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  1. Ireland Baseball

  2. Ireland Baseball

    The World Baseball Classic this year was AMAZING and totally exceeded all expectations I had for it. I was listening to an interview with Dodgers' pitcher Brandon McCarthy, and he brought up the idea of an Ireland team. Obviously, the baseball presence in the country isn't strong, but McCarthy said they could probably put together a solid squad by using American born Irish players. This got me thinking about the possibility of Ireland in the WBC. I looked up Ireland baseball and saw that while they do have a team, their logos and uniforms are pretty ugly. So I hit the drawing board and whipped up this
  3. Atlantic Sun Football

    This is a great start for your first concept! A little C&C though -Make numbers a little bigger -Thin out the pant stripes -Move up the FGCU wordmark just a little on the jersey Also, if you save your images as .png on paint (I assume you're using paint), it makes it a better quality image than .JPEG and easier to visit if you need to edit. I'd also recommend downloading Paint.NET. Its a software similar to paint, but with more tools for customization. There are YouTube tutorials on how to use it, it's fairly similar to paint. Other than that, good start!
  4. Dog Logo (C&C NEEDED)

    Chaw Dawgz would be a great direction to go with LOL.
  5. This is fantastic, the only change I would make would be getting rid of the blue on the skin. Perhaps use a darker skin tone in it's place?
  6. Dog Logo (C&C NEEDED)

    Been working on a dog logo lately, caught a bit of drawer's block. I'd love some C&C on this
  7. Broncos new uniforms coming?

    I know we've seen all our success with Robohorse, but I wish they'd bring back the D. Hopefully we don't get anything like the Browns and get something similar to the color rush.
  8. Chicago Fire Redesign

  9. Chicago Fire Redesign

    Much appreciated @Aggie12
  10. Chicago Fire Redesign

    Point taken. Any chance you have a link to the newest Raysox template in PNG format? This was the most recent I could find.
  11. Colorado Rockies Logo

    Definitely an upgrade over the bland look they've had for 20+ years
  12. Name of University: Wyoming State University Nickname: Crazy 8's Location: Bar Nunn, WY Colors: Orange, Brown, White Figure I'd have fun with the name. Wyoming's state sport is rodeo. From Wikipedia: "In the American tradition the rider must stay atop the bucking bull for eight full seconds to count as a qualified ride. The rider tightly fastens one hand to the bull with a long braided rope. It is a risky sport and has been called "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports."
  13. Provo Penguins - A Fantasy Football Project