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  1. WarriorFight

    Beer and Football Crossover

    That Carling kit looks class from what little I have been able to see of it. And the Red Stripe kit is clean. Interesting concept to do a thread like this, I like it.
  2. WarriorFight

    US Super League 2018-2019 (9/64)

    Frontier Utd is amazing. Love everything about that.
  3. Definitely WPG 1. The stalks of grain helps it feel clean, whereas with the second one the shield and the cross kind of fade into each other a bit too much. That or you could try just continuing the black outline over that upper part and see how that goes. Regardless, I think separating the two aspects is the right move. Honestly, the league ought to just straight up contract the design to you, these are all dope. Interested by where the league goes, broadly speaking, and that's as someone who has only recently gotten into North American soccer / football (been a Liverpool fan for a long ass time). Threads like this help sow interest and I think that's awesome that you're even doing this thread/series! Awesome work!
  4. If those Halifax kits were real I would buy both of them and I'm not even Canadian.
  5. Also, your CGY 3 is the best version so far for Calgary. I like that a lot.
  6. These are all really good. The York 9 logo you have is leagues better than their current, but all the kits are aces, especially Hamilton secondary.
  7. 100%. I understand why manufacturers may re-use basic patterns, but I agree that it doesn't utilize much identity in the design (Vancouver's away from last year was incredible) But I think the problem with MLS is that it's not a large enough commercial league in terms of kit-sales to motivate Adidas financially to really swing for the fences with most of the designs. It's also hard to design 46 kits all in the same vacuum with the same basic format and not have some of them look very similar. I don't blame Adidas per-se, and if the league had Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Nike, and Hummel making kits for individual teams I think there would be greater pressure to come up with something good.
  8. All I hope is that they don't do a league-wide kit deal, because I think in MLS, visually, it has lead to a lot of sameness between clubs just because it's only the one manufacturer, where most other leagues leave it to the clubs, which also just gives everything a nice amount of variation. I get why they do it, but I would love to see multiple manufacturers, and I hope the CPL does it as well.
  9. These are great, really good work.
  10. WarriorFight

    ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

  11. WarriorFight

    2018 NBA Concepts

    Always thought the Nets should add some color to their scheme to try and make it pop, but you do a really good job with the jerseys and the side-stripe. Simple, yet classy.
  12. WarriorFight

    NBA | Indiana Pacers Rebrand | Update: NIKE Uniform Set

    Golden. NBA has some great logos now, but the only ones left I would still like to see updated are Dallas, Houston (just needs a touch up), Clippers (wish they'd go back to the old look, was way better), and OKC. I don't *dislike* the present Pacers set-up, at most I'm ambivalent, but you really nail this new look for them. That primary logo is amazing.