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  1. No they just call that shade of gray "wolf grey"
  2. Any idea if Seahawks are going with blue or grey pants? I'm hoping they wear grey pants but last time in Dallas they wore all navy
  3. Bears vs Lions is gonna look HORRIBLE. Also hopefully Rams wear white pants so there isn't too much navy vs the Seahawks
  4. Yeah Seahawks should've worn all grey this week instead of vs the Giants
  5. Yeah in 2012 they went blue over grey at Miami and last year they went white over grey in Tampa Bay. I was hoping Seahawks might go all white but it looks like it'll be white over navy because the Seahawks have never worn white over grey more than once in a season
  6. https://photos.app.goo.gl/4vvdJSx7KoK6F9cr2 Seahawks either wearing white over navy or white over grey. My bet would be white over navy
  7. Definitely. The best color rush matchup with no team wearing white so far though has to be the Chargers vs Broncos.
  8. I think they should wear their gray pants for one game as the road uniform kinda like how they did all blue
  9. I'm hoping Seahawks go all grey but I think they'll go with their normal away white with navy pants look
  10. After tonight they should probably focus on their play instead of worrying about what they're gonna wear