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  1. If mods want to move posts from the 2016 regular season thread into here, that's fine. OR NOT, DO WHAT YOU WANT COACHES DENVER: Adam Schefter has reported that Kubiak is potentially stepping down as the Broncos head coach. No confirmation but if he says it, it's inevitable. Says it's for health reasons, but other reports say that Elway is more to blame. SAN DIEGO: Chargers will fire Mike McCoy within a day or two; they will move to Los Angeles and rebrand. JACKSONVILLE: Jaguars fired Gus Bradley and appear to be on the fast track to hiring Tom Coughlin again, but who knows. CHICAGO: Rapaport confirms Bears won't fire John Fox and most of his staff is expected to return, including defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. NEW YAWK: Jets appear to be keeping Bowles but he'll make sweeping changes to his staff, likely including OC Chan Gailey getting canned. CLEVELAND: Browns aren't expected to make big changes (for a change!) but the coaches will apparently grovel to ownership about big changes to the personnel department in management. CINCY: Bengals will not fire Marvin Lewis (shocking!) but no extension is planned. SANTA CLARA: The 49ers fired Chip Kelly and GM Trent Balke, because that's what Browns West does. DETROIT: Apparently the Lions will fire all these bastards and go after Patriots coaches heavily if team loses division to Packers tonight. Hottest coordinators available will likely be Tom Coughlin, Kyle Shanahan, Jon Gruden, Patriots coordinators Matt Patricia & Josh McDaniels, Jim Bob Cooter Hootnanny Weiner Poop, Mike Smith, and God knows who else. FREE AGENTS, DRAFT, AND ALL THAT CRAP Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo will be the veteran QBs of note shifting around the league. Eric Berry, Alshon Jeffery, some others who I don't feel like researching could hit the market and get huge money. How many QBs with late 1st round or later grades will irrationally go in the top 5 of the draft because OMG WE NEED QBS?
  2. Howdy folks. Infrared41 and I have been conspiring (complete with nefarious hand-wringing) on firing up a new podcast centered around sports media/coverage. Seeing as that this topic has a rather broad scope, the best option may be to have a 3-4 person round-table. We were wondering if any of you CCSLC vagabonds would want to participate. Infrared1 and I both have been doing the podcast/radio gig off and on for a long time, so if you have any experience behind a mic, that's preferable. Otherwise if you could post anything that would give us an idea of your "radio chops" so to speak, we'd be excited to take a look! Post here or otherwise PM me/infrared.
  3. Anyone who thinks Vince isn't out of touch now has definitive proof.
  4. Not the first time the Bears have drafted a Packer fan, nor will it be the last. It's not like Myles Garrett grew up rooting for the Browns. Connor McDavid is wearing an Oilers jersey. Etc.
  5. This is all I'm going to say:
  6. It's a combination of ESPN being like every other news channel in that they will always favor what makes them more money and how they make money is people watching programming and the programming people prefer is shouting heads and catering to the human pudding that remains in our society. Tack on HUGE amounts of money required to keep NFL/MLB programming, which is the only reason people pay for cable anymore, in addition to the millions who are fed up with cable, period, and you're going to lose many, many millions of dollars. This was always going to happen. In our lifetimes cable television will become a retired medium.
  7. Ed Werder was fired today after 17 years with ESPN. Lots more layoffs coming.
  8. I've done this a few times with jobs. Basically you just kinda know it's not for you, and life is sometimes too short to suffer through that bullcrap for more than you have to.
  9. So I was watching this Taj Gibson bomb: And it got me wondering, what is the most satisfying moment in sports? I'm not talking about "WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP OMG" or signing a big name free agent, drafting somebody, I'm talking about the visual satisfaction of a player smashing a dramatic home run, nailing a buzzer beater in the clutch, hitting a hole in one, a sick one-timer, etc. Gifs, videos, etc, let's media up this thread. I'll provide some examples:
  10. r/hockey's memes have been brutal and glorious.
  11. I agree, just remove designs and keep it simple. I'd lose the shadows/effects and let it be flat.
  12. Congratulations on winning the Stanley Cup in April, Nashville.
  13. Emma's original thing was just being quirky and fun. It was completely stupid.
  14. Melo & LaLa are divorcing. She's preggers w/ his kid, also. Things are going great.
  15. I'm very disappointed they just re-sharted the MarioKart 8 game. That's such an insult.
  16. It was a first pitch knock, too. Fantastic timing.
  17. Great advice. The other thing is that if you are working with a limited skillset or in a new software program, these things are intimidating, and skills are absolutely not harnessed overnight. These things take hours and days of practice just to get the basic concept of, and even after all that you may find you simply aren't the design machine you thought you were. It doesn't mean you should stop, it just means you need to keep working and challenging yourself as an artist.
  18. Awesome. That's easily the loudest I've ever heard Camden Yards.
  19. His story is very romantic, but I found his death to be extremely appropriate. Nature does not automatically reward romantic escapism.
  20. That dancing gimmick is absolutely cringeworthy.
  21. Its stipulation is "For The Lulz," I believe.
  22. But at least people know he's a hard-ass, gangbangin' baller or some crap. Enjoy surfing the shores of hell, moron.
  23. https://1985edition.com/2017/04/18/my-uncomfortable-pro-wrestling-fandom-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-love-the-sideshow/ I wrote up a piece about my wrestling fandom and how a change in perspective can take a children's product and turn into fascinating theater.
  24. Yes and yes. He will also beat Lesnar at WM34 clean. He'll be booed. He'll be booked as a babyface. WWE will sell him as one of the greatest superstars of all time. He'll be booed until fans either stop watching or stop attending, which won't happen. So yeah. Nothing changes. Or will ever change.
  25. Last time the Blackhawks came back from 3-0 in a series, Campoli turned the puck over and the Vancouver Canucks won the Stanley Cup acted like they won the Stanley Cup. This Blackhawks team isn't capable of that. Expect the sweep.