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  1. -Akronite-

    Identities you wish were your team's

    Here's my highly improbable fantasy: 1) Oakland Athletics move to a new city. I'm not actually rooting for this because franchises moving is the most BS part of American sports, but anyway... 2) The franchise decides they want a fresh start/brand and come up with something city specific. 3) The Cleveland Indians, in need of a new identity that both doesn't suck (see: various Spider concepts, no offense to those that have tried!) and isn't controversial, buys the rights to the Athletics brand and continues the multi-city legacy of the fairly generic ID while sporting that gorgeous green and gold. All ya gotta do is swap the "Oak" for "Cleve" on the roads and blammo. The Indians have a fine set of jerseys, but the colors are generic and the name will never shed its stigma. I am so jealous of how good the A's look while being unique in the MLB. So that's my answer. AND STICK WITH THE DARK GREEN PLEASE. Throwbacks are great, but keep em as throwbacks.
  2. -Akronite-

    Czech It Out! Whole New Look for Czech National Team

    Really? I think it fits right in with contemporary minor league logos. But to your point, a lil but of Buffa-slug vibes with the strange triple-mane.
  3. -Akronite-

    2019 MLB Changes

    Don't know if anyone stated this officially. Indians went without the nameplates last year against the Blue Jays in Toronto (I believe they took Wahoo off the jerseys for it?).
  4. -Akronite-

    Full list of teams with neon colors?

    I think one-offs and alts with brighter versions of a team's colors can be fun, but it's ultimately a gimmick. This, however, where they change to a bright-ass color, COULD work but I'm on the fence with the Hawks. I'm not in love with the old yellow or blue looks, so I'm not opposed to change entirely, but it's strange that the Hawks got so much love for updating the Pac-man logo, indicating that fans were ready for a return to a more classic look, and they went hard the other way. Don't hate the look, but we all knew as soon as they released them that they aren't built to last.
  5. -Akronite-

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    IDK if this attempt will work, because it's a tough feat, but I like what they're doing with the game. 1) The focus is on being a developmental complement to the NFL, so it's in no way competition aside from being another football league. 2) They have heavily involved people with NFL experience, including their deliberate coaching choices, and want to seem as legitimate as possible. 3) The rule changes come off as experimentation/evolution rather than a gimmick. However, I don't give a :censored: about watching, letting alone shelling out cash to, this league. It's realistic to assume/predict that this attempt fails like the others. But I commend the effort personally, especially if they don't try to get too big for their britches. I would say that the inaugural looks of all the teams are well done. Nobody looks horrifying and there are some solid sets/logos. Aside from the logo looking a little blank, the Fleet's uniform was unique without seeming stale or busy, for instance.
  6. -Akronite-

    2019 MLB Changes

    I'm a big fan of the big D (leave it alone) and while I wasn't bothered before they changed, I'm a little annoyed they are almost going back... Like, why change in the first place if you weren't ready to own it?
  7. -Akronite-

    Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl

    The Saints look great when they stick with gold pants. The black pants are pretty terrible both with the monochrome and the white over black. Would love for them to go to an updated throwback full time. I'm the opposite, I think because as a child I was enamored with the colorful frostings and foods from Hook. I have two issues with the Rams throwback set, even though it's a gorgeous look without any changes: 1) Royal helmet. 2) Figure out the white. Having a white stripes on the pants when the helmet and jersey are both just color doesn't work for me. Because the white jersey is only white on the body and not any other element, I think it could work for both jerseys to simply make the white stripe on the pants yellow. But there are a few routes you could take to better balance it.
  8. -Akronite-

    Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl

    Do we know for sure they wouldn't wear their gold pants, like last Super Bowl? If so, I see your point. I'd take the Saints in all black over one of the Rams' Frankenstein sets. About a wash with the Pats though, especially if they were matched up with the Chiefs in white.
  9. -Akronite-

    Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl

    The Pats still have trashy duds but the Rams saved this Super Bowl from being atrocious, aesthetically at least. Rams (TB) - Chiefs or Saints - Chiefs would've been better, but the NFL had other plans.
  10. -Akronite-

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    I'd change the fabric, but probably nothing else. I can live with any facemask, and I want white pants as well, but that classic and balanced design didn't need to change.
  11. -Akronite-

    New 2019 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys Leaked

    I wish they had some more local flair but these aren't that bad. RWB and black isn't that bad of a combo, especially in this instance IMO. Consistent and simple. Inoffensive. And yes, kinda boring.
  12. -Akronite-

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    This is a really good point, as someone from the midwest who went to school in Columbus. Columbus' German Village is one of its best areas, including one of their more iconic (for Columbus) restaurants, Schmidt's. By paying homage to clubs like Bayern Munich, there's some regional flair and personality that the other logo lacked (even though it literally had people on it).
  13. -Akronite-

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    The current Crew logo may seem a little paint by numbers, but it's a solid well-balanced logo that actually says Columbus on it. Standing out isn't always better than looking good IMO. As for the Lions, well there you're just wrong.
  14. -Akronite-

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    Still one of the ugliest logos in sports.
  15. -Akronite-

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    I like the compromise concept there, but the current logo is a big upgrade to the old look and doesn't need to change IMO. The Cards logo is one of the greatest examples available of a proper clean up/upgrade.