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  1. sparky chewbarky

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Right...tell that to the traumatized citizens of San Francisco...
  2. sparky chewbarky

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Looks like Seattle NHL is gonna happen...official announcement on the new franchise expected in December. Maybe it's time to crank this one back up. Names?...colours?...
  3. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    The "Steelhead S" logo could also be adapted to fit the "Sockeyes" theme and colours...
  4. sparky chewbarky

    Penguins 3rd

    That big black upper arm section above the stripes, sticks out like a sore thumb. Putting the numbers in THAT spot would've looked better IMO.
  5. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Okay, then...after that teaser, you can't NOT do it. Good luck, Buc...
  6. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Dan...I almost forgot about "codding" these concepts. Haven't been able to flesh each of these out as much as I'd like because there's 12 of them (and counting). If I get some time I'll try and cod a few...Thanks Dan. Hi B-mer...yeah, a dark teal or aqua could work. Boy it's becoming harder to find a unique colour scheme. Wow, Buc...I don't even know where to start. First of all, thank you for stopping by, and thanks for the thumbs up...and if the work in this thread has inspired you in some way to get back into the concepts, I gotta say that I'm very flattered. It would be great to have your work back on the the boards. I'd guess that most of the current Concepts' participants and lurkers have maybe not seen your work. I had the pleasure of perusing a lot Buc's stuff back when B received a well deserved place in the Boards Hall of Fame. His stuff is top shelf, and delivered with a Buc-onian flair..."You jackals"! Are you still pounding down the pavement?...I'm still climbing poles...When my day job's done, and my family stuff is done, and I've done a few things on the honey-do list, I unwind a bit by working on concepts...It's a good hobby...keeps the brain in gear...keeps the creative juices's kinda therapeutic. Anyway, Buc...thanks again, and 'twould be nice to see your stuff back in the concepts.
  7. sparky chewbarky

    (+WAS 4/7) C-Squared's "Lil' NHL" Concept Logos (9/32)

    Excellent job C...That Lil' Penquin character is so cute...I could just pinch your cheeks! (face-cheeks of course)
  8. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Welcome bluecrew..."Squadron" would be a great name...use the vintage Air Force theme...The winged "S" logo would fit that name also... Thank you v...yes, those 2 versions of the Kraken aways work the best..I wonder if the best looking aways are the ones with the largest colour "blocks"?...i.e....Red Wings aways...Islanders aways...Pens aways...etc. Another Steelheads Concept... I wanted to do another concept "influenced" by the city flag... So, a uni with a predominantly teal/aqua colour, with a 2-piece "S" logo. I added silver and darkened the green-blue a fair bit for contrast..
  9. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Here they are...the "Dirty Dozen"...
  10. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Thank you Bruins...much appreciated... Yep... That works id...Thank you...
  11. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    I'll play around with that suggestion id...Thank you. Good CC, nate. You're right...The logo styles just don't mesh... I like the new primary also, so I'll keep the old secondaries as T-shirt logos and I've developed a new "shoulder patch logo to match the new primary...
  12. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Me too Dan...If I could find a way to manufacture it, I could sell a whack of them... Thanks n. Thank you v...I like the black with the home unis...and we're not to the stage where teams are changing pant colours with their home and aways (it's starting to happen with the gloves (Golden Knights))... a way to de-emphasize the black is to bump up another colour, so...I darkened the Aqua and increased the amount of it on the aways. "Kraken" is a pretty polarizing name, but I don't think that it's any more "dumb" than some of the other team names, and from a marketing point of view, there is sooo much you could do with it.
  13. sparky chewbarky

    NFL REDESIGN (Bills 10/16)

    C-Squared said it perfectly...You have a good sense of changing things up without doing too much. The small changes to the Jets, Colts and Chiefs are bang-on. Great series so far!
  14. sparky chewbarky

    Alaska State Lights

    Nice work here, n....I like concepts that are a little outside of the box, and this is pretty adventurous. Some great imagination! I notice that your Big Dipper/ North Star graphic is very "anatomically correct"... in that you've presented the stars pretty much exactly how you see them in the northern sky. The alignment of Polaris in relation to the 2 end stars of the Big Dipper is accurate as is the distance between the stars. I wonder though, for design sake, if the accuracy could be fudged a bit. On the midnight blue helmet, I'd like to see a big chunky oversized Big Dipper with the "handle" trailing off to the rear of the helmet filling the entire side of the brain-bucket. Perhaps a big oversized North Star could be all the way over on the other side of the helmet. The white-out unis are great! I usually don't like gradients on a uniform, but they work well with this theme. Good stuff!
  15. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Copper, Gold, Aqua and Black might work...