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  1. Seahawks will most likely wear white with blue pants because that's the uniform combo they won the super bowl in which was also in New York
  2. I don't get all the hate for the broncos all navy uniforms. I personally think they look pretty nice
  3. Cardinals should wear black facemasks with their black alternate uniforms and red facemasks with their color rush
  4. Titans have a much lighter shade of blue though and they have white helmets
  5. I think each team should have 1 color rush game that doesn't have to be on Thursday so every team is able to wear their color rush uniforms
  6. Will the dolphins be wearing their normal all white uniforms for color rush or do they have a new color rush uniform?
  7. I think you need Patriots at Buccaneers for last one
  8. I don't put my real birthday on 90% of things I sign up for even if I'm old enough
  9. Yeah but it's not that hard to forge your age online
  10. Why couldn't you say anything before you were 13? 😂
  11. Oh I meant their color rush is vs the Cardinals and they will be wearing navy on the road vs the Cowboys. Last time they were in Dallas though they wore all navy instead of the grey pants which is the ones I want to see them wear
  12. Well their color rush is green and I'm guessing it's against the cowboys. I was hoping they would wear navy on the road vs the jaguars so they could wear grey pants with it instead of the normal navy
  13. Will the Seahawks be wearing navy on the road this year?
  14. @goforbroke you have the schedule for every teams uniform right?