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  1. I’ll be using local sponsorship as much as possible.
  2. Maybe prints. A few of them are up on my Etsy. I honestly expected more interest, but it seems people only wanted laptop/mobile wallpapers.
  3. I spent a couple hours the other night going through some of my favourite home and away retro Premier League football (soccer) shirts, and did a bunch of designs for the top clubs using their sponsorships those particular seasons to spell out each clubs name. Manchester City (Brother Printers era, early to mid 90’s):
  4. I'm doing a handful (likely 25) of the more famous buildings in Montréal rendered in Illustrator. You can follow the progress here, if you'd like: Here's the list - 1000 de la Gauchetiere - 1250 René Levesque - McGill college building - KPMG building - Stade Olympique - Saputo field - Berri-UQAM station - Habitat 67 - Buckminster Fuller biosphere - Montreal casino - Bell Centre - Saint Joseph's Oratory - McGill Arts building - Atwater Market - Bonsecour Market - Farine Five Roses factory sign - Notre-Dame Basilica - Sun Life building - Quai de L'Horage with Pont Jacques Cartier and La Ronde - Gare Viger - Old Montreal street view - Place Ville Marie - City Hall - Mount Royal As I complete each city landmark, I'll strike it off the list.
  5. The British flag is only known as the Union Jack if it's flying on a ship. Otherwise, it's just known as the Union flag, or flag of the British Commonwealth.