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  1. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Do you want the font for PHILA changed or the font for the other words changed or both? I should be able to finish the logo today.
  2. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    I added PHILA to the digital version: <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/DAYrY"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> Also, if anyone knows how to embed an image from Imgur, that would be helpful.
  3. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    I drew this up quickly. I can digitalize it if there's interest:
  4. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Finally got around to week 4:
  5. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Fixed. Settle did win that game, I just mixed it up on the score sheet. It was interesting that both of your teams ended up in the same group, but it's nice to have an inter-league rivalry.
  6. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    I have finalized the week 1 scores! Here they are, along with the group tables:
  7. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Yes this will continue. I have been delayed with school, and I have been trying to finish the first few weeks of competition before I posted them. I also need to edit the teams page, as one league joined and one dropped out.
  8. Tottenham 2017 Redesign

    As a Tottenham fan, the thing I hate most about the current kit is the red AIA logo. However, I will try the away kit with a blue collar, that could work. Thanks for the C&C. I could try yellow socks on the third kit. You're right, this concept isn't really what Nike would or should do much as it is what I would like to see from Tottenham. I'm glad that the kits remind of retro Spurs jerseys, as that's the look I was going for. I will definitely work on finalizing the cockerel. Thanks for the kind words! Do you mean less yellow overall in the entire concept or just on the third kit? On the other two kits, yellow is just an accent color and not used very much. Thanks! I do the jersey swaps in Gimp, mostly with the Colorized tool. I also use the smear tool to make the applications conform with the wrinkles on the jersey.
  9. Tottenham 2017 Redesign

    I finally found the time to put together a concept. With Tottenham moving to Nike next year, I think this is the perfect opportunity for a redesign of Tottenham's brand. Rather than giving the team a bland uniform based on the Nike template, I decided to assign a throwback identity to the club. I realize that Nike would never design anything like this, but I think they should. C &C always welcome Enjoy!
  10. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Update:. This is still open, all submissions must be in by January 10.
  11. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Finally got around to compiling the current teams:
  12. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Just wanted to remind everyone participating that I would prefer that every league entered has at least two clubs, to keep the total number even. That being said, here's the playoff branding: The teams that performed best last go round are hosting the games.
  13. It's back! This is the new WFA Club Championship. This year's format is slightly different, as I am blocking any of my teams from advancing past the first elimination round. I am also using a new score simulator that I created that takes into account home field advantage and past record (If anyone wants specific on this, just let me know). Also, one note: For those who have never participated, this is not a fantasy league with GMs. Rather, it is a knockout style tournament between the submitted teams. More details about eligible submissions below. Without further ado, Enjoy!