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  1. ScotM

    Soccer Alphabet

    U is for United.
  2. ScotM

    Soccer Alphabet

    My Rangers supporting family would disown me if I posted Mini Celt related artwork.
  3. ScotM

    Soccer Alphabet

    Hey! My name is Scot and I’m a freelance graphic designer in Ottawa, Canada. To deal with my boredom of self isolation, I decided to do the alphabet with soccer jerseys. Hope you like it!
  4. Panic Button was the first band I ever played in. It originally started out as a graphic design project in school to create CD packaging. We went from a two piece band (Norm Weichel and I) with original songs co-written by Norm and I, to a three piece once Solomon Macys joined on lead guitar. Then my friend’s brother joined the band. We played a few shows in and around my hometown, of London, Ontario. After Slangdoll (Norm’s primary band) started getting more attention, we went back to a two piece band with Solm and I. But Norm was still producing and mixing our songs. I always wondered what might’ve happened if I’d stayed in London. Little known fact, our last rehearsal space was a block away from the old Kellogg’s factory on Dundas street. It seemed like a fitting shirt sponsor. The PB logo I’ve used here was taken from the era our last cd, Death on Parade. With the home design, I wanted to use a subtle dot gradient patten. The away features vertical lines in squares.
  5. Thanks, I was actually going for clouds on the home, but camo is pretty cool too. I'm thinking white outlined in black on the home and black, outlined in white on the away.
  6. The first band in this series is Bad Mojo, a rock band from Orléans, Ontario (a suburb East of downtown Ottawa, near the Québec border.) The team logo is a music note in the shape of a lowercase B with wings, a tribute to both the drummer and the guitarist, whose father’s are retired from the Air Force and both are airplane enthusiasts. An abstract soccer ball inside the B completes the design. The shirt sponsor is in honour of Super Ex, a yearly fair held up until 2010, where they played their first big show.
  7. Intro. The year is 2004, and three Southern Ontario record labels hosting 6 local bands have combined to form a soccer league. Mantis Productions in Toronto, Mojo Records in Barrie and Tuesday Morning Records in Ottawa have all joined forces to create the Tuesday Morning Premier League. Concept. I'll be designing logos for each team and jersey (home, away and clash as well as goalkeepers kits for all 6 teams.) Sponsors will be either local or fictional brands tied into each band name, with backstory on each. Map. Teams. All of these teams are based on bands I either previously played in or have friends who played in. I've cleared the names with all band members. Windup Fox and (Norman Ross) Weichel are music projects that still exist. Team Locations. Bad Mojo (Orléans, Ontario) Panic Button FC (East London, Ontario) Slangdoll SC (Toronto) Stereoface SC (North London, Ontario) Weichel FC (Perry Sound, Ontario) Windup Fox FC (Ottawa, Ontario)
  8. 15th anniversary concept kits. Home: Vermillion Red / Aged Gold Away: Ice Blue / Aegean Blue / Aged Gold Third: Anthracite / Aged Gold Goalkeeper 1: Lilac / Aged Gold Goalkeeper 2: Coral / Aged Gold
  9. Home: Poppy Red Away: Ice Blue Goalkeeper 1: Cerulean Blue Goalkeeper 2: Carnelian Orange League Cup name set.
  10. 2005-07 Windup Fox FC Rain jackets. Home: Poppy Red Away: Aegean Blue
  11. Second year club Windup Fox return with a similar kit design. Primary sponsor, Mac’s Convenience returns with the familiar script font and tartan capped feline. The home kit mirrors last year’s top in a Poppy Red. This time with a triangular gradient pattern. The away top also features the same Ice Blue colour scheme as last year and a full triangular pattern carried over from the primary shirt. Goalkeepers kits are similar to last season’s too. The collar and sleeves are teal now, to add more contrast, instead of a singular colour. Kits are now available in Cerulean blue and Carnelian orange.