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  1. I like the idea! But what is your focal point? It's hard for me to decide where I want to focus given the red in the logo, along with the varying levels of detail with the skyline.
  2. Can you do A's/sharks/49ers/warriors/byu football?
  3. I work in stockton, and I think this does a better job than their primary set at capturing the blue-collar feel that the city possesses. I would love to see you also reimagine their alternate looks which pay homage to agriculture and the parent club (Oakland A's). Great work!!
  4. Very cool font on the titans! My only critique is with the logo. Remove the eye shield, chin strap (though keeping it might make it more footbally), and in stead make it a full fade shield a la Vegas golden knights or Magneto. This makes it more Greek. Right now you're drifting toward roman design a la Ottawa Senators. Besides that, looks very sharp! Def an upgrade from reality!
  5. The skull logo perhaps is in bad taste given those are stars of David in his eyes...a little too holocausty perhaps.
  6. Amazing job! Love the symbolism in the logos. My only critique is the palette feels a lot like the Florida Panthers. Aside from that, great work!
  7. Would you mind putting it up against the other greenish teams ( stars, wild, sharks) to show contrast? I'm having a hard time not seeing forest green. Thanks! Aside from that, the color scheme is great!
  8. It's looking better! Have you tried similar shadow effects with the letters too? Perhaps that would add overall consistency, in particular now because with the grey ball outline (which is a plus) the three objects act more like one object to the eye. Or maybe try removing the shadow on the ball to see how it all looks together.
  9. I'd be curious to see this concept applied to the Redskins, seeInfo they're in need of a name/identity change. I think this is definitely an idea that has legs (or wings for that matter). as for basketball, I'm not sure that the Wizards, who already in their history very intentionally changed their name/identity, would be ready to make another change. But I could definitely see something like this (maybe with less bright colors) applied to football. Great work and great ideas!
  10. I'm wondering if you re-thought it in more baseball terms, if it would work. Specifically, what if you had the D and C on a diagonal, but in stead of interlocking with the existing Nationals alternate logo, separate them such that the seams of the ball occupy the bottom right portion of the D and the upper left portion of the C? This would likely require a different font, but for sure look less generic.
  11. What about when the giants almost moved to Tampa?
  12. Awesome! I'd love to see you reverse the entire NHL, with the style being from the corresponding era. Great work!!
  13. I love the inspiration and direction. I agree with other posters about business. And love the uniforms
  14. Very cool! This may be nitpicking a bit, but if you're going to use an indigenous element for Australia, it'd be better to use aboriginal elements over Maori. The Maori are much more heavily associated with New Zealand.