doctor

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    I'm surprised it hasn't been put up yet. Chris Creamer breaking the news about the new Alouettes logo... Reposted by the CFL on their Facebook page. I think it's pretty sweet, and huge upgrade from the old angry bird logo, which I always hated. The downside is that apparently it's going to be worn on the top of the helmet.
  2. Evil Doctor

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    It appears the Montreal Alouettes are about to launch a complete re-brand with new uniforms, helmet and logo... Montreal Alouettes tease potential jersey launch
  3. Evil Doctor

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    Man, that thing is freakishly monstrous. I guess they're assuming they're not going win enough Cups which might cause them to run out of room...
  4. Evil Doctor

    Interesting Sports Facts and Statistics

    If you want to include the CFL, it's up to 9. Johnny Manziel (Hamilton/Montreal), started 8 games for Cleveland 2014-2015
  5. Evil Doctor

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    Yeah, but I thought that meant they were going to go back to their regular helmet logo rather than this very simplified, de-birded, uni-colour version. After this year, are they going to keep it as their regular look, or go back once again to the logo they had last year?
  6. Evil Doctor

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    This is not going to be their permanent logo is it?
  7. Evil Doctor

    Favorite Sports Movies

    Cinderella Man tops my list (and not because I worked on it.) Bend it Like Beckham (and I hate soccer, but great story and major props for avoiding sports movie cliches.) Bull Durham The Natural Slap Shot And one television series" Playmakers (and not because I worked on this either, and ESPN should be ashamed of themselves for cancelling it...)
  8. Which is okay because the All-Star game is not an All-Star...
  9. Evil Doctor

    NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    I find it interesting that the three teams that have announced their relocation to Los Angeles have all at some point in their franchise history called that city home. For those that actually follow the NFL, what are the chances that three will actually relocate there? As a huge fan of Blade Runner, I approve of this gif....
  10. Ironically, I loved CFNY, but never liked Rush...
  11. That is the worst reason to do anything. Doing something done badly for 90 years doesn't mean you should continue doing it. A good logo should be graphical representation not a literal statement as is the case with the leafs logo, especially with the unnecessary redundancy of it being a maple leaf and having the words Maple Leafs inside of it (as if the fact that it's a maple leaf logo wasn't enough of a clue.) Either go blank, or have the letter T in the middle representing Toronto, doesn't needed to be anymore complex than that.
  12. Evil Doctor

    2015 CFL Uniforms

    Obviously they've been sitting on this for a while since it's now clear that next year's Grey Cup logo is modelled after new CFL logo....
  13. Evil Doctor

    2015 CFL Uniforms

    Found the inspiration for it...
  14. Evil Doctor

    2015 CFL Uniforms

    I seriously had no inkling that this was even in the pipeline, but now that I've had a chance to digest this after the horror of seeing this show up on my Facebook news feed.... This commits the greatest sin of design imaginable, it's dull and boring, made worse when it stands next the boldness of the previous logo. I could have come up with this using MS Paint. It's like something you would slap on a jar of mayonnaise. You don't want to be known as the mayonnaise of sports leagues. If they wanted to dull it down a bit, they could have gone with a simple shield logo like the NFL, NHL and MLS. They could have gone with a version of what the CFLPA uses which would be a black and red version of what MLB and the NBA uses. As someone who is passionate about the CFL, I'm utterly horrified...