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  1. Cuse and Army are class, gotta rep that Upstate.
  2. WarriorFight

    NPSL Soccer Coming to Wyoming?

    Really into this. Hope they actually make it out of the brand phase and into play, because if their kits are half as good as their logos I'll buy one immediately.
  3. I do think the blue crest is an improvement, that said I don't really think I gave the initial kit enough credit. I really like the core design of that kit a lot, but with the blue crest now, well, Class! And the Valour kit is great! Love how you work in the wheat-grain pattern into the stripe, and the pin-stripes help to break it up really well.
  4. That ottawa crest is great! , and I can get behind the home kit, but I would re-color the crest on the secondary to fit the scheme, because as it stands it doesn't really look like it fits there at all, it clashes too much with the blue-centric design. If you recolored the crest using the shades of blue in the kit I think that kit would be absolutely class.
  5. WarriorFight

    Inter Miami Kit Concept (MLS)

    That. Is. Class. Love how they simplify the crest to a shield for the kit, good choice. Only thing I'd say is that on the blue-pink kit they re-colored the crest to fit the scheme a shade better, but otherwise I really have no gripes with these.
  6. WarriorFight

    College Hockey Redesign

    My hometown team. Love the whole set but especially the third and fourth. Class.
  7. Like the first off of Pacific but the second one, I like the idea of the totem-style but it looks a shade too busy for my own taste. Maybe if it was more of a sublimated pattern in purple of hell even powder blue I think it might work more, but I think the tan stands out too much.
  8. I would buy that Halifax set
  9. WarriorFight

    Beer and Football Crossover

    That Carling kit looks class from what little I have been able to see of it. And the Red Stripe kit is clean. Interesting concept to do a thread like this, I like it.
  10. WarriorFight

    US Super League 2018-2019 (14/64)

    Frontier Utd is amazing. Love everything about that.
  11. Definitely WPG 1. The stalks of grain helps it feel clean, whereas with the second one the shield and the cross kind of fade into each other a bit too much. That or you could try just continuing the black outline over that upper part and see how that goes. Regardless, I think separating the two aspects is the right move. Honestly, the league ought to just straight up contract the design to you, these are all dope. Interested by where the league goes, broadly speaking, and that's as someone who has only recently gotten into North American soccer / football (been a Liverpool fan for a long ass time). Threads like this help sow interest and I think that's awesome that you're even doing this thread/series! Awesome work!
  12. If those Halifax kits were real I would buy both of them and I'm not even Canadian.
  13. Also, your CGY 3 is the best version so far for Calgary. I like that a lot.
  14. These are all really good. The York 9 logo you have is leagues better than their current, but all the kits are aces, especially Hamilton secondary.