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  1. It's time, these usually start around this time of the year and there really isn't anything else left to discuss pertaining to 2016/17. Spurs and Chelseamoving to Nike, so look out for those 2. Seems like Barca is always one of the first to leak..
  3. Reminds of the BVB kit from 2007/08 with the super wide chest stripe I think I'd like it more if the black stripe was slightly higher so that the Caixa logo could be in the middle of it. Still an interesting variation nonetheless
  4. IMO the one wit the the giant logo was worse, but I still wouldn't call it ugly Marek Hamsik is hardly a looker and he's worn some G-d awful kits at Napoli. Especially the 'you know what? Camo isn't ugly enough, how can we make it worse?" Kit
  5. They're not great but they've had worse recently. The way the stripe is done Is an improvement over when they tried the pole in 12/13, as are the colors. And both 11/12 and 15/16 were worse than this
  6. There's a few which stick out in my mind for either the anticipation or the immediate reaction to the release. -the Marlins, were we got a ton of reports about how it was revolutionary and while the switch to orange and black was widely known the reception was mixed. I distinctly remember the boards crashing during that release. -the browns had probably the longest pre-release thread, between the city/team history argument, the gray facemask argument, discussions about what should be their logo, the rumours about a Paul brown silhouette logo, the teasers with the orange stitching who no one could figure out. And then of course the release with those awful pants. -the bucs and jaguars got slammed after the release. - one that's been overlooked is the Lightning rebrand. Opinions were pretty strong on that one. - for league wide threads, the Nike NFL takeover and the 2010? NBA REV30 switch with new uniforms for the Warriors, Clippers, Cavs, Jazz, Mavs and T-wolves, plus updates to numerous teams were discussed a lot. Wasn't there for the Nhl going to Edge.
  7. Last year Milan had a darker red and it wasn't really a problem either (this year with the plain black back is a different case)
  8. It's not a bad logo, but IMO this is (at best) a lateral move from the previous howling wolf logo. I preferred the trees in the background to the North Star. The coyotes tweet is ridiculous. It's clearly the same wolf as before, just refined to give it less detail. it's most apparent on the ear, the teeth and the mouth
  9. It's not like it's competely unheard of for teams to add colors that aren't part of the club solely for the purpose of legibility
  10. Steve Nash in the streaking sun uniforms The current Lakers looks more right for both Kobe (obviously) and Shaq AI as a rookie and during his comeback IIRC Deron Williams only wore these for half a season before he was traded Jordan as a rookie Blake Griffin his rookie year Dirk with the green/blue Mavs
  11. it's a shame because it looks like an update of the 60's unifroms I praised before in this thread with only blue and silver and no white. But the sleeve wordmark is completely unneccessary.
  12. Siena had a project for a stadium that fit in the Tuscan landscape, shame they never managed to build it Meanwhile AC Milan's was supposed to fit in with office blocks, with the pitch below ground level The Tokyo National Olympic Stadium that got canceled after they realised that while Zaha Hadid's Vagina Stadiums look cool, they cost a :censored:ton of money A Le Corbusier concept for a 100.000 capacity stadium in paris The 49ers late 90's stadium proposal
  13. Thank you very much Caltrava designed what was supposed to hold the 2009 swimming World cup and a basketball/volleyball arena in Roma Maybe it's not completely unrealized but at this point they're like this and it's unlikely either get completed Staying in Rome, the previous proposed stadium for Roma Fiorentina Atalanta Cagliari Palermo
  14. ^ me too, the away kit was also great. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I haven't really liked any home kit Nike has done for France. They've often hit it out of the park with the away kits with the mariniere theme, but except for the template Euro2016 kit the blue's always been too dark and there's been a lack of red from the shirt. The adidas stripes recreating the French flag were brilliant and often featured on fantastic designs. Between 1982-86 they created 3 beautiful kits in succession that looked like they were upping the ante on beautiful kits every cycle, with 1986 being my favorite.
  15. They removed the gold option to add yellow. I think the previous font also had a royal blue option. Liga NOS also does this, frankly I always found it unnecessary.
  16. Always thought the Senators should use the All-star logo as the base for their next set. Untilt the circle containing the peace tower so that it looks like an O, integrate some green and you're ready to go
  17. Never thought of it like that, that could very well be the reason. The equipment manager could have been sent the numbers from adidas with no clarification, and seeing the double outline he could have thought that it was the knicks changing uniforms and not the disingenuous outline-that's-the-same-color-as-the-jersey.
  18. The knicks used white outlines inside the numbers in the 2010 media day, due to the Rev30 switch. In the end they kept the normal blue outline with an additional outline that was the same color of the jersey
  19. Here in Toronto? I thought you lived in the Pacific Ocean.
  20. If they don't have a Cerberus team I'll be disappointed
  21. That reads way more like Toers, which sounds like a foot fetish
  22. None of the striping matched because they kept wearing monochrome when those uniforms were intended to be worn with contrasting pants. They only really wore them as intended in the first season. If worn as intended they would still have been bad, but probably not 'undisputed worst uniform in the NFL' terrible
  23. Albania's new kits. Not a fan of national teams releasing a new kit every year which they only play a couple of matches in. The design isn't bad though
  24. Those Knicks white uniforms were really good. The black heavy away was a mess though. The knicks have a nice clean look now, but it's a bit boring
  25. Arsenal's been leaked. Have to say this might be the best rendition of the raglan look puma has used