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  1. What Floats your Boat?

    I'm almost curious if we should start a Prime thread for great finds, regrettable/flippant purchases, and/or recommended products that we've all used Prime to acquire. That may be a little bit too close to blatant advertising for them, however.
  2. Albuquerque

    To avoid? I haven't been there in years, but what I do remember was the nice parts are really nice, but have heard the bad parts are bad, but not bad enough to wear a vest or something.
  3. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Moving is a mammoth pain in the ass, even when moving a block away. Tuesday I spent all day moving boxes, packing more boxes, then moving those boxes. Wednesday I made a few more trips. Today we spent 14 hours moving all the heavy furniture and big stuff, and mercifully the bedrooms and living room are mostly done-ish, but now we have until noon Monday to clean our old place. Meanwhile I feel like I have no knees.
  4. Basically a Sports Show

    Howdy folks. Infrared41 and I have been conspiring (complete with nefarious hand-wringing) on firing up a new podcast centered around sports media/coverage. Seeing as that this topic has a rather broad scope, the best option may be to have a 3-4 person round-table. We were wondering if any of you CCSLC vagabonds would want to participate. Infrared1 and I both have been doing the podcast/radio gig off and on for a long time, so if you have any experience behind a mic, that's preferable. Otherwise if you could post anything that would give us an idea of your "radio chops" so to speak, we'd be excited to take a look! Post here or otherwise PM me/infrared.
  5. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Say what you will about Larry the Cable Guy, but he seems, at least in these instances, like an extremely gracious, down-to-earth person who doesn't take the amazing success he's gotten for granted. I wasn't a fan of how Mater became so prominent in the Cars series (or the Cars series overall), but when it comes down to a personal level, I gotta say I'm happy for the guy.
  6. Los Angeles Clippers New Uniforms

    Indeed, a small victory after one of the worst makeovers in the history of the league.
  7. Farewell to a TV icon that generations grew up on. Younger people may know him more for his bizarre spins in the Family Guy universe, but for me and many others he was the Caped Crusader of Camp.
  8. NBA Changes 2017-18

    They couldn't make the Harley Davidson logo at least match the color scheme?
  9. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Don't you see? The awful Pacers and Nuggets uniforms were meant to lower your expectations. These are totally superior in comparison. Illuminati Confirminatti.
  10. Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    Nike is going for broke with lazy/recycled fonts with these rebrands.
  11. The Sports Media Thread

    Got an Athletic Chicago subscription when they had a promotion where it was only $20 for a year. I'm not renewing if it's any more. I feel like the content's not bad for that price, but I wish the Tribune wasn't becoming more and more shrouded behind paywalls. They want $2/wk, which isn't bad, but...still.
  12. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Wizards number font kind of still blows, however. Who the hell comes up with these overdone, awful fonts? Why, Nike?
  13. WWE Battleground

    Arguably the most cringe-worthy wrestling gif of all time, including Shockmaster.
  14. Portland Trail Blazers new logo

  15. 2017 MLB Season

    It's a nice gesture, even if it's a bit overdone. I think everybody's ready to turn the page.
  16. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Fair enough. It didn't speak to me whatsoever, but clearly I'm in the minority.
  17. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Don't know what you saw in it. I found it to be easily his least challenging and most yawn-inducing movie.
  18. Football and CTE

    I personally feel like this isn't the NFL vs. Truthers. It's football vs. perception. The perception of the sport needs to change, breeding acceptance for what it is, and leveling appropriate judgment across the culture. Football is dangerous and will ruin your later years if played for many years and at the highest levels, or it could paralyze you at a young age on the lower tiers. We all need to accept this and adjust accordingly.
  19. New Forum Policy on “Megathreads”

    I feel like this is a necessary change, and honestly I'd let it go even further. It's not a democracy, so why not have it both ways? Pinning general threads is always a safe bet, since inevitably some will want megathreads, others will want specific threads, and honestly since this is a uni/logo design forum, even incremental changes kind of merit their own threads (unless there's already a team-specific thread in place). Either way, I applaud the mods. Please take the previous sentence into consideration next time you get a butthurt complaint from someone about one of my posts.
  20. MLB | Texas Rangers Logo Modernization

    I dig it! Only complaint is the little nub of navy blue on the flag is distracting, plus it's not quite finished (in my eyes). It's a departure from the rest of the design, also. You've got these wonderful flat logos, then you've got a billowing flag, but it's not exactly showing depth. Looks more like it's melting. It's 99% of the way there, however, so don't let my C&C get you down. Tremendous stuff.
  21. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    It's the perfect movie, honestly. It takes an easily-pleased audience (kids and younger-leaning tweens) who have no taste to begin with, crams 90 minutes of thinly-veiled ads into a CG fartfest, and the best part - they make you pay for it! If bigtime movie distributors could put out 100 Emoji Movies a year, they would. It's a GIANT paycheck for them regardless of how much money it makes because even if it's as dreary a premise as this abortion, it's got so much revenue promise from tie-ins and product placement that they could give a rat's ass if the box office makes them peanuts. The profits from the Just Dance app product placement alone likely will even out their $50M budget for this fiery and shameful cinematic turd. We can sit here and bitch like the internet geniuses we are about how awful the Emoji Movie is, but this is only the beginning.
  22. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I still hate the hell out of the Magic wordmark/font of choice. The Magic have always been sort of a gag franchise ever since Dwight Howard took a dump on their hearts, but they deserve better from a design perspective. The 90s are what they should strive for, and the more Disney-fied they get, the better off they, and in turn the world, will be. Yet here we are.
  23. Portland Trail Blazers new logo

    I don't really view this as a change, which is both good and bad. Good because the Trailblazers have one of the more timeless uniforms and logos in basketball, and that shouldn't be sacrificed on the behest of Phil Knight wanting to make his homestate team look like a kaleidoscope of garbage for the sake of challenging the design status quo by putting the Blazers in some overly ambitious trash-wrap. Lateral move, as someone said, with a TON of room for improvement, but emerging safely from a Nike rebrand, especially as an Oregon franchise, is a victory unto itself.
  24. Binghamton Devils New Look

    I honestly don't mind this. The helmeted devil is corny, but HE'S PROMOTING SAFETY. The tail part is lazily done, sure, but again - minor league stuff here, folks. If you're going to be cool praising the merits of a bat-swinging banana and lauding over the design excellence that is the Fresno Tacos, you have to cut some slack to these minor league teams choosing fun over dignity. Yeah, the deviled-B concepts are pretty, but I don't want my minor league teams trying to be so straightforward and ripped from the mother-club. To me, personally anyway, I feel like this is a cost-saving move, as they can generally use hand-me-down uniforms and merchandise to second-hand their way into only paying for patches/crests/etc. It's frugal and smart to an extent, but also really uninventive. The devil obviously still allows for this to go on to some extent, but at least he's got personality. Plus it's THE DEVIL. I can't imagine how many people this design had to go through to get approved - SATAN is finally on a sports uniform, and I'm sure there will be some crab-ass old do-gooders pissing in the ears of local newspaper comment section editors once this logo starts appearing on the clothing of smiling children.
  25. Improving Logo Quality

    Honestly, I'd transition into Inkscape (it's totally free and widely used). Forget this paint.net crap and be better for it. As far as your design goes, you've got to crawl before you can walk, and right now it looks like you're trying to slap NASCAR stickers on yourself while slithering at inches-per-second across Daytona. Here's 3 .pdf files that should hopefully give you at least a modest overview of understanding what good design is, how famous designs are successful, and what to strive for thematically to accomplish something you can be at least somewhat proud of: 1 - principles of graphic design 2 - logo design project (ignore the aspects of the project, but the advice is sound) 3 - 10 principles of logo design Again, none of these are necessarily design/logo canon or "According to Hoyle." Pump the brakes on vomiting concepts for a bit, and focus instead on honing a good, strong starting point. Start off in pencil and paper (or a tablet, etc - any simple as pie program or medium that you're comfortable in), and I encourage you - and this goes for any designer or artist - work on an idea for awhile, and then start completely over. Do this 4-10 times until you've got a nice splattering of designs, then put them all next to each other and not only will you see your progression as a designer from one to the next, but you'll likely find that old ideas you once coveted actually made some designs weaker. Anyway, that's just some general advice. Don't bother trying to put too much more lipstick on the pig that is your current design (no offense - we all start somewhere!). If design is something you really have a passion for, keep designing by all means; I simply feel you should arm yourself with knowledge before investing more time incrementally educating yourself in a bad piece of software. Learn to vector. Learn to love it. Don't be like me - I'm a photoshop slave. Good luck to you.