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  1. If I could get a Denver Broncos sig that'd be nice, along with an Illinois State picture. Thanks, these look great
  2. Big Play/Player/Moment Wallpapers

    Can I get a Jose Canseco White Sox one using this picture: http://www.rantsports.com/clubhouse/files/2014/05/Jose-Canseco-Chicago-White-Sox.jpg And instead of it saying his name or anything, can it just say "BASH" Thanks in advance!
  3. USBL--Washington Potomacs Posted (20/20)

    I'm a white sox die-hard. I might be biased but GO WIND SOX. I love that alt sock logo, I wish my Sox could use something like that!
  4. Bird-Dog logo *C&C NEEDED*

    I just got a new laptop so I decided to finally install Paint.NET. I've been playing with it for a few days now and I like it, but I'm kinda stuck with this logo I've been working on. I would love some pointers on how to better my Paint.NET usage and what I can do to make this logo pop more. Thanks!
  5. For Pittsburgh, I think they'd be better off not having a mid-field logo or the AFA logo. I love Pittsburgh's logo, it's very Raiders-esque, but something about it on the field doesn't work for me. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Colorado Avalanche Redesign

    .... the original senators played in like the early 1900s. The Rockies left denver in 79/80.
  7. USBL--Washington Potomacs Posted (20/20)

    I've been lurking on this thread, but still thoroughly enjoying it. The black alts work for Arizona, I just hope it's a trend other teams in this universe won't fall into (However, I doubt it. You've been doing a good job with everything.) Indiana is by far my favorite set in the group. The feather plate makes a strong primary and that cap logo is a thing of beauty. Looking forward to Colorado
  8. Best commentators in sport?

    Given the option of hawk or farmer, I'll take farmer anyday
  9. Terrible commentators in sports

    I stand corrected. Readings a wonderful thing hahaha
  10. Player Jersey Swaps

    Here's a challenge for you.... Bryce Harper in an Expos throwback
  11. Terrible commentators in sports

    Surprised no one has brought up Hawk Harrelson. Without a doubt the worst announcer in all of sports, he too biased. Sox fans have some blind love for him, and I hate it. If you think his catchphrases are awful after the first time hearing them, imagine after watching the Sox for countless years like me. He literally makes up excuses for why the Sox are doing poor or down and whatever team the Sox are playing, well they're the best team he's seen in his 50 years of baseball. Plus he fired Tony LaRussa when he was GM in the 80s. Also here's my favorite Pierre .gif since we're on the subject of awful announcing
  12. Best commentators in sport?

    You know, I'm a big White Sox fan. I have to deal with Hawk Harrelson every game, so its nice to counter that out with Pat Foley when hockey rolls around. Ed Farmer does Sox games on 670 so I usually prefer to listen to the games. He does a good job.
  13. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Let's put the political undertones here to rest guys
  14. Colorado Avalanche Redesign

    Isn't the Rockies history owned by New Jersey?
  15. Thrift Store Gems 2015

    Don't know how you guys feel about posting the direct ebay links to items you're trying to sell, but here's a Grant Hill jersey I've had laying around for a long time that I finally decided to throw up on ebay. Sorry if this is frowned upon, if it is I'm sure a mod will delete it. http://m.ebay.com/itm/221778523697?nav=SEARCH