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  1. It's time, these usually start around this time of the year and there really isn't anything else left to discuss pertaining to 2016/17. Spurs and Chelseamoving to Nike, so look out for those 2. Seems like Barca is always one of the first to leak..
  2. They removed the gold option to add yellow. I think the previous font also had a royal blue option. Liga NOS also does this, frankly I always found it unnecessary.
  3. Always thought the Senators should use the All-star logo as the base for their next set. Untilt the circle containing the peace tower so that it looks like an O, integrate some green and you're ready to go
  4. Never thought of it like that, that could very well be the reason. The equipment manager could have been sent the numbers from adidas with no clarification, and seeing the double outline he could have thought that it was the knicks changing uniforms and not the disingenuous outline-that's-the-same-color-as-the-jersey.
  5. The knicks used white outlines inside the numbers in the 2010 media day, due to the Rev30 switch. In the end they kept the normal blue outline with an additional outline that was the same color of the jersey
  6. Here in Toronto? I thought you lived in the Pacific Ocean.
  7. If they don't have a Cerberus team I'll be disappointed
  8. That reads way more like Toers, which sounds like a foot fetish
  9. None of the striping matched because they kept wearing monochrome when those uniforms were intended to be worn with contrasting pants. They only really wore them as intended in the first season. If worn as intended they would still have been bad, but probably not 'undisputed worst uniform in the NFL' terrible
  10. Albania's new kits. Not a fan of national teams releasing a new kit every year which they only play a couple of matches in. The design isn't bad though
  11. Those Knicks white uniforms were really good. The black heavy away was a mess though. The knicks have a nice clean look now, but it's a bit boring
  12. Arsenal's been leaked. Have to say this might be the best rendition of the raglan look puma has used
  13. Traveling IMO is the best thing in the world, if I was a billionaire I'd just be constantly exploring new things. Unfortunately, I'm not. Hence the need for a bucket list - Visit every European country (16/44 so far), especially want to visit Portugal and go to Copenaghen and Nordkapp -Go on a cross-American road trip,especially to see the west coast since I've never been there -China sounds fascinating in how it's become a world power in such a different culture from Western culture -japan -I'd love to see Persian artefacts in Iran -India -the pyramids in egypt -Mexico - Machu Picchu in peru, Brazil and Argentina more generally in South America
  14. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I liked the inclusion of black in their latest uniforms, they were very solid uniforms and the striping patter worked way more than the outline-ridden mess of the Millen era, and and frankly better than the Sanders era too. Black allowed to include white into the uniform without making it disappear or muddle up the silver in every single application. If the Lions eliminated black, I'd rather they eliminate white from the home uniform too, taking inspiration from the 60's uniform, IMO the best ones in their history along with the current
  15. Here's Daunte with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL
  16. Might be, but it was the most memorable seasons he played there, being robbed in the conference finals and all
  17. That shade of blue can only look good if they ditch the black. With silver and green it will look pretty good
  18. Actually I think it's great, it almost looks like an alternate logo, fits in very well with the uniform patriots uniform is some piping and side panels away from being a very solid look, and obviously it has the stigma of winning attached to it. Without the red piping it would be a bit silver heavy, but it could be easily balanced back with swapping red for navy in the collar striping
  19. Legendary São Paulo keeper Rogelio Ceni wore 01 for a good part of his career meanwhile, at Chievo (the same team where De Guzman, a midfielder, is wearing 1) Christian Lupatelli used to wear 10 as a GK Meanwhile, another Italian GK, Marco Fortin, wore 14. Yes, pronounced practically the same way
  20. Haven't seen numbers on training shorts often. I think that's for the kit. not sure I like it, they're veering dangerously into SKC territory with all that navy
  21. That Whitecaps jersey is stunning, though I can't decide wether the patter on the shorts is overkill or not. Overall great series
  22. Juve would be the perfect team that would do this, because other than winning they truly don't have anything to fall back on to represent. They're more of the football division of FIAT/Exor than a team which represents a location (Barca, Bayern) or an ideal (Real Madrid). The bull and crown of Turin wasn't needed, the vast majority of their fan base consists of bandwagons for whom the bull didn't mean anything. And it's not sinonimous of worldwide success like ManUtd's crest, so they were free to create their own brand without the heraldic constraints other clubs face. It really brings home the point that Juventus is everybody's club, since it doesn't represent anything outside of FIAT and the Agnelli family. Just think that the it was presented in Milan, and not in Turin. So they can afford to have a hip logo, to be used in digital media, and they really have no need to have a traditional crest in the modern football landscape
  23. I Really hope that's an apparel/alternate mark and won't be used on the shirts instead of the current crest. Rube has used the J on the shirts as a crest a few times, but that just doesn't work
  24. While I agree with the sentiment that CONMEBOL is the one getting the short stick here, I don't think 6.5 is necessarily too much for CONCACAF. The real association that's being over-represented is the AFC. They only have 5 more members than CONCACAF, and roughly similar quality, and they don't have the depth that the CAF has. They're only getting 8.5 spots because FIFA is desperate to make headways in those huge markets, but the quality isn't there yet, certainly don't see any reason they should get 2 more spots than CONCACAF. The easiest fix would be to just give the half spot to CONMEBOL so that at least it's a real challenge to qualify. Right now there's 7 CONMEBOL teams in the top 20 of both the FIFA and ELO rankings, and it's absurd that even in an expanded World Cup one of those wouldn't qualify. The actual planning Of the World Cup sounds like a huge mess honestly, 32 teams was the right sweet spot between quality and inclusion
  25. Yep, I always thought that Fc Dallas's crest would have been a far superior logo for the mavs