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  1. @PepMan33Conde Might not include the pre-season ones but I made it anyway:
  2. I'll work on these soon! Finally got the bucks comment you've been calling out! Yes I'm planning on having a database made but I might make the backs of jerseys first. Also btw, I might not include pre-season jerseys (for now) cause that opens a whole avenue of untapped jerseys that I won't be able to dig up.
  3. @PepMan33Conde
  4. As promised, I dug up as much history as I can and made these: Some of these Home and Road jerseys might not match up but most times those are the only pictures I can find that could potentially match. The yellow on the Nuggets jersey is based on the pure assumption that they had a similar concept to the ABA's Denver Rockets and following Nuggets jerseys that mostly have yellow in their color schemes. Once again, if there are corrections available I'm ready to work on it! If you notice, teams like Providence Steamrollers and Toronto Huskies aren't in this list. That's because they were a part of the NBL which is pre-NBA according to my research. The Huskies though already have their jerseys in the Toronto Raptors set.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone can help me find out the years for these jerseys but yeah. These are the only ones left and I'm onto the defunct teams!
  6. Thanks for all of the corrections everyone! Keep em coming. I'm currently researching on the years when they used particular jerseys. The next set I'll release are jersey years I can't find/confirm.
  7. I'm not sure what the difference is with those Nuggets jerseys.
  8. And I fixed these too:
  9. Thank you! I've actually finished the whole thing earlier this year. It took me probably about 3 years? I've just been releasing them here in stages. The only thing I'm making are the corrections or the jerseys I missed which is why it seems fast. When I finish I might just move on to jersey backs and shorts (if I have time maybe ABA jerseys). From there, maybe I'll find a place to showcase all of this. Corrections from @edjb93, @Melody22B, and @IceBurgs70: @CAN-CRC Thanks for the comment! I only add throwback jerseys if they've been modified or if they're from the ABA.
  10. Last batch! Years needed for the following: Hawks (first 6 Home and 7 Away) Wizards (first 8 Home and 11 Away): Pistons (first 2 Home and 3 Away): Cavaliers (all good here): Bucks (here too): Kings (first 8 Home and 7 Away): Warriors (first 9 Home & Away): Sixers (first 11 Home & Away):
  11. Thanks! Let's get these corrections going. The last 8 are big projects.
  12. Thank you! Corrected:
  13. They removed the shadow in the numbers and made it into an outline.
  14. Portland: Seattle/Oklahoma City: New York: San Diego/Houston: 8 teams to go!