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  1. ScotM

    Name That Font!

    Can anyone ID the font from the opening title sequence of Queen’s Gambit?
  2. There isn’t much to critique. The designs and layout are really well done. Very nostalgic. I played a lot of Nintendo when I was younger. Blades of Steel and Ice Hockey were two of my favourites. This is very reminiscent of that. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the team logo designs and jerseys.
  3. It’s not clear right away that the Monogram is NT. To me at least, it just looks like an N connected to a horizontal line. I couldn’t tell what the icon at the bottom was either (initially I thought it was a feather of a leaf.
  4. Box front: Box back: Scale model front/back:
  5. While walking through the Walmart toy department the other night, I was inspired by the idea of model kits. Stores sell cars, tanks and airplane models. Why not models of football (soccer) players? Enter the idea of my Striker Series of Premier League footballers. My favourite team is Arsenal, so it only made sense to start with club legend, Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry • Striker Edition (mold injected sprue) Sticker sheet 1 Sticker sheet 2
  6. Davor Šuker wins Golden Boot:
  7. Mystery Surrounds Ronaldo at World Cup 98:
  8. I’ve always been a fan of World Cups. Best on best with the most competitive players and that added bit of geography, was a huge grab from an early age. Born in the early 80’s, I was too young to appreciate Mexico 86 and my memory is still a big fuzzy in Italia 90. But France 98, that’s the sweet spot for my childhood nostalgia. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane, reliving the highs and lows of World Cup 98. Host Cities map: Snapshots:
  9. ScotM

    Soccer Alphabet

    U is for United.
  10. ScotM

    Soccer Alphabet

    My Rangers supporting family would disown me if I posted Mini Celt related artwork.