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  1. Throughout grade school I would wear hats and jerseys of other teams. As I got to college, I stopped wearing jerseys, but would still occasionally wear the hat of non-Nats teams. On one particular occasion, I had a Cardinals hat on (cardinal on the bat alternate) and one of my teachers saw me in the hall and said something along the lines of alright lets go Redbirds! I didn't really react because I didn't initially realize why he would be saying that to me. After seeing my confused face he scoffed along with the person he was walking with, giving a look like, what's wrong with that kid. An instant later I realized I had the Cardinals hat on and then it seemed so obvious to me, he thought I was a Cardinals fan, and why wouldn't he, because the hat I was wearing. From then on, it always seemed a little odd to wear the hat of a non-Nats team because I didn't want people thinking I was a fan of that team. I wanted anything but to be scoffed at again as I roamed the halls in my massive cargo shorts. Never again, I swore... never again... (I threw the hat away when STL broke Washington hearts in 2012)
  2. What is the yellow item screwed in near the ear? Is that where some sort of COVID related mouth shield will attach? Or is that for something else
  3. The name does roll off the tongue pretty easily - Seattle Kraken It’s growing on me. I think this is a better identity than Golden Knights. Let’s see if Seattle can win the West in their first season though
  4. Yeah he said the championship uniform, talking specifically about the gold trimmed uniform. The hosts said hey tell us about this wacky uniform you’re gonna be wearing today, and how often will they wear it? And he said all season at home
  5. Well said. They've won me over with that sweater. I can tolerate the dumb name for something that looks that good
  6. On local radio this morning a Nats official said they'll be wearing the championship uniforms at home all season
  7. This looks better to me. I think the Nats should be a red dominant team first, but also this just looks better to my eyes. The blue with red outline really gives off a purple effect for me.
  8. I know it’s different strokes but there’s no planet where that looks good. I mean if you wanna say it’s better than their usual home look and the curly-w looks like Walgreens, I get it. But it does not look good
  9. Chiming in one more time about the Nats' championship uniform. No numbers on the front? And why the sleeve inconsistency from the script Nationals white alternate, which these were presumably modeled after (which also have a sleeve striping inconstancy to the rest of the Nats uniforms). Love this team, but they need to sort out this minor identity crisis they seem to be having. Way too many hats and alternates.Just wear the curly-W please. Every promo shot and headshot I see of the Nats for this year is with the white panel alternate hat and the alt jersey, with the purple looking Nationals wordmark - the fake me out Twins look. I really worry they're gonna move to that uniform full time, soon.
  10. When I first saw the black uniform I assumed it was one of the endless alternate uniforms that the league seems to have. Now that I see the actual set, these are great. For a team that, in my opinion, doesn't have an overly great uniform history this may be among one of their best sets ever. It looks very clean to me. Nice side stripes. The drop shadow isn't perfect, especially with some white/yellow clashing, but overall this is a clean set. With the drop shadow and clean 80's esque look, I'm getting kind of a Sixers vibe from these.
  11. Yeaaa in a vaccum I don't think that looks good, but I've got my rose colored glasses on the moment so I can't complain too much But again, not sure why they chose to do it with an alternate uniform they've never yet worn on the field for a regular season game. The hat Davey is wearing is what I always pictured they'd wear for championship ring day, but I always pictured it with the standard home white uni which I think would be a major improvement.
  12. I think that guy was a member here, but got banned for something about Chief Wahoo Or at least that used to be the guy who would update the wiki uniforms
  13. In this video you can see a glimpse of the gold trimmed uniform the Nats presumably would have worn on Opening Day. It appears to be the white alternate jersey with the cursive Nationals script -- yet with the standard all red home hat. Personally I would have added it to the standard home white uniform, or the blue alternate since the WS success was in that. But nonetheless, as a Nats fan it's hard not to be excited to see this