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  1. alternate superbowl 52 field: New Orleans vs Jacksonville
  2. hello @Silent Wind of Doom is it possible If I can get New Orleans Saints NFC West (1988,1991,2000) NFC South (2006,2009,2011,2017) NFC Champs (2009) Superbowl Champs (2009) Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes Hartford WHA Eastern Divison (1972-73,1973-74,1974-75,) WHA Champions (1972-73) NHL Adams Divison (1986-87) Carolina Southeast Divison (1998-99,2001-02,2005,06) Eastern Conference (2001-02,2005-06) Stanley Cup (2005-06) Houston Astros NL West (1980,1981(2nd half),1986) NL Central (1997,1998,1999) NL Wild card (2004,2005) NL champions (2005) AL Wild Card (2015) AL West (2017,2018) AL Champions (2017) World series Champions (2017) New Orleans Buccaneers(ABA)/Hornets (NBA)/Pelicans(NBA) Buccaneers ABA Western Conference champs (1967-68) Hornets NBA Southwest Division (2007-08) As of the end of the 2017-18 season, the pelicans have NO championship banners of any type (Divisional, Conference, League). Updates to this list will be made whenever a championship of some sort is won by one of these teams. thanks
  3. Mybug

    Future Retired Number Banner Concepts (NHL Added)

    What about Gordie Howe's no 9 retired by the Carolina/Hartford Franchise?
  4. Hello? Is this post still active? I have a few requests