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  1. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    Browns fit into #4 correct? Not abstract but there is no reference to the nickname (other than Brown being a team color) or city. Even the alternates, the dawg (not based on the team nickname) and Brownie the Elf fall short of directly representing Cleveland, Paul Brown, or the "Brown Bomber" Joe Louis. Packers are #3 as well. Indians will probably be #3 next year. Blazers have one of the best and most unique logos, as the meaning behind it is to evoke the game of 5 on 5 itself.
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Holy :censored: they went a whole series without wearing their blues? What the :censored: is the NBA and Nike DOING? They have a juggernaut team on the precipice of establishing a dynasty while at the same time rocking modern classic jerseys that could potentially stand the test of time as the most iconic look in the franchises history (if not already) and they're playing most of their games in a crappy BFBS alternate. And... :censored: the Celtics didn't even WEAR GREEN? WHAT IS GOING ON!? THIS IS THE PLAYOFFS. The Raptors had the worst on court performance but the best jersey schedule.
  3. If they have stripes sure! I'd be on board. As there are it's awful though. Same with the Browns when they introduce stripeless brown pants, just terrible. That example is worse than the title game version since the numbers overlap the stripes... IDK, I love those jerseys even with the black TV numbers. I think they are cool, but if we were to go full time I feel like it'd need to be the classic white numbers.
  4. So close, but I think we look slightly better with white TV numbers, like Archie and Eddie wore. Was very glad to have won with those sleeve stripes though, and a lot of our modern adjustments (striping size, the Buckeye leaves) have been good. We looked perfect beating Bama in the Sugar Bowl that year. Even small details, like the Block O on the chest rather than the full primary logo, and wearing 7 buckeye leaves on the back neck for our championships, rather than the word "Buckeyes." So good.
  5. Can't speak for others, but I hate stripeless pants. They almost never work IMO. And black stripeless pants are among the worst. Saints in an all-black monochrome look is just plain ugly, whereas white on black removes any sort of identity from a distance and create a very generic looking team. Meanwhile, their gold pants are awesome and underused.
  6. Opinion: Too many teams with red and blue

    The MLB is the only league where it's really an issue IMO, although I'm usually in favor of more unique color schemes in ANY league. The NFL isn't THAT bad. You have the: -Texans, who come off generic but match the state flag, -Patriots, who's justification is obvious -Bills, who have had the colors for decades and have a strong identity/uniforms with their brighter blue -Titans, who could set themselves apart better by emphasizing their Columbia blue But yes, baseball is the real issue and I'm not sure what's to be done about it. I like the idea of Philly going back to maroon and blue. The Twins could emphasize the yellow/gold they've added? If the Indians ever change their name they could start with a fresh color palette maybe... As things are, it's hard to tell any of these franchises to change their colors and look for the good of the league. But overall it's not that big of an issue since baseball has the best history of using white/gray to separate the teams and keep it clear who's who.
  7. NFL 2018 changes

    IDK if I'd go that far, but it could be the primary. And if they made a C logo in the same fashion as the B logo, that's be a huge improvement as well IMO.
  8. Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    You can make arguments about the colors and how they choose to balance them, but they refined the design and the current logo is the best IMO. I have conflicted feelings about their minimal use of neon green, especially when you have a primarily navy logo going on a navy helmet.
  9. Universal Maxims of Uniform Design

    While I agree that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, I think certain pieces of a uniform need to be able to stand on their own. I believe this in large part because when it's not on the field/court, jerseys are worn by fans. And I think fans should be able to wear something that feels complete even if they aren't on the team with every piece of equipment. A baseball cap, a football helmet, or jersey of any sort should be able to stand on its own in representing the brand/identity of a franchise IMO. Now, you can have a great jersey that is poorly complimented with other elements, and you can have a weak jersey that is elevated by the whole set together, but I really think a successful design should be able to do both.
  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I like this a lot, but I'd much prefer if the teams lined up rather than switching based on home/away. Maybe add a highlight around the boxes for the home team? But I suppose you want to analyze the choices of the home teams. Could also label game #s as well. Very interesting to see that only the Celtics/Bucks consistently wore home whites (even Philly and Wash were using alternates). Also, how did I not notice that Indiana wore yellow in EVERY game? WTF!? Such a shame because their other jerseys are gorgeous. It's maybe my favorite of the Nike rebrands and the yellow looks cool, but it needs some white in there to create a better balance, like the other two in the set. Is there an analysis as to whether this is the First Round with the smallest use of primary home whites ever?
  11. Vincent LoTempio (registered patent attorney) is a Sabres fan and plays hockey in his spare time.
  12. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The Cavs continue to wear black as home as well, pretty annoying.
  13. Why does this look like a cameo from a late-90s sitcom?
  14. Ohio State will choose new basketball court design based on fan vote

    They all contain similar elements and I like them all. Voting seems to be closed, but I'm rooting for the last one, with the gray border and traditional stripes. I LOVE the Buckeye leaf logo and like it being a prominent part of the design regardless.
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    PRO: I totally agree that the t-shirts were an abomination and I'm glad Nike ended that experiment. CON: At least those were treated as alternates and didn't essentially become primaries. Design-wise there is too much going on in the NBA with the Nike takeover in general. Too many new jerseys and identities at once, especially with how many have turned out. But I think if they hadn't removed logic from jersey scheduling there'd be a lot less bitching.