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  1. crazyboy335

    NHL Adidas Alternates (Series completed!)

    Blue Jerseys of Doom! Get them away from Jake, he'll get hurt! Jokes aside, that's a great look. I could definitely see them wearing that if they get in another Stadium Series match.
  2. crazyboy335

    NHL 90s Series (Atlanta Thrashers added 35/35 COMPLETED)

    Good god. That's awesome.
  3. I think in MLBTS you have a logo creator with basic shapes, a la the Forza games. The red set looks better to me, it seems to be executed better and the uniforms look better overall.
  4. crazyboy335

    Habs'ing the NHL: Alternates (Vancouver added)

    Carolina looks sick, the striping looks like something they'd wear. IMO, Winnipeg should have red somewhere on the jersey other than the logo. Could the silver on the collar go to red?
  5. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335's NHL Redesign V2 (Ottawa Senators - 11/31)

    I adjusted the sets above like you suggested, unfortunately I can't seem to get the dividers into the Canes logo. It's just a limitation I have with GIMP. Now we have Ottawa. I like the black, red and cream they have going on with their throwbacks, so I used that striping pattern and mixed an alternate logo with the spikes from the old "S" logo. The tower also comes back on the shoulders.
  6. Nice job, I love what you did with Detroit.
  7. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335's NHL Redesign V2 (Ottawa Senators - 11/31)

    Thanks for the suggestions - I'll get started on those shortly. Buffalo seems to be in a persistent identity crisis, and the way I'd solve it is to go straight back to their look from 1987-1996. I made the blue a bit darker and the yellow deeper, plus adding a front number like they have right now.
  8. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335's NHL Redesign V2 (Ottawa Senators - 11/31)

    Time for Arizona. I liked their 90's uniforms so I made the stripes easier on the eyes and eliminated green to make it look cleaner. I'm still uncertain on the shoulder numbers and the use of white over sand, but anything is better than what they use now.
  9. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335's NHL Redesign V2 (Ottawa Senators - 11/31)

    Next up, the Canes. I tweaked their logo a little to make it less 1997-ish and more modern, then looked back on their first set of uniforms and simplified it a little. The squares now turn up on the arms, plus the old 2000's font returns over that thin font they currently use.
  10. crazyboy335

    2017/18 NHL Refresh (24/31 BOS Added)

    It might just be me, but I think the Blues look best in their current blue. The classic is just too washed out for me. Winnipeg looks nice, the angled stripes are awesome. Nice job.
  11. crazyboy335

    My first...

    NFL - Jaguars at Steelers, 2011 NHL - Isles at Penguins, 2012-13 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio 2017 (race is on the 30th, but I've got my tickets!)
  12. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335's NHL Redesign V2 (Ottawa Senators - 11/31)

    Here's Anaheim, using their Mighty Ducks colors with the 2007-2014 uniforms. I think these turned out excellent. When I put the striping above the template it didn't look right to me, so I kept it down there just because that's what I know to do. The name and number are slightly adjusted like you suggested.
  13. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335's NHL Redesign V2 (Ottawa Senators - 11/31)

    Don't hurt me.
  14. crazyboy335

    NHL Adidas Alternates (Series completed!)

    How would the logo look if you switched the eggplant and green?
  15. crazyboy335

    Unpopular Opinions

    Robo-Penguin is cool.