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  1. CCSLC Social Media Hub

    From the "Twitter Users Unite!" thread I've plumbed every working twitter handle from that thread as well as ones that are well-known from the board that have been shared elsewhere. If you either want your twitter handle added/removed/edited just let me know. I figured we could use a fresh start from that thread since it's kind of a weird thread that spans several years. In addition if any of you keep up blogs, websites, podcasts, etc., post them and I will add them to your group. ---------------- # 1990hornet: twitter 9ersSteve: dribbble A agentrygraphics: twitter Atomic: twitter - designs - website B BelfourThibault: instagram Ben5: twitter BgMack27: twitter BigBubba: twitter bigcoyotes: twitter Billy B: twitter BlazerBlaze: twitter Braden: twitter (personal) - twitter (design) - website - instagram Brandiose: twitter BrandMooreArt: twitter - dribbble - behance Brass: twitter bterreson: twitter Buc: dribbble - behance - facebook Bucfan56: twitter - facebook bucknut40: twitter buzzcut: twitter C cameroncrazie07: twitter cappital92: twitter CDixonDesign: twitter - dribbble charger77: twitter Chawls: twitter CC97: twitter - website - facebook chuckymack: twitter CityOfWalrus: twitter CJworks: twitter - dribbble ColorWerx: twitter - blog (coming soon) Connor Hanley: instagram Conrad.: twitter - website - dribbble crashcarson: twitter - facebook - instagram - tumblr CS85: twitter - website - tumblr - facebook - cargo collective - bandcamp Cujo: twitter D davidson: twitter - website - dribbble derschwigg: twitter - website Drew22: twitter - facebook - instagram drdougfresh: twitter - website - dribbble - behance DrizzyDrew1523: twitter DustDevil61: twitter dwertman: twitter E epper: twitter Evan: twitter Ez Street: twitter F fiasco!: twitter FGM13: twitter Fonz: twitter fnz: twitter Funky Bunky: twitter G Gary.: twitter - facebook - website Generic: twitter Geoff: twitter GFB: twitter - dribbble Griffinmarlins: twitter - instagram H habsfan1: twitter I infrared41: twitter (personal) - twitter (Basically Sports) - twitter (Basically Football) - tumblr (BASS) - tumblr (personal) J jayjackson3: twitter - dribbble Jimmy!: twitter jmac11281: twitter jonkj: twitter Joshawaggie: twitter K Kaz: twitter KdubK414: twitter Kevin W. : twitter L lbr218: twitter Lee.: twitter LEWJ: twitter LMU: twitter M Mac the Knife: twitter marble21: twitter MattF: twitter mattwillcox: twitter - dribbble McCall: twitter McCarthy: twitter (personal) - twitter (sports) - behance Mindless: twitter Mings: twitter Missouri Tigers: dribbble Mockba: twitter - facebook - behance - flickr - website mr.nascar13: twitter - instagram mr.negative15: twitter - website mrittenhouse84: twitter N njmeadowlanders: twitter NJTank: twitter O officeglenn: twitter oz615: twitter P patsox: twitter PSUcelticsWON95: twitter - PSN: PSUceltics95 - Steam: WON95sr Q R raysox: twitter - dribbble Raysfan12: twitter RichardWitham: twitter S spyboy1: twitter sc49erfan15: twitter Seadragon76: twitter Shumway: twitter - instagram - untappd slapshot: twitter - dribbble Sodboy13: twitter sonny: twitter speedy: website - instagram sportsstar1212: twitter Still_MIGHTY: twitter (personal) - twitter (Basically Sports) - twitter (Basically Football) T TalktoChuck: twitter - dribbble - behance - instagram Ted Cunningham: twitter Thad: twitter - PSN: mountaineertider The Nation: twitter TFoA: twitter tj4eck: twitter - instagram - tumblr: 1 2 3 4 5 TopCat: twitter TTaylor44: twitter U V vicfurth: instagram Viper: twitter W Webhamster: twitter - tumblr - flickr - instagram wildwing64: twitter - tumblr Willini: dribbble - behance willmorris: twitter winters in buffalo: twitter - flickr - instagram - untappd X Y youcan'tseeme: twitter Z
  2. It's cringe/embarrassment of the highest order, and no result can make either wrestler look better. It's simple-minded Halloween kiddy bullcrap.
  3. Roads

    Isn't that completely counter-intuitive?
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves

    The Wolves logos, colors, etc? Fine. Their uniforms are boring as hell and devoid of personality or anything that suggests they stand out.
  5. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Agreed, that was indeed stupid. These advanced beings were all over the world but never encountered rain? Fog? Mist? Any large body of water? That said, the movie used aliens as a plot device for the real core message of the movie: Faith and belief that everything happens for a reason. Is it executed in a weird way? For sure. But I, again, enjoyed the presentation, the actors, and the script. I don't let the gimmick bother me.
  6. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Not really fair to MNS. He's a fine moviemaker for the most part. Signs, Village, Sixth Sense, Unbreakable? These are all very enjoyable movies, IMHO. Even Lady in the Water was reasonably decent. I'll totally grant you that The Happening was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I've heard nothing but bad things about After Earth and Avatar, but he's coming around. He wrote Devil and that was a pretty solid movie for what a minimalist concept it was. I've heard very good things about Split, too. Here's the major problem M.Night has always had, and that's the distributors and marketing team behind him got absolutely drunk as hell on making him the new Hitchcock. Granted, he kind of did that to himself with the whole cameo bits and twist endings people came to expect, but when your goal is to make movies that are mysterious, nuanced, and interesting becomes torn down by a marketing team that calls you "the new master of horror" and says "the ending will haunt you," there's no way to live up to that, much less having everything you do get compared to one of the best filmmakers ever. I guess I'm happy to defend M. Night because his movies are unique without being pretentious, and the style of his storytelling appeals to me. If moviegoers are upset that his twist endings aren't blowing their minds, that's on them, not him. Just look at his movies as movies and less as "how far did the twist ending hit the ball" and you'll enjoy it more. For your part, sure, I can totally see why the dialogue would annoy you, but it seems to me like it's just not your flavor of movie, which is totally acceptable. The subjective nature of movies is beautiful in this regard. That said, anyone over the age of 11 who feels like The Emoji Movie is a masterpiece should be drowned.
  7. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    I think it's maybe an issue with the dialogue? I feel like the cast does a very good job working with a fairly wooden old-timey sounding script which is meant to be delivered in something of a wooden way.
  8. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    So I totally messed up and watched Stepmom tonight. It's one of those "why the hell would you ever watch this" movies that is blatantly designed to make you cry and remember a lot of dead people, miss your mom, and weep brazenly in a pile of dirty dishes. I'm stuck here in my bedroom at midnight sobbing and feel like a moron. Damn you, Susan Sarandon.
  9. Tank in the news

    Holy crap. Very depressing.
  10. Tank in the news

    I feel like ESPN will greatly regret it's mingling with Barstool Sports.
  11. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    I think the Cubs kind of blew their wad in order to beat the Nats. I don't fear LA like I used to, but the Cubs need Lackey to throw a complete game in order to rest some blown out arms. Then again for all I know the Cubs could come up and lay up 12 runs a game in a sweep. I just don't know. They're a weird, resilient team that is successful in spite of themselves sometimes. Nothing about this series will surprise me whatsoever. My gut says Dodgers in 6, but who the hell knows.
  12. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Why such vitriol? I get it, the Yankees are a hateable team because they won 4 titles in the 90s and are historically one of sport's most successful franchises. Yeah, the Cubs won last year so they inherit all the bandwagon hate and Red Sox-ian contempt, blah blah. It's just such an unoriginal hatred is all.
  13. Basically a Sports Show

    Howdy folks. Infrared41 and I have been conspiring (complete with nefarious hand-wringing) on firing up a new podcast centered around sports media/coverage. Seeing as that this topic has a rather broad scope, the best option may be to have a 3-4 person round-table. We were wondering if any of you CCSLC vagabonds would want to participate. Infrared1 and I both have been doing the podcast/radio gig off and on for a long time, so if you have any experience behind a mic, that's preferable. Otherwise if you could post anything that would give us an idea of your "radio chops" so to speak, we'd be excited to take a look! Post here or otherwise PM me/infrared.
  14. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Ugh. That was stressful.
  15. It's so odd that Vince made his company huge by letting the fans dictate the medium, but makes money somehow in spite of himself by feeling like he has to dictate the medium to the fans. When he's dead, here's hoping that something will change, but I doubt it.
  16. There will be a press conference today at noon to announce charges of fraud and corruption in college basketball. Federal criminal charges have been brought against ten people, including four college basketball coaches, as well as managers, financial advisors, and representatives of a major international sportswear company. The press conference will be livestreamed on Facebook @USAOSDNY. WHO: Joon H. Kim, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York William F. Sweeney, Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation WHEN: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 12 p.m.
  17. New Florida Gators Unifrom

    What is it with teams that have awesome blue and orange schemes feel the unbreakable need to pollute their looks with black and gray? Stop this madness. The gator skin thing could be neat in some other form of execution, but these horrible black helmets and gray uniforms are reprehensible.
  18. Everything from WWE is quiet, but I’m guessing there’s a lot of people trying to get him back. I don’t think it’s a work. Goes to show that people graduated from NXT too early or in some cases unnecessarily. There’s a ton of careers that could’ve been just fine dominating a secondary tier but instead become nothing in WWE. WWE needs a second promotion altogether, one that is not a stepping stone. Make it WWEN exclusive, keep it short and costs low. Model it after the first RAWs and have a New York, Canadian, or Chicago venue play permanent host. But who am I kidding.
  19. I'd like to think there was a satisfying payoff for this, but it's Bray -- WWE has no idea what to do with him, and this rivalry with Finn is filler. Fans know it won't go anywhere and Bray can't come out of it looking validated, so it's all a waste of time. They ruined Bray. Long ago.
  20. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    To be fair, Maddon left Hendricks in an extra inning for game 1 and hasn't double-dipped on Davis yet. Yet.
  21. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Dusty Baker doing Dusty Baker things. I will take it.
  22. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Watched some movies over the weekend, looking to make a list of great Fall/Autumn movies that aren't necessarily Halloween movies. When Harry Met Sally: Fun. It's got great dialogue and early 90s/late 80s Meg Ryan is ridiculously cute. Not really a Fall movie as much as it comes up on a lot of lists, but could be one of those November-ish "close to winter" or even early December regulars. The Fantastic Mr. Fox: I typically hate Wes Anderson, but this was pretty charming. The animation is well done, celebrity voices not too annoying, and even the typically cast-for-the-sake-of-casting Bill Murray bit part didn't make me angry. Could see it being a regular Fall movie. The Village: Love this movie. A lot of people hate it for reasons that never really made a lot of sense to me, but I love how this movie looks. It's wonderful to the eye, and the cast is solid. The Witch: Still dig this film. It makes me profoundly uncomfortable to watch, however. Rush: Surprised with how much nudity, sex, and profanity made its way into this Ron Howard flick. The story was somewhat interesting I suppose, and the acting was above average. Felt a bit hollow all around, but I've seen infinitely worse movies.
  23. They kinda messed up the spot a bit. Clearly Sami wasn't in position quickly enough, so Owens had to do an awkward crunch to get pulled out of the way. Shane landed on his shoulder, so hopefully he's all in one piece, but I'm hoping they make this work. Sami's needed this.
  24. Patreon's new logo.