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  1. nfl

    Falcons will be wearing these Sunday!!!
  2. I'd be surprised if this ends up being a logo. They have a similar design to the seats at Turner Field.
  3. I really like the piano keys on the back of the collar and the guitar pick as well. Those three details really pay homage to Nashville.
  4. It's strange that they got rid of the tomahawk on all of the Braves jerseys.
  5. Isn't there supposed to be new BP hats this year as well to be worn during the regular season?
  6. Black end zone for Alabama.
  7. Even if the Falcons do change uniforms for the 2017 season, I expect the logo to remain at least relatively the same. Here is a concept of the new stadium with seats designed to look like the wings in the logo. For comparison
  8. Here is the Turner Field patch the Braves wlll wear.
  9. Alabama is wearing helmet decals to honor former running back Altee Tenpenny who tragically died earlier this week.
  10. There was some rumors earlier this week that Tennessee was going with gray helmets and pants, but they posted on Twitter that they are going all white for the game at Alabama today.
  11. The Braves celebrated 50 seasons in Atlanta this year. There wasn't a patch but they did have a logo for it that was very prominent on television, on merchandise, and at the ballpark. I'd almost guarantee that they will have a Turner Field patch for 2016.
  12. 2014 Southern League All Star Game
  13. no they didn't Yes they did. I believe it was a month or two into the season, so they did wear both the new and old batting helmets in 2014. Edit: Here it is
  14. Before the 2014-15 season, the Hawks unveiled the new Pacman logo and placed it on the left leg of all uniforms. They have been rebranded for the 2015-16 season.
  15. Per the mothership, they have also filed to trademark these two word marks.