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  1. I mean that doesn't sound that bad to me. The Expos went to the playoffs 1 time in 35 years. 5 playoff appearances in 15 years isn't shabby. 4 division titles and a World Series appearance in that span, some teams would kill for that. No denying that the pre-Strasburg years were rough though. And yes, they did have a knack for choking in the postseason
  2. WVU going white, white, grey. Blahhhh. One perk of getting throttled by OU might be that this leads to never wearing this combo again
  3. FWIW this will be the 5th time in 6 years that OU has worn this alternate set vs WVU:
  4. So thrilled about what the Nats have done. I'd prefer to see them play in white/red at home and grey/blue on the road, but I understand the superstition of sticking with the blue jerseys home and away. Whatever it takes to get 4 more wins baby!
  5. Saints look good. The all white is clean. Much better than the black pants look. Saints-Jags overall a sneaky good uniform battle today
  6. WVU going blue, gold, blue against Texas. Will be a stripe the stadium game
  7. Wake Forest going with Deacons on the front of the home jersey From: https://godeacs.com/news/2019/10/1/general-wake-forest-athletics-refreshes-its-brand.aspx
  8. Big fan of the side panels for Syracuse. And I like the front saying Syracuse rather than 'cuse or Orange. Only tweak I'd make is update the font and wordmark a little bit, as it's pretty dull. Perhaps switch that back to the Carmelo era look:
  9. Do all teams get Statement uniforms? Are they all being unveiled today/in the near future?
  10. I think the Preds knocked it out of the park with that fauxback logo
  11. If I worked for the Magic, I'd get them looking better in 2 seconds: