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  1. -Akronite-

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  2. -Akronite-

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I like 'em... For Oregon. With the Ducks I can't worry too much about consistency in color/identity in general, but they picked a theme this year, bold and simple monochrome, and executed... fine? Yeah, fine. The black one is kinda cool and I'm a fan of the helmets. Don't mind giant numbers, not sure why I'd care since it's Oregon where the uniforms are a party. I'd much prefer they were that green set in an important game than the non-school colors :censored: they've worn in their title game berths.
  3. -Akronite-

    NFL 2018 changes

    Wasn't there a thread for that at one point?
  4. -Akronite-

    NFL 2018 changes

    Actually that's pretty much how language works. I'm afraid you don't get to limit people's vernacular just because you want to stick to textbook definitions that no one is beholden to colloquially (let alone on a casual forum about sports uniforms). Anyway, I thought the "leotard" look was usually reserved for monochrome including the socks, but I'm sure it's be used interchangeably (even if inaccurately) with the aforementioned "yoga pants" look. And BTW, the yoga pants look (matching socks with stripeless pants) is :censored:ing awful and I hate it. In fact, I hate the vast majority of stripeless football pants.
  5. I feel like the V design or something like it could be pulled off if executed right. The combination of ugly colors, outlandish design, and a terrible logo make this horrendous to look at.
  6. I think the orange only helmet is a fine look for preseason and I think the "earn your stripes" mantra is a fun and cool thing to do. I'd honestly at this point be in favor of making it a tradition. People seem to be missing the symbolism in favor of just being cynical. But sorry to those that seem to have a problem with a struggling team trying to establish an identity...
  7. -Akronite-

    NFL 2018 changes

    These are fine, wonder what pants they'll wear. Also why did they ever change uniforms? UGHAHDBFbejkhnf
  8. Still a shame he went to LA, but better than Boston... Anyway, glad to see they have the side panels on the shorts, but that was probably confirmed already. Overall, nice update of the showtime look, though I'm not sure I prefer it to the modern set they've been using.
  9. -Akronite-

    MLB changes 2018?

    Other than the uninspired theme of rock n roll (not that All-Star logos ever go with something surprising) and the weird angle on "Cleveland," I honestly like it a lot. -The three different As doesn't bother me because they work together IMO -The tilt makes sense for a guitar and makes it somewhat unique for an All-Star logo -The script neck and the seams are both clever elements It could use some connection to the Indians I suppose (aside from the colors, obviously), but overall it's a solid logo. And I actually like it a lot more having seen it on white rather than the navy background. Curious how it will translate to patch form.
  10. I can't blame them. Someone's gonna have to get creative.
  11. It's apparent that the league needs a hard cap if they want to get parity. As things are, the penalties for going over limits the teams willing to compete with high salary and the soft cap means that great teams can stay great. And yeah, 14 teams in the NBA have never won a title in their current city. A few more have won while the franchise was somewhere else. The Celtics and Lakers own by far the most titles.
  12. -Akronite-

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    It's a fallacy to think you can trade ads on jerseys for commercials. There's no reason to think if ad breaks were added to soccer games that this would remove the necessity of plastering a logo on your kit. Capitalism rules all. Soccer is stuck with ads on jerseys, it's part of the culture, even if I find it lame as hell. There were reports that NBA games reduced commercials post-ads on jerseys, but I haven't seen an analysis and that seemed to be based on fan perception of the breaks moreso than an offset of jersey revenue.
  13. Well sure but I don't think that's the argument. There's a lot more to a league than that, even if it's a huge factor. How is the relationship between the league and its player's association? How well does the league engage with fans through social media and rule changes/event planning? How well is the league doing at reaching global markets? How well is the league utilizing their stars? Are there scandals, health scares, or rule controversies? The fact that the NBA was able to shift over a decade+ from the Malice at the Palace to the most marketing/PR friendly league is huge. They've fixed the All-Star game and made attempts at better reffing/transparency. Flopping, while still a problem, is no longer at its peak (this is anecdotal). We no longer worry about the best players having issues with the law. The NHL is the only league that seems even close (mostly because I don't know much about the NHL) while managing to keep parity. The NBA has had a parity issue for its entire history, even if I'd agree that this Warriors run is unprecedented in modern times and total BS. Before the Warriors came up it was basically just the Heat, Spurs, and Thunder competing. Before that the Lakers/Celtics... Any era has only a few contenders and only a few surprises. However, I will wholeheartedly agree that the lack of parity is disheartening and I'll certainly be watching less with my team out of the conversation. And I also absolutely hate the aesthetic direction of the league, advertisements especially.
  14. -Akronite-

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    The uniforms really reinforce just how unnecessary the addition of gray was...
  15. -Akronite-

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    The two-tone bear still feels a little awkward since we're used to it in three tones, but the logos are fine. The jerseys are solid, though I'm not usually drawn to one side paneling. The Nike trend of single color collars as well as ignoring arm piping is lame. It always makes me think of poor replica jerseys and I wish they'd stop, especially since the primaries clearly need some yellow to give them some life. The alternate is a solid look and I like the overall design though. Overall, lateral move but I like some of the new elements.