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  1. Colorado Rockies Re-Brand

    I don't mind the 90's-ness of it at all. The Rockies are a 90's expansion team, so I feel like it fits with the team's place on baseball's timeline. I do wonder what a Colorado script would look like though.
  2. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Memphis has been so beat up this season, the Spurs could rest Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili and win in six. The Grizzlies have had 28 players on their roster at some point this season. They're scraping like few other squads in the league could ever dream of, but...they're cooked. *dons Princess Leia cinnamon roll buns* Help us Clippers-Trail Blazers, you're our only hope (for any of the match ups in the West to be competitive).
  3. NBA's New Jersey Swamp Dragons/Fire Dragons

    Strangely enough, the supposed front runner to replace Bullets was Dragons at one point (The Verizon Center is in Chinatown after all). Am I the only one who thinks that the designers swapped some colors here and there and tried to present it to Bullets brass? After all, O'Grady did end up designing the Wizards set. Seriously, imagine Georghe Muresan rocking that Dragons jersey. Hell, Jordan could've maybe even worn them. What kinda sorcery would that be?
  4. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    In addition to losing to We The Expansion North, the '96 Bulls dropped a game to a Heat team that only had nine players due to injury as well. That Heat team wasn't that good even with full health (eighth seed).
  5. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    DeMar's a weird player because he gets to the line relatively often and capitalizes on it, yet he's still not a great three shooter, which is growing increasingly rarer for an All-Star wing. Part of his game is in 2016 and the other is in 2001. Still very good and getting max money, but that three ball still sticks out.
  6. Pics where the players look cool

    Powerful, yet graceful. Like a jeri curled velvet glove covered fist or a gymnast with a jackhammer.
  7. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Yeah, that's true about Thompson. Kyrie and Dion Waiters could light up the scoreboard and Twitter when they were in sync, but that was too rare to have a frontcourt with no offense. Potential #HotTake here; Giannis would have been the best passer on the Cavs is if he was drafted by them. I'm not too hot on Kyrie's passing and I like Giannis' court vision.
  8. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    I like what Oladipo could be, but I'm still a little iffy on his shooting. my redraft top five; 1. Noel (he's been quite good post ACL tear, also would've been first if not for said ACL) 2. McCollum (MIP favorite right now; second best player on a playoff Blazers team) 3. Giannis (dude'll have some amazing games, then taper off a bit. Still really young, but he needs consistency) 4. Oladipo 5. Schroeder (there was a faint rumor that the Sixers would offer him a max deal when his rookie deal's up. He's not worth that much, but he's good enough to make the Hawks dangle a guy who was an All-Star a season ago at the trade deadline.)
  9. Not-yet-retired numbers that should/will be

    Considering how awful the team was before he showed up, one conference finals appearance isn't too shabby. They've made the playoffs every year since he came to Atlanta as well, by no means a small feat, even in the East. Also, who do you think was better? Millsap? I don't totally disagree with you (terribly underrated player), but I do feel that Horford is the locker room leader on the team and the franchise player. Overall, I think Horford's deserving of getting his number retired.
  10. Rare team matchups

    T-Mac doesn't look too happy, but I'm not too sure I'd be pleased as punch having to carry those Magic teams with Grant Hill injured either.
  11. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    That last sentence makes me want to listen to "(pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd)" again. And be a simpleeee...
  12. Wishful Thinking in Identity Changes - NBA Edition

    I really dig the 76ers new set save for one thing; no outlines on the script or numbers. Unless you're doing a one color jersey like Philadelphia's Atlantic cohorts Brooklyn or Boston, I like to see outlines. Red on the home & road script & numbers, blue on the alts. Even a double outline would be nice. Also, I'd really like to see the Trail Blazers completely ditch silver, but I can understand why they'd want to keep it to deviate from the Bulls and Raptors.
  13. I imagine they'll have your standard white and grey jerseys, than an alt that's green for four months out of the season, changes to a nice perfect yellow for like two days, than bam, brown for the rest of the year.
  14. Not-yet-retired numbers that should/will be

    Am I crazy to think the Lakers are going to retire both 24 & 8 for Kobe? He's played a decade in each and won multiple rings in both. I'm sure the team or Kobe could just choose one, but I think they'll hang up both of them. Also, while I believe the franchise only retires numbers of HOF players that spent a significant portion of their careers with the team, I can't help but think about the feasibility of the Wizards retiring Phil Chenier's 45. He was a solid All-Star player and has been a good color commentator for years, plus the fans seem to favor his enshrinement. Besides, they could use another banner up there.
  15. 2015 NBA Draftees/Free Agents w/ New Unis

    That Sounds jersey is Stax era soul and Birdman is modern day post hardcore. It's quite the contrast, but it's a fun one.