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  1. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Ha...yeah...That's like when Bill Foley made his acceptance-into-the-NHL speech, and he reminisced about playing "shiny hockey" on the Rideau... (Actually, little did we know how prophetic he was being, as his team became the shiny Knights.)
  2. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Pages 46-53 The End....(maybe )
  3. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Yeah Dan...Wish I could have that produced...I'd be a millionaire, moo-hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha... Yeah B-mer...i might work on that...could be a good secondary. Thanks. Okay guys I'm gonna post the rest of the pages here so you don't have to go looking for them. Hope you enjoy them!... Pages 8-15...
  4. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Here's the first couple'o pages of the book. Pages 4-7...
  5. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Thanks B-mer...I think Evergreens would work pretty good...It'd get shortened to "'Greens" as in "Go Greens Go"! could work. Anyway, finally got around to wrapping this thing up. I summarized all 12 concepts in a book over at issue... You can see the whole book here... I'll post the pages up here a few at a time...
  6. sparky chewbarky

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Well...finally finished "The Battle of Seattle" over in the Concepts. I summarized the 12 concepts and put them in a book over at issue... It's full of colour ideas, different styles, logos, mascots and stuff. You can see the whole book here... Enjoy!...
  7. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Yeah tlph..."Evergreens" could be the sleeper... The old Whalers' uniforms looked GREAT down in Carolina... So, take a similar look, but replace the blue with a darker green... Put on some crisp white Seattle logos (w/a touch of silver). The striping matches the horizontal lines of the "E"... For fun, create a Seattle-Plaid-cut uniform for an alt...
  8. sparky chewbarky

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Well said, Buc... I think these are the images you were referencing... A clean, green (or aqua) and white colour scheme, kinda checks 2's unique (in the NHL) and simple...would work for most of the considered names. However, for an indigenous theme... I think 'B in B"s opinion, of a 'Deep Teal, Red Ochre, B & W' option, is the way to go...
  9. sparky chewbarky

    Seattle Kraken (Center Ice and Twitter Mockups Added 12/25)

    I'm liking "B" also, Ld...You wouldn't really make out the suction cups from a distance, (I don't think), but then up extra little treat. You've cleverly combined a lot of different elements in this...I like it!
  10. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Thanks T...could be Totems...(although it's not a "water-based" concept)...however they have reached out to a local indigenous artist. Yeah Id...they say that "Kraken" is off the table...and then it's back on...They say it'll be a "water-based" concept and then, they reach out to the local indigenous population and have talked to artist Louie Gong, a member of the Nooksack tribe, which would suggest "Totems"...Who knows...I think there will be a lot of misdirection as the process evolves... So, I'm putting all names back in the race... However...Kraken (my favourite), Totems, and the two Fish names are all very polarizing names, aren't they?! It seems that people either love'em or hate'em. So I'm wondering if a less contentious name might be a dark horse in all this... Seattle Evergreens I'm gonna throw some support over to the "Evergreens" as a "sleeper choice"... a "gentler" concept that won't be as polarizing. It could work pretty well...a crisp, clean, simple logo...You could "spruce-up" (see what I did there?) the concept by bringing in the plaid element and then have some fun with it... (yes...that's Dave Tippett)
  11. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Thanks Zeus. Thanks dp...I have a ton of stuff to load up there...just got to find the time to do it. Here you go Dan...
  12. sparky chewbarky

    The Battle of Seattle

    Thanks guys...I'm liking the "Deep Pacific Green"/Gold/White combo also. I think that it's a good option for a nautical theme. The "Deep Pacific Green" is a hard colour to get just right, but I'd say, woody86, that it's blue-er and darker than than the wild...and green-er and darker than the Sharks Hello deadinthewater...Thanks, and you can get a T over at Zazzle... No problem johnnysama...good luck with your concepts! Thanks smokie...The new Steelhead S logo is being well-received...I think that I'll give all the concepts one last final tweak... Hope I'm not distracting you too much from your job . Thanks for the detailed response "ditw"...I think that the Evergreens name might be a dark horse in this whole naming thing...I'll get to that later... Yes, the "S" Kraken logo looks like a G clef in reverse...I'll see if I can tweak that, although as a 3rd logo, it might not be a big deal. It looks better when with the complete "Seattle" word. And for the "Kraken" name fans, I finally got around to completing the video...