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  1. Didn’t he have help from his friend Hobbes?
  2. You see my current icon? That’s the colors. Here, I’ll put it in as an attachment
  3. You have improved on the D-Rays set, AND THEN SOME. now all I need is my icon in Sting Ray style
  4. HereComesThax

    Griffin's Signature Thread

    Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Rowdies alabama crimson tide Orlando Magic
  5. Don’t you dare mess with that rainbow.
  6. Family is more important. Take your time.
  7. HereComesThax

    Rays Jersey Wallpaper

    Oooh. Thanks guys.
  8. HereComesThax

    Rays Jersey Wallpaper

    Uhhhhhhhh guys, I’m a bit confused. I’ve never seen this Rays jersey before, and I don’t know if it’s a new thing or not.... so I need some clarification
  9. TBH, i am a HUGE Nintendo nerd. but them destroying the Tampa Bay Mariners is the one thing i hate. EDIT: I digress though, the unis look awesome, as usual!
  10. Every game isn’t the Stadium Series. I stand by hockey in Tampa. We were really close in the last expansion for the PHL, now is our time!
  11. I second that. specifically the Tampa Bay part.
  12. I just happen to find this thread in the middle of the Sweepstakes...... pain is an understatement. They still look awesome!
  13. HereComesThax

    MLB Concept Rebranding: Nike Edition

    If I had to make one suggestion, it would be to use the Ray currently used as a side patch in some way, as it provides a connection to all previous uniforms, as it has somehow survived every single change