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  1. Are the Ottawa Senators in the midst of changing their primary logo?

    Yes, you're right oldschool...but what are ya going to do? Unfortunately, in today's Canada, a senator is an "old fart at the public trough". Matt Larkin over at The Hockey News probably nailed it when he wrote.. "This franchise has never fielded a truly winning crest, and maybe the name deserves the blame. When you're called the Senators, your logo is doomed to be boring or innaccurate – or both."
  2. Are the Ottawa Senators in the midst of changing their primary logo?

    ...the Ottawa ZEROES ???!!...
  3. 2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Uniforms

    Agreed...I really don't like the templating of an international tournament like the Winter Olympics. To me, it takes away from the spirit of the event, when teams just look like variations of each other. I get the economic argument of doing it this way, but I'd rather see each country design its own uniform and then let the supplier take it from there...especially when said supplier churns out this crap.
  4. 2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Uniforms

    I betcha the Swedes won't allow Nike to "Oregon-Duck-up" their national uniform.
  5. NLL Expansion 2018

    Well...was working on a San Diego "SeaLIONS" package for the Concepts section when they released their identity today... Was thinking along the same lines kinda...A Seals/SeaLions theme...the inclusion of the trident in the logos... I was going with the "Chargers" colour scheme (for historic reasons), but I really like the purple, gold, black and silver that they chose! Thumbs-up on their primary and word mark...Good luck to the Seals!
  6. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (27/32)

    These are great C-S!! That Dolphins design has a fantastic neo-classical vibe to it...Love it! ...Also really like Houston...Simple and fun. Any chance for an NHL Ice-Girl series?
  7. NHL 2017-18

    Agreed; they don't look great...but they do inflate for those long road trips...
  8. MLS | Expansion team Detroit Motor SC

    Real nice vintage "motorcar" feel to this. Maybe the "SC" in the secondary could be a little bigger, but other than that, this is great.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Agreed!! The collars that have contrast (Chicago, Dallas) look like toilet seats. The low or no-contrast versions (Detroit) look like t-shirts. A contrasting "pentagon" on the front (Rangers) is WAY too prominent, and any version with a lace looks like an afterthought. ...Hard to say...If these new sweaters sell, the collars will stick around. The quickest way to get Adidas to change these collars is to keep your NHL-sweater-money in your jeans!
  10. NHL 90s Series (Atlanta Thrashers added 35/35 COMPLETED)

    This series has been a tun o' fun, with some very clever concepts too. I like the use of the team design elements in your creations. Love the Panthers, the Nords, and that sabre-tooth "sash" is brilliant ! It's been a welcomed bit of fresh air during this current era of super-simplicity in the sports-design field.
  11. NHL Preds, Sens & Ducks

    O.K. guys...time to put a bow on this! Ottawa Senators The Sens remain the same since the last try. I basically just reworked the side-view centurion logo... and put it on their Heritage unis, like what most fans seemed to prefer... Anaheim Ducks I ran into a bit of a snag with this one as it turns out to be very similar to a Long Island Ducks logo... I know that it wasn't copied, and I think that there is enough of a difference, (along with some historic pre-amble to the design) to use the logo. Nashville Predators The challenge I gave myself here was to use the 2016 All Star Game style (designed by Fanbrandz) in rendering a roaring sabre-tooth (tiger)... The first attempt was a little clunky, with the second being a little more streamlined. The third try is a bit more simplified... Here's some alt options... Well, that's it guys! Thanks for the feedback and advice! sparky
  12. NHL Preds, Sens & Ducks

    Thanks Zeus. I added the yoke. The barber poles are pretty much their Heritage sweaters. Hi ww...Three and a chicken. Thanks Go, I appreciate that. In fairness to HALMANHAL, I do see how he might think that I copied the Long Island logo. I didn't of course, but man... they're pretty similar! No I didn't jaha, until you mentioned it. I acted on your suggestion and it looks a lot better. Thank you. I'm gonna stick with the "D-duck",C-S. I saw your NHL thread on secondary logos...Good know what you're doing. I took the spur off of the tooth, but it seemed to lose some of its character. I did put the white tooth in. Thanks.
  13. Newbie NHL Redesign +RedWings and Predators added

    Some real good stuff here, Midwest. All are very clever concepts... some just need a bit of tweaking. - I think that the keystone shape works great with robo-penquin - The treble clef logo is is a VERY cool idea...maybe just simplified a bit, although as-is, it's got a nice classic feel to it. - The Jets logo is one of the best that I've seen - The Toronto flag-leaf is a great concept. Maybe ditch the blue outline and let the white "T" just bleed to the perimeter - I don't know why, but the Wild really suits a "heritage" style, and that roundel is a beauty example. - How would the lightning "L" look with a silver drop shadow to the right? - I like the winged fleur-de-lis, although I don't think that Montreal would go that route because of the Nords. Nicely shaped logo though. Overall, some very interesting, good concepts here...keep it coming!
  14. Those Preds/Dixie homage fauxbacks are super-sweet. That's a nice bit of researching and designing!
  15. Habs'ing the NHL: Alternates (Vancouver added)

    Fantastic series, BK...You're proving that chest stripes look great on hockey uniforms, and now, that the sacred cow of "Haps-only-chest-stripes" has been slaughtered, maybe we'll see more of this application.