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  1. North Korean Hockey (Koryo Hockey League)

    These are insanely good sir...can't pick one I like more then any other
  2. NWHL Concepts

    Those are all really good, I think the Toronto one is my favorite though so far
  3. marble21's Formula One 2017

    These are all awesome, kinda sad to see the Manor one since they are effectively out of business now though, since that means all three of those teams that came in at the same time are now gone. I am interested in seeing the look of the McLaren if the rumors of a majority orange livery end up being true
  4. AHL | Chicago Wolves Rebrand | w/ Chicago flag colors

    I really really like that, for some reason the bottom of his mouth looks a bit off to me, but it may be just me lol, but all told awesome job and an amazing update
  5. World Premier League

    I like the idea you are going for, it would never work in the real world, but I like the idea. That being said there is a lot of potential in the idea, but I also agree with the sentiment that these are far to simplistic for what you are trying to do
  6. These are all really really good, I would say that my favorite so far is the Edmonton one, but I have stock in Suncor so I may be a bit biased Good work so far man
  7. St.Louis using Rams name in the CFL

    I would imagine Goodell's fleet of lawyers would have a field day with that one, let alone Stan Kroenke. Besides they wouldn't let Baltimore use the Colts name during the mid 90s US expansion, so why would they let any football team use the Rams...its a nice theory though
  8. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    As much as I try not to I really like that Celtic third..nothing will beat the bumblebee though
  9. NHL Defunct Redux - Rockies and QC Bulldogs!

    I would have to agree about the peach..it works for me as a secondary or outline color, not as the main. That being said everything else here is near perfect. I always liked that secondary logo as opposed to the main logo they used. Nicely done all in all
  10. Hartford Whalers Concept Logo

    Insanely good...I have to agree on the wordmark, while i understand what you were going for It just doesn't work for me, but i am also in the minority I don't think it needs blue I like the color scheme as it stands now
  11. Star Based Championship Signatures By Request!

    A Blackhawks one would be sweet and would you be upset if i used the Packers one
  12. Wants to work at Panda Express...they have cool uniforms

  13. RoadHogs headed to the EFL!

  14. Who would'a thought that Giroud would be this bad?

  15. Maybe i can finally win the WFL this season?