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  1. No the trend is now every 7 years a team wearing green breaks the white jersey trend
  2. Yeah no way they change it now. They will probably just push for an alternate helmet now
  3. Well I guess the Patriots won't pick the white jerseys next super bowl
  4. Maybe the photo is wrong. I bought a Seahawks color rush jersey and on the photo of the jersey it said "Seahawks" in grey instead of white but when I got the jersey it was white just like the real Seahawks color rush jersey
  5. Bears: Navy with orange outline Bengals: black with orange outline Bills: blue with red outline Broncos: navy with orange outline Browns: Brown with orange outline Buccaneers: Red with Pewter outline Cardinals: Red with white outline Chargers: navy with yellow outline Chiefs: Red with Yellow outline Colts: blue with white outline Cowboys: Navy with silver outline Dolphins: Aqua with orange outline Eagles: Green with black outline Falcons: Red with black outline 49ers: Red with gold outline Giants: blue with red outline Jaguars: Teal with gold outline Jets: green with white outline Lions: blue with silver outline Packers: Green with Yellow outline Panthers: Black with light blue outline Patriots: navy with red outline Raiders: Black with silver outline Rams: white with navy outline Ravens: Purple with Black outline Redskins: burgundy with gold outline Saints: gold with black outline Seahawks: navy with green outline Steelers: black with yellow outline Texans: navy with red outline Titans: navy with baby blue outline Vikings: purple with yellow outline
  6. I know this would look kinda dumb but next year they should make similar uniforms but for the numbers they should use a color for whichever team the player plays for. Ex: a Steelers player would have yellow numbers with black outline
  7. NFC is wearing white pants for pro bowl. Will be interesting to see if AFC also has white pants
  8. The last team to not wear white in the super bowl and win wore green so maybe that will help
  9. There is nothing worse than the Patriots winning a super bowl again cuz of the refs
  10. Ugh why did the Patriots choose white. I wanted the eagles to win
  11. Patriots could also choose to wear white jerseys because last 2 super bowls in white they've won and last 2 in navy blue they've lost. Also won the super bowl vs the eagles wearing white in 2004
  12. Stefon Diggs #14 in all purple socks after wearing all white socks last week. I wish he wore full color socks that weren't the same color as the pants the Vikings are wearing
  13. Yeah the accessories were spot on other than Nick Foles wearing full sleeves under his uniform. He usually just wears half like everyone else in the photo
  14. I just saw this on Instagram and came here for the same reason lol. Maybe next year they are gonna wear those black pants with the green jerseys. Also noticed how Blake Bortles is wearing the alternate teal jerseys