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  1. It's rumoured that they will take away the 1 helmet rule this year but it has not been confirmed yet
  2. Jaguars are making teal the primary uniforms now.
  3. If the Bucs are gonna go WAH for early season games that leaves 5 games max for the red jerseys and I doubt they'll bring out white pants for them.
  4. So I'm guessing the Bucs will be going WAH a lot next season including the playoffs
  5. I hate how the Bucs are emphasizing red instead of pewter when the Chiefs are the team wearing red.
  6. Yeah but last year the 49ers were on the right side as well so I'm guessing NFC is on the right and AFC on the left or it could just be completely random who knows
  7. Shouldn't the end zone on the right (from the broadcast view) be the one that has the "home" teams logo. Usually the home team is on the right and away team on the left so no idea why that wouldn't carry over to end zones.
  8. The Bucs in white jerseys and pewter pants is the better uni matchup but it's just weird that the first ever home super bowl team will be in white.
  9. I know it doesn't matter for this year because both teams wear red and the Bucs are playing in their home stadium but the super bowl should have both teams in their home colors if possible because it's supposed to be a neutral game on a neutral site.
  10. Bucs are also the first home team to make the super bowl so I would guess they would wear their home look of red/pewter. They also won their only super bowl in that combo as well.
  11. Wow I never noticed that until I took a way closer look. Now I can't unsee it smh
  12. I thought Buffalo would keep the white pants and blue socks for the AFC championship game but good thing I'm wrong. I'm not a fan of solid white socks in general and would've preferred the blue striped ones but at least they aren't keeping the solid blue socks for this week.
  13. Gonna guess the Bills go with white pants and solid blue socks on the road in Kansas City but hopefully they bring out the blue pants and blue striped socks.