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  1. Ah thanks, didn't realize. That's kinda disappointing. But aw well.
  2. I want to hate the Chargers smiley face logo, but it's just sooo crazy it works. They're trying to be young, hip, cool -- I get it. Pretty fun secondary logo, will be great for stickers/emoji/useless chotchkies/t-shirts/hats. I like it, very unique.
  3. Bradley Beal is not a fan (although it should be noted that he is from St.Louis, so there could be a bit of a scorned lover factor here)
  4. The mothership added the logo to the NFL page. And it really does stand out, not in a good way. Also, if i didn't know they were named the Rams, that wouldn't be my first guess that that's what the logo is going for. https://www.sportslogos.net/teams/list_by_league/7/National_Football_League/NFL/logos/ Overall, I think the logo looks better than it did on the leaked hat and the mock ups that came out afterwards. It's not terrible. The new ram logo looks super primitive, way too basic. It feels like it was forced in just as a way to use the new horn. The ram logo is a monumental downgrade from the last one imo. The colors do look good, glad they went with blue and yellow over navy and white. Even with the most generous grading, the highest you can give this is probably a C.
  5. Pretty cool mural at the news Rangers stadium
  6. I guess I’m misremembering but I thought they got rid of the Fighting in Fighting Illini
  7. And for anyone who was originally slightly confused as I was, this wouldn't replace the name Illini as the team name. It would just be a student in a bird costume EDIT: ah okay I see other people have cleared that up also. Carry on
  8. As long as they don’t screw up the uniforms this really isn’t thaaat bad. It’s growing on me slightly now that I see the mock up of what it may actually look like. The Dolphins going to their airline logo for example was much worse because they actually use it on their helmet.
  9. Pretty bad, but I get that they wanted to make a new logo that reps LA for hats or whatever. But this should only be a secondary logo. The charging ram head still blows this out of the water.
  10. Veryyyy unusual uniform for Florida (not positive they only wore them for one game, but I believe so) Also this shtick from Nike back in like 2005. Forgot who else did this too. A buddy of mine who is a VT fan loveddd that uniform. Another example of different strokes for different folks