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  1. When the typically 119.99 BP is 309.... its an alternate in my eyes. https://www.mlbshop.com/miami-marlins/mens-miami-marlins-majestic-blue-alternate-2019-authentic-collection-flex-base-custom-jersey/t-25117604+p-2593128991190+z-9-39350711
  2. via Imgflip Meme Generator
  3. Chances are Aliens is an Atlanta legends team, Bivouac is a team of legends from random cities that had no home, Triplets looks like a cleveland cavs color scheme, and enemies must be all the A-holes of the NBA no one wanted to play with?
  4. This would free up the two extra facemasks for the Saints and Bucs too lol.
  5. I'm not sure of some of the stuff I have at home, it's just concoctions I've made over the years.... but if you have a place called Dollar Tree near you I'd take a look in there for a product caLLED "Totally Awesome". Its a spray bottle of yellowish fluid. I'd spray the hell out of it, then rub some oxyclean gel (you can get that at walmart, its a stick type of thing) into it---use a brush and try to follow the "grain" of the fabric. After that throw it in the wash for a good soak. Most might come out. If it's on a white part- maybe one of those tide bleach pens would work too.
  6. How can I make that a deceptive picture... isn't that opening day when they are announcing the rosters? Everyone wants to crap on the Marlins attendence, so here was my shot at the "Legit Teams". The point is all the info is on the scoreboard, the in stadium PA tells you whose batting if you cant see- and the Marlins jerseys- while black on black... aren't the worst.
  7. I mean, usually the big ol goofy outdated headshot and name on the jumbotron would tell them whose batting. Same thing w the lineup on the jumbotron depicting positions and batting order. But then again, what do I know- I'm a marlins fan and our attendance sucks.
  8. You mean Rob Manfred decided to crap all over tradition and Miami?
  9. It's baseball though, once you know who is playing what position, or who is at bat.... from a lineup card- they can all be wearing T-Shirts. Especially now when the scorebug TELLS you who is pitching and who is hitting. 3. Anderson RH .300 LHP- NOLA 101 Pitches (98 MPH) Miami- 0 Phillies- 28
  10. I love this thread, it's more fun than checking the recent transactions on ESPN.
  11. I could probably clean that up in an hour with some of the stuff I got at home. I've taken acrlyic paint and oil out of some of these jerseys.
  12. Vinyl Covers for the helmets, or... .get this....and hear me out... darken the colors a little bit on the jersey to make them closer to each other.
  13. Pretty much BS that SEATTLE was able to steal Miami's color scheme and sell it before Miami has even had a chance to get off the ground. The black and pink was probably the one major factor that was going to help Miami's merch sell like hotcakes (think Heat Vice) and now most of the intrigue and excitement for a Miami Kit is killed. Even in the exact way a Miami kit would sell (Black with Pink). Total BS. Black and Pink aren't even Sounders colors. They should have been forced to pick from their existing colors or adopt a regional color.
  14. Someone explain this to me lol. Why is he wearing a Canadiens Jersey?
  15. Also, I think old logos and names are property of the NHL and NBA. I think that was the issue with the Charlotte Hornets and Hartford Whalers recently.
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