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  1. It's time, these usually start around this time of the year and there really isn't anything else left to discuss pertaining to 2016/17. Spurs and Chelseamoving to Nike, so look out for those 2. Seems like Barca is always one of the first to leak..
  2. Chievo Verona, bit weird without the blue sleeves Bari
  3. The implementation of the rev30 template. Adidas couldn't put the line through the mesh in the numbers. The hawks lost a highlight on their numbers too
  4. Genoa home
  5. Trying to bring back? Kappa has been using the Kombat jerseys non stop since 2000. This is actually less tight than last year's, which was dubbed Kombat Skin or something like that
  6. Atalanta
  7. @Jaffa I was looking through some Hull crests for a concept and I stumbled upon the Ladies crest Except for the City Ladies written on the snout that is much much better than the men's crest. Still overly fussy, but Remove some details and that's a good starting point. The expression isn't as dopey and you can actually make out the animal. Has that always been the tiger on the Ladies team or was it created in conjunction with the 'new' men's crest? And if it was, why are they keeping that awful tiger when another, superior version was created? Or does Hull city ladies have nothing to do with the men's team?
  8. It's a shame that they went through the trouble to recreate the pavement on the Royal mile only to mess up the bricks on the actual Heart
  9. Fiorentina They'll have four away kits, one for every historical neighborhood of Florence that participates in Calcio Fiorentino. Santa Croce/Azure, Santa Maria Novella/Red, Santo Spirito/White and San Giovanni/Green. We'll see if the players will get too in character and start choking or headbutting
  10. Obviously the 4 stripes is Bologna's signature look, but, yeah, I was a fan of the 06/07 Barca kits. It's a Nice mix between stripes and halves.
  11. Bologna, not a fan of the monochrome crest
  12. There really can't be any doubt about the fee, it's €42 million with up to €8 million in bonuses on top of that.
  13. Alaves switching to Kelme, 3 very solid kits Palermo going back to Legea
  14. The order is decided before they start taking them and usually the best penalty takers on the team take the fourth penalty
  15. Something that passed me by- had we seen this collar construction on the Vapor Aeroswift template?
  16. Roma clash I'm going to need to see how the pattern holds up in real life, but it seems like Nike's thing this year is asymmetrical split coloring. overall, not bad. inter clash not a huge fan, the sleeves look washed out from the front but I think the back won't.
  17. I'm not sure how I feel about the basketball Oscars. On one hand, the NBA is by far the league where players are the most brand concious, and the Ballon D'or has had a live ceremony for years so it's not like it's completely out of the box. But it's not great having to wait 2 weeks after the finals to hand out regular season awards that were voted on 2 months ago. pleasently surprised by drake though, was expecting him to be way worse
  18. Atalanta's Joma kits might have been leaked in the Espanyol release
  19. When's the last time an anniversary patch had the number spelled out? I can't think of any
  20. What's with the red on a mavs shirt?
  21. That would be a great kit for a certain Macron outfitted fantasy team I know...
  22. The shooting ball logo seems like it's a very, very stylized take on a piston, though I can't say that as a certainty so it failed.
  23. Meh. The Eurostile font was modern enough while still keeping the aesthetic they've used for most of their history. And if I'm not mistaken the spurs have never used a vertically arched spurs wordmark
  24. Up until 2000, that was actually the standard. The Scudetto or the coccarda replaced the club crest, with the crest being put either on the sleeves or just not appearing. IIRC, it was also due to the UEFA directives that said that only one symbol could appear on the shirt. Ideally the scudetto and the adidas logo should have been reversed, creating better balance, but With current manufacturing it would have been impossible to modify the position of the crest or of the adidas logo. The coccarda should have been put on the sleeve, but Nike seems reluctant to use that solution. The only way Inter 2010/11 could have been worse was if the shirt also had a placket. Fortunately they had a v-neck. Once they won the CWC it was an absolute mess though.
  25. While I can't fault either LeBron and Durant for putting themselves in the best possible position to win, there is a world of difference between joining a team that hadn't got past the first round in any of the four previous years (even while also adding Bosh) and that would have been a long shot contender for the title without him and going to a team that in the previous two years had a title, the all-time NBA regular season win record and were one game away from a second straight title. Even without KD the warriors would have been the favourites to win the West. I can't fault him for wanting to win a title, but when you swap Harrison barnes for kevin durant on what is already one of the best teams ever it really of taking the easiest path. Going to a middling team, even with the second best point guard in the game and with an all star PF joining isn't the same as joining forces with the unanimous MVP, two other All-NBA players, and a Finals MVP as sixth man.