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  1. If mods want to move posts from the 2016 regular season thread into here, that's fine. OR NOT, DO WHAT YOU WANT COACHES DENVER: Adam Schefter has reported that Kubiak is potentially stepping down as the Broncos head coach. No confirmation but if he says it, it's inevitable. Says it's for health reasons, but other reports say that Elway is more to blame. SAN DIEGO: Chargers will fire Mike McCoy within a day or two; they will move to Los Angeles and rebrand. JACKSONVILLE: Jaguars fired Gus Bradley and appear to be on the fast track to hiring Tom Coughlin again, but who knows. CHICAGO: Rapaport confirms Bears won't fire John Fox and most of his staff is expected to return, including defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. NEW YAWK: Jets appear to be keeping Bowles but he'll make sweeping changes to his staff, likely including OC Chan Gailey getting canned. CLEVELAND: Browns aren't expected to make big changes (for a change!) but the coaches will apparently grovel to ownership about big changes to the personnel department in management. CINCY: Bengals will not fire Marvin Lewis (shocking!) but no extension is planned. SANTA CLARA: The 49ers fired Chip Kelly and GM Trent Balke, because that's what Browns West does. DETROIT: Apparently the Lions will fire all these bastards and go after Patriots coaches heavily if team loses division to Packers tonight. Hottest coordinators available will likely be Tom Coughlin, Kyle Shanahan, Jon Gruden, Patriots coordinators Matt Patricia & Josh McDaniels, Jim Bob Cooter Hootnanny Weiner Poop, Mike Smith, and God knows who else. FREE AGENTS, DRAFT, AND ALL THAT CRAP Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo will be the veteran QBs of note shifting around the league. Eric Berry, Alshon Jeffery, some others who I don't feel like researching could hit the market and get huge money. How many QBs with late 1st round or later grades will irrationally go in the top 5 of the draft because OMG WE NEED QBS?
  2. The best part is that Reigns/Taker will end with Roman spattering the Undertaker's bald head with his pearly spend. It'll be tremendous. Also for those needing a laugh:
  3. I read something earlier that the Cena proposal was deemed more of a "moment" than Cena/Undertaker would've been, so they cobbled together UT/Reigns as filler.
  4. I've designed stuff in the past, but did it for free. My portfolio is generally un-awesome, but you can look at it here. It hasn't been updated in something like 5 years. I did a podcast for a while so I can answer questions about that if you want. I work an IT job that is relatively unexceptional, but I could maybe answer some tech-support type questions, I guess.
  5. I'd say start here and build up:
  6. Don't think so, but Jim Ross's wife passed away.
  7. Howdy folks. Infrared41 and I have been conspiring (complete with nefarious hand-wringing) on firing up a new podcast centered around sports media/coverage. Seeing as that this topic has a rather broad scope, the best option may be to have a 3-4 person round-table. We were wondering if any of you CCSLC vagabonds would want to participate. Infrared1 and I both have been doing the podcast/radio gig off and on for a long time, so if you have any experience behind a mic, that's preferable. Otherwise if you could post anything that would give us an idea of your "radio chops" so to speak, we'd be excited to take a look! Post here or otherwise PM me/infrared.
  8. Chimp Biker Gang, wow! Also I'm really bummed that PBJ lost to Belichick.
  9. How much do you charge for lesser mortals to smell your farts? Or is that free?
  10. http://epidm.edgesuite.net/CMS/NFL/Harmony/CAMPAIGN_IMAGES/2017/LEGENDS/20170323_LegendsNL_March_P2_1/html/Commissioners_Email.html Dear Fans,Here at the NFL, we have a relentless drive to improve—particularly when it comes to the way fans experience our game. In order to understand how we might deliver a better and more exciting entertainment experience for you, we embarked on a specific project before the start of the 2016 season to gather feedback about the in-stadium and live NFL game viewing experience. Consistently, we heard from fans that we can improve in two key areas: the flow and pace of the game, and commercialization and the number of unnecessary disruptions to the game on the field. Today, I want to tell you about some of the ways we are working to address that.On the football side, there are a number of changes we are making to the mechanics and rules of the game to maintain excitement and also improve the consistency of our officiating. For example, next week clubs will vote on a change to centralize replay reviews. Instead of a fixed sideline monitor, we will bring a tablet to the Referee who can review the play in consultation with our officiating headquarters in New York, which has the final decision. This should improve consistency and accuracy of decisions and help speed up the process.Regarding game timing, we're going to institute a play clock following the extra point when television does not take a break, and we're considering instituting a play clock after a touchdown. We're also going to standardize the starting of the clock after a runner goes out-of-bounds, and standardize halftime lengths in all games, so we return to the action as quickly as possible. Those are just a few of the elements we are working on to improve the pace of our game. Together with our broadcast partners, we will be working to meaningfully reduce down time and the frequency of commercial breaks in our game. We will also be giving our broadcast partners increased flexibility to avoid untimely breaks in the action. For example, we know how annoying it is when we come back from a commercial break, kick off, and then cut to a commercial again. I hate that too. Our goal is to eliminate it. We also know that you feel there are too many elements in the broadcast that aren't relevant to the play on the field. With our partners, we will be looking to instead focus on content that is most complementary and compelling to you–whether that is analysis, highlights or stories about our players. All of these changes are meant to give you more of what you want: a competitive game with fewer interruptions and distractions from the action. There is much more work to do in the coming seasons as we continue to listen and learn. But these positive changes are intended to create a better experience for you, our fans.We hope that you will continue to give us feedback on how we can improve. Thank you for all that you do for our players, our teams and our game. - Roger Goodell
  11. So I was watching this Taj Gibson bomb: And it got me wondering, what is the most satisfying moment in sports? I'm not talking about "WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP OMG" or signing a big name free agent, drafting somebody, I'm talking about the visual satisfaction of a player smashing a dramatic home run, nailing a buzzer beater in the clutch, hitting a hole in one, a sick one-timer, etc. Gifs, videos, etc, let's media up this thread. I'll provide some examples:
  12. Triple H doing ESPN2 promotional work.
  13. The Insider (with Russell Crowe?) is a solid film. I enjoyed it. Signs: The logic behind it is stupid, but the cast is great, and the script is good.
  14. I was watching with my girlfriend and we both were just like, "what the F****!?" That movie was so, so stupid. Like I don't think a stupider movie can exist.
  15. http://deadspin.com/high-school-football-coach-suspended-after-he-allegedly-1793468620?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow A high school football coach in Spokane, Wash., has been suspended with pay while the school investigates complaints that he exposed himself to students at a leadership camp last summer. According to public records describing the allegations, which were obtained by local news organizations, the coach put his penis in a hot dog bun, showed it to players, and said, “You think that is a big dog - take a look at this.”
  16. I actually enjoyed Signs quite a bit.
  17. I used to really enjoy Kix. Got some a few months back and I don't know if their recipe changed or something but it tasted infinitely more bland than I remember. It used to be mild-flavored, yes, but still hanging onto a touch of sweetness.
  18. Undertakers grimace was great. He's like "aw hell, that tore me up, and I've still got a spear coming." Time to walk away, old man.
  19. My dad grew up a NASCAR fan and my uncle and gramps got into it for a time, so little by little I got some NASCAR views in. My thoughts, unranked: Labonte classic Dale Earnhardt is timeless Liked the Dale Jr baseball car: Jeff Gordon's rainbow Dupont cars were always cool: And perhaps the most famous, Richard Petty's STP:
  20. Raiders just signed EJ Manuel and have Connor Cook, so not gonna end up there. Ravens likely want no part of this after the Ray Rice situation.
  21. Regarding Glennon & the Bears: The Glennon deal probably will turn out looking really silly based simply on his likely-mediocre performance in 2017, however.... ...the Bears have a ton of cap to work with and have doled out many a front-loaded contract. Glennon's deal is essentially for 1 season. Not to mention... ...Pace didn't want to muck about out-bidding some other desperate team, and promised Glennon a starting job & lots of money straight out the gate. This is, in a way, smart because a bidding war over Glennon could've made his contract guaranteed across several years, which would obviously be stupid, OR he would've gone to another team, leaving the Bears in a position to hope Hoyer would come back (he likely would've gone to SF anyway) and/or forcing them to draft a QB at 3, which is an absolute waste considering the draft is bloated with quality defensive rookies. Not to mention... ..they always planned on releasing Cutler (he was released with a failed physical, also, so even coming back likely wouldn't have been healthy), and now with Glennon's long-necked bald, derp-assed mug in a Bears uniform, they can... ...draft the BPA at 3 (if they don't trade down) and not get destroyed by a glaring absence at the QB position (until Glennon gets hurt and they're forced to play Connor Shaw). Regarding Kaepernick: His political stance killed his career. Like it or not, Kaep doing the kneeling thing is looked at by many-a-GM as politically sabotaging a franchise's image. No team wants to have a guy on their roster, much less a starting QB/face of the franchise, call cops pigs and stir up the hornet's nest about race & prejudice - even if he's 100% right. Most of these teams are run and managed by the super-wealthy who want nothing to do with these kind of sentiments. He played like total ass and is regarded as one of the least-accurate passers in football. I don't know if he tanked because of Kelly or something, but he was getting routinely outplayed by Blaine freakin' Gabbert. He's got a new agent, and chances are excellent they want Kaep to sign a deal that is totally unacceptable, using Glennon's contract as a starting point. This is not how this works, my friend.
  22. The Blackhawks used to be ranked by ESPN as the worst-run franchise in sports. The Cubs from 2010-2015 never won more than 75 games. The White Sox are sub-500 for the entire 2000's (542-592) and haven't made the playoffs since 2008. The Bears have gone 38-56 since their last playoff appearance in 2010/11. They are terrible. In the 19 years since Jordan's final championship, the Bulls have done the following: They too should be in consideration with the Bears to be currently one of the worst-run franchises in sports. Don't be so hasty to bring up Chicago sports as this beacon of greatness just because the Blackhawks are currently a well-oiled machine.
  23. http://m.mlb.com/video/v669453283/nymsd-colon-launches-a-blast-for-first-career-homer/ Colon actually clocks this ball. Very well struck and the reaction is great.
  24. Yuengling is okay. For whatever reason it tasted better when I had it in Pittsburgh.