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  1. As long as James Dolan owns the team, nothing changes.
  2. There's MANY movies on this list for that very reason, which gets old in very short order. Easily the worst thing we watched so far was a silent film from 1916, Intolerance, that is almost 4 hours long and absolutely mind-numbing to sit through, but FOR THE TIME OMG INNOVATION AND CREATIVE FILMMAKING BLAH BLAH. For that reason, it's like 50 spots ahead of Pulp Fiction.
  3. Howdy folks. Infrared41 and I have been conspiring (complete with nefarious hand-wringing) on firing up a new podcast centered around sports media/coverage. Seeing as that this topic has a rather broad scope, the best option may be to have a 3-4 person round-table. We were wondering if any of you CCSLC vagabonds would want to participate. Infrared1 and I both have been doing the podcast/radio gig off and on for a long time, so if you have any experience behind a mic, that's preferable. Otherwise if you could post anything that would give us an idea of your "radio chops" so to speak, we'd be excited to take a look! Post here or otherwise PM me/infrared.
  4. said about 18 million people around 11am CT today, but little did they know, Nintendo will only produce about 50,000 units.
  5. For you sports video gamers looking for a sweet baseball game, Super Mega Baseball 2 comes out in September. SMB1 is a bit cartoony, but it's got the best baseball gameplay since MVP 2005, and that's not BS. Plus the customization is going to be insane. I am so excited for this damn game.
  6. Finished watching my first Buster Keaton movie, "The General." It's actually very impressive to see Keaton's agility and humorous grace, but my roommate and I fell asleep twice watching it. Took us 3 viewings to make it through a movie barely over an hour long. Why it's so high on the AFI top 100 is beyond me.
  7. I'm 100% behind both moves.
  8. Cars 3 was fine. It was better than Cars 2, but 3 hours of Marlon Brando eating raw placenta would be better than Cars 2. And this is part of the issue. Cars 3 was a redemption story about Lightning McQueen under the premise that he's old and washed up, getting vindicated in a way that you don't really see coming, and concluding in a way that's sort of muddled but whatever, it's Pixar's trashiest franchise. Cars 3 would've actually had a lot more meaning and depth if Cars 2 wasn't Mater's European Fart Adventure. Lightning's character in Cars goes through a lot of growth, but in the sequel he's a tertiary character that plays a bit part to Mater's dumb ass. By the time we get to Cars 3 we've almost forgotten that Lightning's been around as long as he has, and with his age being the biggest crux of the plotline, it's a shame they chose to make the sequel about an inbred tow truck.
  9. Jimmy Butler's trainer had some interesting takes on the Bulls front office.
  10. Bulls send Jimmy Butler to the Wolves. @KCJHoop The Bulls are getting Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and the 7th pick, per sources. Bulls keep 16th pick.
  11. That's one part of it I'm sure, but the other thing is that he works under Triple H and not Vince. JBL is a cancerous asshat, sure, but Vince wants commentators to jockey WWE into being this week-to-week flea circus for autistic children who like shiny objects and vivid colors. Triple H wants a wrestling product that falls into the more traditional realms of storytelling, and Mauro is perfect for that.
  12. Mauro is back w/ WWE and will be the voice of NXT. Good to hear.
  13. Nothing convenient about a hardy two-way hall of famer going down with a defense-poor, wobbly roster on the cusp of a transitional phase. Just because it gives the Blackhawks some cap room doesn't mean they're a better team because of it - far from it. A lot, and I mean a lot of non-Chicago fans are so salty over this, as if they just won the cup. They got swept in embarrassing fashion in a first round romp, and that was with a healthy-ish (by NHL standards) roster after a middling, unremarkable season. I get the hate against these "favored" franchises, but if anyone thinks this is some grand shadow op by the NHL and the Blackhawks, take off the tinfoil hats and see the Blackhawks for what they are now, not what they were 2010-2015.
  14. The allergy/rash has retired players before, if you read the S-T article. Hossa wouldn’t be the first player to retire early because of such an allergy. “The Gunk,” as it was known in the 1970s and 1980s, affected many players, and drove former Hawks and North Stars defenseman Tom Reid out of the game in 1978.
  15. Twitter went public but nobody cared, and they've started hemorrhaging their integrity in order to keep themselves as profitable as possible and on the tongues of the general public. Courtesy of our moron president and a bunch of alt-right Sovereign Citizen types, twitter is stuck in this impotent loop regarding accounts being racist, spreading lies/hate, etc. It's also denying responsibility for capitalizing/sharpening the culture of immediacy we live in today, for better (uncensored observations in the moment) and worse (out of context unmerited outrage fuel, hazing, bullying, anonymous trolling).
  16. eh, not really all that surprising. Doesn't much change how sad it is she passed away. She was never going to escape her demons.
  17. http://people.com/movies/carrie-fisher-dies/ Had a heart attack on a plane recently and succumbed to it today. edit: I'm seriously beat up over this one. I just wrote a piece about Star Wars and thought about her performance, and now she's gone. It's like losing a piece of my childhood. Probably feels that way for many of us.
  18. It's like a comment section from the local newspaper got shart-blasted onto this message board.
  19. If mods want to move posts from the 2016 regular season thread into here, that's fine. OR NOT, DO WHAT YOU WANT COACHES DENVER: Adam Schefter has reported that Kubiak is potentially stepping down as the Broncos head coach. No confirmation but if he says it, it's inevitable. Says it's for health reasons, but other reports say that Elway is more to blame. SAN DIEGO: Chargers will fire Mike McCoy within a day or two; they will move to Los Angeles and rebrand. JACKSONVILLE: Jaguars fired Gus Bradley and appear to be on the fast track to hiring Tom Coughlin again, but who knows. CHICAGO: Rapaport confirms Bears won't fire John Fox and most of his staff is expected to return, including defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. NEW YAWK: Jets appear to be keeping Bowles but he'll make sweeping changes to his staff, likely including OC Chan Gailey getting canned. CLEVELAND: Browns aren't expected to make big changes (for a change!) but the coaches will apparently grovel to ownership about big changes to the personnel department in management. CINCY: Bengals will not fire Marvin Lewis (shocking!) but no extension is planned. SANTA CLARA: The 49ers fired Chip Kelly and GM Trent Balke, because that's what Browns West does. DETROIT: Apparently the Lions will fire all these bastards and go after Patriots coaches heavily if team loses division to Packers tonight. Hottest coordinators available will likely be Tom Coughlin, Kyle Shanahan, Jon Gruden, Patriots coordinators Matt Patricia & Josh McDaniels, Jim Bob Cooter Hootnanny Weiner Poop, Mike Smith, and God knows who else. FREE AGENTS, DRAFT, AND ALL THAT CRAP Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo will be the veteran QBs of note shifting around the league. Eric Berry, Alshon Jeffery, some others who I don't feel like researching could hit the market and get huge money. How many QBs with late 1st round or later grades will irrationally go in the top 5 of the draft because OMG WE NEED QBS?
  20. It's essentially a fix to a problem that was never a problem. Twitter is trying to use aesthetics as a "look we're drastically changing things" argument when the problems with twitter run much, much deeper.