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  1. -Akronite-

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Orange as a primary is rare, unless paired with black (Flyers, Bengals, Orioles) but it is commonly paired and slapped onto blue/purple identities (Thunder, Knicks, Suns, Bears, Broncos (primary now?), Mets, Tigers, Astros). Purple is fairly rare, followed by green, but Brown is FAR more rare. In pro sports we have one current use of brown. In college there are three teams I can think of (Wyoming, BGSU, Tufts), and none are P5. Purple, in comparison: Lakers, Suns, Kings, Rockies, Vikings, Ravens, Clemson, TCU, Northwestern, Kansas State, Washington, and that's what I could think of.
  2. -Akronite-

    Unpopular Opinions

    Hot take! Nice. I would concede MLB but that's basically it. How are NFL uniforms boring? I assume then that you only care about NHL jerseys? As someone who doesn't watch hockey, it's hard for me to care about them. And even then, I can only appreciate or dislike certain sweaters, do not care about the shorts or other equipment. Soccer kits bore me and the advertising on the chest makes me lack respect for them.
  3. -Akronite-

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'

    It ain't idiotic if it's delicious... And it's delicious.
  4. Personally, yes, I'd love it if every team landed on a timeless jersey set and didn't need to constantly re-brand every few years, in every league. Even in that ideal world you could still wear throwbacks and create fun new alternates. Most teams don't care about doing anything more than making a statement for the current era I suppose, but I wish every team was at least trying to make a look that could last. Anyway, that Magic-Lakers jersey is pretty trash. Pinstripes usually suck IMO, and adding them to a team that has no history/need for them seems dumb. But it's an alternate, so not THAT much of a travesty. I don't like doubling up on a color with uniforms tho.
  5. -Akronite-

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week Five

    That's an interesting viewpoint. In a way, I agree, because the old set is essentially a traditional football set with a gimmick applied to it. But I still think the new look is better and the gimmicky elements applied look far superior. I can understand seeing the whole product and siding with the old look, but let's break it down. First, look at the Chad Johnson pants versus the whoever that is old pants (my apologies to any Bengals fans). You may argue, fairly, that a full pants stripe is better, but look at the stripes themselves. The old look reminds me of Zubaz, although vertical rather than horizontal. The new stripes are bold, simple, and elegant. Some people may hate the yoke, but I think the new shoulder stripes are clearly superior as well. Maybe the biggest issue with the old set was that the shoulder stripes always seemed to get bunched up in action, especially at the pits. A modern template may fix that, but I still think the current shoulder stripes look cleaner and more cool regardless. And yes, Finsup's post shows improved stripes on the old set, but I still prefer the modern look personally. So it could be argued that the old set is a simple uniform with overly complex elements whereas the current uniform is overly complex but has stronger elements (OPINIONS). I agree that the side panels are bad, but the other major complaint seems to be the numbers. Going back to a the old font with a simple outline wouldn't work as well with the outlandish, but IMO beautiful, set they currently use.
  6. -Akronite-

    2019 MLB Changes

    In case it was unclear, that word came from the post I quoted. And neither I nor the person I quoted are under the impression that hokey-ness is what's wrong with the name.
  7. I think at some point I went through all his Cavs ones. You've got: 03 white 03 wine 70s candy cane throwbacks 80s orange throwbacks mid-aughts navy (the best thing the Cavs have ever worn and it was during an era where navy made sense) 70s feather throwback Royal blue fauxback 80s/90s blue throwback Wine & gold fauxback 2014 navy 2010 white 2010 wine 2010 gold Slightly different wine & gold fauxback 2016 black 2017 white 2017 wine 2017 black 2017 gray And at least 3 different XMas game jerseys That's 22 jerseys with one team. Might be missing one. There was a slightly different navy alt the Cavs had during his absence too. Plus the Heat had home, road, alt, white-out, throwbacks, XMas games... You can throw in LeBron's Team USA and All-Star jerseys and now the damn Lakers losing their :censored:ing mind.
  8. -Akronite-

    2019 MLB Changes

    Again, I'm in favor of a name change, but it's really easy to say that it wouldn't be a huge loss to anyone when you aren't a fan of that team. Spiders just doesn't work for me, not sure how Indians comes off hokey while Spiders passes the smell test. I've seen solid logo concepts but as a name I don't love it. BUT, I do essentially agree that they should just move forward. My hope is that they'd either try to keep a jersey set that provides continuity between identities while changing names/logos OR they go completely different and try to go for a color scheme that is unique both in MLB and the city of Cleveland (none of that "Baseball Browns" crap).
  9. -Akronite-

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week Five

    Many people share this opinion, but I'm not among them. IMO, their current stripes are so much better. The look you posted, while simple, bold, and consistent - just looks dated as hell to me. It's really ugly (OPINIONS) but I know people love it. Maybe in a modern template it would translate well, but I do not like that set. The current look gets a lot of hate but I truly think the side-panels are the only real issue. Other tweaks could be made, but I adore their white jersey since it doesn't share that issue with the black/orange. Also, the Bengal head is a much better primary, but they could make a striped letter work if it was a C instead. As for the pants, I was referring to this: ...in that they didn't always have the pants stripe running onto the front of the leg, but that doesn't bother me all that much either.
  10. -Akronite-

    2019 MLB Changes

    Even though I'm in favor of a name change, that'd be a huge hit to their look. The script Indians is gorgeous and maybe the last unique and cool element left in their identity. Switching to block Cleveland on the home AND roads along with just the block C caps would be terrible.
  11. -Akronite-

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week Five

    1) I agree, especially in terms of being a primary look. The fact that it's a special uniform allows me to be okay with it, especially since even as a monochrome I like it better than the usual jerseys. The Seahawks are among my few exceptions, but a lot of people hate their monochrome too. 2) I overall found the Lions set to be overrated because I don't like the lack of white, the letters on the sleeves, or the extra gray outline. But the colors are great and match up so well with the Packers that it's hard for me to knock that game. Both teams are wearing great combos within their sets too. 3) Didn't they use to have a better pants stripe within this same identity? I could live with it as-is personally if they dropped the side panels, but they could make those better too. I won't agree that it's a really bad uniform but I understand many people have issues with their look.
  12. -Akronite-

    2019 MLB Changes

    Even fans like myself who like the block C agree. It's a fine mark but on its own... not enough. The Indians script and the cursive I are both beautiful and well-known parts of the current identity they should put more focus on. For next year at least, I'd like to see the I replace Wahoo on the home cap, like this but with the red bill/squatchee. Then add a white stroke to the block C for the road cap like this but with the current navy bill. Then you have the all-star patch on the sleeve for next year with some time to explore other patch options. I think having a cursive font home look and a block font road look could work as a clear identity. Might look better to switch to red with a navy stroke though and go back to this old set (sans Wahoo and the creepy mannequin arms): In fact, yes, let's do that navy inside/red outside piping on both jerseys cuz that :censored: is nice! The navy alt can swap it for white.
  13. -Akronite-

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week Five

    Not a huge fan of the Texans helmet (the rest of their look is fine though fairly uninspired) because it's too much navy IMO. It works well as a full set, but I'd prefer an ID built around a white helmet so that gorgeous logo really pops. Pair that with a messy Cowboys and that'd be the one matchup I disagree on. The Browns would need to drop the brown pants for that to be a full time look, but I haven't minded the monochrome when they've gone for it so far. Packers/Lions should be #1 in my opinion, but it's almost too easy of a pick. Chargers/Raiders is the closest IMO, should be higher. If the Bengals colored in those side panels that game would be twice as good and it's already great.
  14. -Akronite-

    Football: bring back metallic pants

    There are lighting situations where I can see what you're talking about, but generally no. Certainly not as much as the old look. This looks more like a charcoal or something. I know it's cherry-picking, but I feel like it's impossible to look at the two photos I posted and come to the conclusion that the new look is more brown. The numbers really are bad, even as an apologist for this set.