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  1. Ayy I forgot this existed
  2. I haven't posted here in like a year and a half, so here is what I do in my free time for myself and for people that want paint schemes on iRacing and NR2003: Comments? Suggestions? Please let me know!
  3. All of these sets are fantastic, however I have two suggestions: 1) Instead of a tan away for Ottawa, make it white and ditch the tan as the main. 2) Instead of Johnny Canuck on the front of Vancouver's jerseys, why not redesign the stick-in-rink logo to be a little more modern, use that as the main, and have Johnny as an alternate?
  4. Not "jerseys", but still. Darrell Waltrip, #300; circa 1997 Jack Sprague, #0, circa 2003
  5. Looks really good. On the uniforms I'd shrink the logo a bit, then on the primary, make the insides white. Too hard to see with green on green.
  6. Along with that, I was thinking he could use a font similar to the Anaheim Ducks' Wild Wing font. Just more recognizable.
  7. Penguins. "Oh my gosh, it's gold and white on the sides! Intriguing and good looking!" Yeah, no.
  8. I've got a request too. Seneca Valley (western PA) Raiders.
  9. I love them. I'd just add a black outline on the mountains.
  10. UPDATE: Kicked off the black outline around the basketball.
  11. Interesting to see. It's weird how a seemingly normal color scheme on something like that has turned into a strangely colored.. thing.
  12. I was fooling around in GIMP when I saw a really old LA Lakers logo on the site. First, I removed all the white and seperated the basketball from the text. Then, I opened the circle tool up and filled in all the transparencies. I flipped it around with the flip tool, placed it under the text and shaded everything in classic colors. I don't know if this would be another count of plagarism or if it is just a simple edit, but I tried my best and I made this. Old: New: It is a PNG, so it retains transparency. C & C is accepted. Thank you!
  13. These look really nice! If the Penguins are in a WC before 1994, I'd say play at the old Civic Arena with the dome retracted. That would be awesome.
  14. Looks good, but the yellow on the Skins looks fluorescent in my eyes. I'd make it a little more goldish, like a taxi or school bus yellow.
  15. I heard somewhere the Penguins may be changing their unis, most likely because of the blue jersey of doom. I'm seriously hoping for a gold alt.