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  1. That could be a nice upgrade for Baylor. The current colors seem a bit... idk, drab at times Hopefully this means the end of their volt basketball uniforms as well
  2. Don't like that checkered look for Barca at all. Vertical stripes or nothing
  3. Jamaica looks intriguing. I never think of USMNT as a red team. It's not great, but I've seen worse kits. Worst Colombian kit in some time. Don't really have an opinion on Mex and Argentina
  4. The Niners look so good now that they've fixed their sleeves. Whenever I'm thinking of best uniforms in football I tend to forget about them because of their past issues. But damn, that current look looks good
  5. Ah yes, I noticed that on the boards while watching Caps at Lightning the other day. Thought it looked new. I like it *shrug*
  6. That Northwestern uniform is really cool. Needs more purple, but overall I really like it. The team should use that logo on the shorts more often now that it exists.
  7. Hey guys, After seeing the Mint Julip hats back on the last page, I just wanted to take this time to give a quick shout out to the Montgomery Biscuits. The Biscuits were so ahead of the curve on the anthropomorphic local food item logo. The logo below is from 2004. Now? The shark has been jumped over and back again. The horse has been mercilessly beaten into the ground. Montgomery Biscuits, I'm sorry that so many teams are infringing on your territory. I'm sorry now that you may unfairly get lumped in with the other unoriginal food logos. Your logo was great and clever. It made me laugh. It still does. Stay strong.
  8. A banner should stay up regardless of who is playing. I was watching that game and thought it was an odd place to put the banner as there's obviously only enough room for one.
  9. It's funny how similar but different these two jerseys look. At first glance they look like they'd be made by the same manufacturer.
  10. Re: The Aussie women's kits -- Hmm it seem that crazy 90's esque kits may be making a comeback. I heard a few anecdotes about Nigeria's World Cup shirt selling like gangbusters, and those were obviously very unique. Nike may start going the crazier route even more. I'm okay with this! Long live the 90's!
  11. Off topic: these jerseys were/are so hard to find online. Personally, I think this is the best team USA has looked in recent memory
  12. Speaking of hidden letters in logos -- eagle eyed baseball fans will see the hidden "e" for Expos in the Nats interlocking DC logo. A nod to their origin in the great white north: