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  1. You know what's even funnier? LMU doesn't even have a hockey team! Thanks for the comment
  2. I have to be honest though... those little lightning bolts almost look like veins popping out of his neck, because the face is so tight. Besides that, I'm sorry, but the whole think kinda looks like a gag Tom Brady joke. It just needs some more patriotism, and a lot more seriousness in its facial expression.
  3. 1. rhiestad 2. wheateater 3. chapi Results as of 9/17/04, 2:45 PM PST joshuamings 15 wheateater 7 lmupepbander 21 chapi 8 rheistad 11 packerbadger 2
  4. OK, I incorporated that logo into all of the concepts... for the baseball, that's going to be the BP cap, because they were quite nice as is. Tell me if they're more to your liking.
  5. The contest was supposed to be a redesign, which is why I changed the logos. I might remake them with the other one eventually, because I agree that the actual primary is one of the best logos in sports. But, I am thinking of making that a secondary, because I am liking the hollowed seal/lion head logo as well.
  6. Well, I've had these stored on the computer for months, because I wanted to get them done before classes started, and with the College Bowl falling on its @$$, I'll just start a new thread to get some concepts. The Primary is the school's seal hollowed out with the school's alternate inside, the secondary is the school's primary with the text replaced with a new font, and the tertiary is the bell tower of the school's chapel, which is the most distinguishing building of the campus. And, yes, I posted these in the college bowl link, but since that never was an actual contest, I don't want to hear anything about the new double-posting rule that has been created.
  7. Just slap an alternate on the shoulders, and you have gold right there.
  8. LMU

    MLB jerseys

    Is this kinda an unofficial thing, or are they completely removing Anaheim from their name? I mean, if they just call themselves the Angels and keep Anaheim for scoreboards, etc., that would be fine, but if they're just "The Angels," then I hate to admit it, but Arte's stock has fallen quite a bit in my book.
  9. moved the concepts to a new thread
  10. That is classic! I would like to thank the academy, and brassbonanza for going AWOL and leaving this concept to rot. But I wouldn't let it happen, no sir!
  11. i'm getting sick of bumping this, but... BUMP
  12. I believe he was referring to the St. Louis FOOTBALL Cardinals, since they didn't change the look minus the AZ flag when they moved to Phoenix.
  13. My comment on that is that I actually like the navy jerseys. They just need some actual logos on them or something. I'd actually kinda like to see the Bills adopt a navy/red scheme possibly, instead of the 5 blue set they use now.
  14. LMU

    MLB jerseys

    Of course they're still going to be the Anaheim Angels. I just think that they're trying to not shove the city down all our throats. I mean, the Yankees anymore are more New York than Yankees, with all the mystique and whatnot. Same with the Red Sox and Boston, the Cubs and Chicago, etc. etc. So, you'll still see Anaheim on the scoreboard and they will still be abbreviated ANA, but they'll be the one team to be known more as a brand than as a city, which might be nice as it would not alienate suburban fans who might have stronger ties to the Dodgers/Padres just because of a Los Angeles/San Diego connection.
  15. very nice. in terms of the wordmark, maybe shrink it a little. i don't mind if it doesn't match the helmet. but change the black wordmark on the away uniforms to red.
  16. Yeah, the fact that he has a stub for a left hand really bugs me.
  17. Center the logo on the helmet, and then I'll give you an opinion.
  18. Here's a picture Sounds like the IHA needs a little Latino Heat!
  19. I have nothing wrong with using templetes, but using something that blatently associated with another team is either typical IHA or laziness, or both. I wasn't refering to the Jersey template. I meant the text in the press release... The sault one says "for more details on Pittsburgh Patriots..." oh, ok. in that case, does anyone know how to proofread? or is all his time taken up in drawing his legal defense plans?
  20. I have to mediate this... anyone remember last season? Oklahoma 77, A&M 0... And, Texas 46, A&M 15. So, no more of the arguments, because it's pretty clear who the superior football program has been. And, a good friend of mine was a Longhorn.
  21. better bump this again... hope it gets someone's attention