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  1. My only issue with the I logo is that it represents the mascot and not the city. Wouldn't mind if they replaced Wahoo with the I and started using it on home caps but kept the C on the road, though. Not sure of the right direction for a brand new Indians logo outside of changing the name.
  2. A lot of great stuff here. I must say that I prefer the modern numbers given they are paired with a modern font. And while I agree the front number really need another key line in order to stand out on the front (where the number is essentially cut in half), the back looked cooler and more unique with the stripe. I also wish they'd add the stripe to the blue alts. Overall, the NBA is an absolute mess this playoff season. The Bulls wore black t-shirts, the Cavs still refuse to wear anything but alts on the road, the Blazers wore a t-shirt alt at home, Houston wearing black against OKC in orange... And even though I love the use of the logo on the Bucks alts, why are they wearing black? Everybody is muddled. I must say, the Warriors did a great job of establishing their new identity and sticking with the primaries. Though they have alts and must sell an assload of jerseys, they don't tend to spam them like other teams.
  3. That OT game between Memphis and San Antonio was incredible. I'm rooting for Memphis not because I dislike anyone from the Spurs as an org, but just because they've won enough already. Plus I love Conley and Gasol. Too bad Rondo went down and the Cs are back in the series, was hoping for Boston to get knocked off early. Rooting for Utah because without Griffin the Clips are screwed (not that they were going anywhere in the first place). Love me some Gobert. Also, if the Clips don't bring in another star they should probably start considering to blow it up because between injuries and aging their window was basically never opened. Every time a team sweeps they bring up rust v rest as if we haven't discussed it every year. It's really a moot point because what can you do about it? You can't throw a game in order to stay in rhythm for the next round.
  4. Where do you think my frustration comes from!? The Cavs have not worn their road wine jerseys in the playoffs. Since LeBron's return they had exclusively worn the navy alternate until Game 5 of last year's finals when they went black. I wanted so badly for them to win it all with CLEVELAND on the chest but oh well. Still an incredible game and now I have no choice but to love those jerseys.
  5. I think these jerseys are great but I am not a fan of using alts during the playoffs, at least heavily. It muddles a team's identity to play your most important game in an alternate uniform.
  6. This is just a solid logo IMO. I like when they try to incorporate a globe or the trophy or the diamond/home plate so that it's on theme, but there have been mixed results. My very favorites are from the 08-12 era of using the leaf motif. Not sure why they went away from that to be as bland as possible. 77, as shown above, to me is the worst. Makes me feel like I'm in an old hamburger joint, not the World fuggin Series.
  7. Swing and a miss in my opinion. Hard to tell in the pictures, are the numbers grey with a dark grey stroke? If so, they nullify the one thing this switch needed to accomplish, simplify in the absence of black. But in some pics it looks white. The word marks on the sleeves are bad and the stripes are less distinct. I thought they were pretty much perfect before, though the lack of silver in the logo might have been its one flaw. I even liked the stylized font. Overall clear downgrade to me.
  8. Cavs have been really weird all season. The lack of focus has been hard to watch. But even with the way they slumped into the end of the season, let's not forget the statement they made in Boston. With everything on the line for the Celtics they got their ass beat. They did end up with the 1 seed anyway, but it was basically the Cavs going "look look we can play defense when we choose to" which only makes the losing streak to finish even more frustrating. I'm skeptical that LeBron has a real challenger in the east still, but we're about to find out. As for the Finals, I'm expecting the trilogy with the Warriors to be complete and for the Cavs to lose. But that was my prediction last year so who knows. If the Warriors win, KD and company will get a lot of praise and love. LeBron might get some backlash (it'd be another field day for the Skip Bayless's of the world) but unless he's pure ass during the Finals, he won't get that much blame for losing to the most talented offensive unit maybe ever. If he wins, it's a huge boon to his legacy though.
  9. I'm 100% down with "we" if it's your primary team. For pro sports I feel like identifying with the city is just as, if not more, important than the sports franchise itself. So not only did the team get the big free agent, but the city got him, and therefore you did too. When the Cavs win no one has a problem saying "Cleveland won." Well if you consider yourself part of Cleveland, you get to be a "we." Like I wouldn't be like "THEY WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP" I'd absolutely go "we." Thought I'd probably say "I can't believe they did it" rather than take literal credit. IDK, overall it just doesn't bother me. People let their emotions be swayed wildly by a game they have no control over. By committing your emotions and happiness to the outcome, good or bad, you have taken part in some way. As I always feel when someone tries to downplay a sports fans happiness, if they get to feel the pain they get to feel the joy.
  10. If they change the helmet they are asking for real flak. It's the last logo-less helmet in the NFL. I love the clean look personally, as most logos end up being partly obstructed by a strap. There are obvious tweaks that could fix the current set that have been mentioned. But the old set didn't need fixed, so go back please.
  11. I agree that they should add a white stroke and maybe some other piece of flair, but the thin C is dated and that 70s C is both cartoony and dated. We'd look much worse with it.
  12. Go back to what you had. Maybe use orange pants as an alternate. Forget brown pants forever. Helmet untouched. And I like the <B> but I'd prefer a <C>, just like my issue with the Bengals logo. We kept the name and the colors and the uniforms for a reason. If/when the Browns stop sucking, they should be wearing the stripes that Jim Brown wore.
  13. Looked it up as a Frasier fan and this episode is from 2001, the last season they kept those green and red jerseys.
  14. Most reviews seem to be "surprised how not bad it is," so I'm actually starting to get excited to see it even though most of my initial impressions were bad. Maybe not in theaters though, not sure.
  15. I don't agree at all. Seems like a pretty standard crappy practice jersey.