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  1. Nothing serious obviously but, the Sharks wore their "old" uniforms vs the Canucks in the Canucks Young Stars tournament game. The Sharks jerseys also included the old Reebok logo. Once again as in past years of this tournament teams wore the opposite helmet. Sharks wore their black helmet with the white jerseys and Canucks their white helmet with blue jerseys. Pretty ugly combination.
  2. This is so much better than what they have now. I would buy each one of these jerseys in a heartbeat. Maybe throw the wordmark below the collar and they'd be perfect.
  3. randyc

    Pittsburgh Penguins

    Wrap the hem stripes around and it'll be much better. However, I also agree with BBTV, I didn't read what you had before the concept and thought it was bricks, not a subliminated igloo design.
  4. For starters, I bought the jersey blank for $60 last year, and as I said the customization was only $55. This is a cheaper option than buying an already customized jersey. I had already had a BC Lions jersey customized without any issues through Jersey City so I figured it why not go to them again. Secondly, I have never heard of EPS or BigTimeJerseys so how am I supposed to call them? And I am nowhere near Toronto. Yes, I am a perfectionist when it comes to my jerseys when I pay money for them. I expect the job to be done right like anyone else would.
  5. I figured with the recent issues that I've gone through with Jersey City and their two attempts to customize my Toronto Blue Jays grey jersey I would create a thread for this nonsense. Here is the breakdown for what I went through. I brought the jersey in to Jersey City in my town back in April. They sent the jersey away to get customized to a different unknown company. Because I was getting the jersey customized with "Reyes 7" it was $55, as it is a single digit customization. After 4 weeks away, I received this- As you can tell from the 'S' the font is a different thickness and the 7 seems off-center. So I sent the jersey to the Jersey City head office after contacting their customer service. After many more weeks, mostly due to the floods in Calgary, I received the jersey back again and this is what I got. While this second customization looks closer, this time the font is too thick. After sending Jersey City a big long email, which probably should have been expressed in a phone call about how this is , I was told there is nothing they can do and will notify their customization company about the issue. I now have this Reyes jersey that has a counterfeit feel to it and it makes me feel sick! Has anyone gone through issues like this in the past? And does anyone know of a company who can fix this?
  6. Looking through the pictures on the Canucks website of the actual physical jersey preview, you can see the NHL shield on the collar, just like in the graphics. Seems like they got the crest made up and slapped it on a blank Canucks jersey template. Overall it's not too bad, but I really don't like how they used the same template for the home and alternate jersey. That being said, I think if the alternate jersey were green it would be great, even with the script and bottom right number - in my opinion.
  7. I don't understand why they didn't promote the alternate jersey logo to the primary. It's almost like they flipped the Canadiens logo.
  8. I thought about this today, for me this is the best looking Final since 2004, although 2010 with Chicago and Philly was pretty decent also.
  9. I think we are seeing bits and pieces of both the home and the road jersey, rather than just the red home jersey.
  10. This is my biggest beef with the logo, aside from that, I really like this logo.
  11. Take this for what it's worth but... When I was recently in Vancouver, one of the memorabilia outlet managers and I were talking about the Vancouver Millionaires merchandise. During the conversation he said that he was told that the Canucks are going to wear the Millionaires jersey up to 3 times next season. He said he was going to be shipped much more Millionaires merchandise closer to the start of next season.
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    Abstract Logo

    Is this is a joke? What are you trying to accomplish with this?
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    My PLA team kit

    As I said in the original post I don't have a crest just yet but it is in progress.
  14. randyc

    My PLA team kit

    I was recently awarded a PLA team here on the boards and until now they had no kit or identity. I finally had some time to play around and came up with this kit. It is my first soccer concept and I figured some feedback on it would be good. I also would like some input on which third/clash kit is the better one. The home and away design was roughly based off of the kit that lancealot had come up with for my team. The team is called the Garden City Capitals FC. They are based out of Victoria, BC. The third/clash kit is based off of the city's flag design. Currently I don't have a crest, but that can come later. Just realized as I was posting this that the Adidas logo is missing on the shorts of one of the clash kits, so I am aware of that.
  15. Unless one of our tremendous cable companies up here wants to pick up Fox Sports 1, we probably won't. This blows. Seeing as it is replacing SPEED, I'd figure whoever has SPEED should also get FOX Sports 1 once the switch occurs.
  16. As long as I can still watch them here in Canada, it's okay, but TSN won't quite be the same without them. Hopefully these two still keep doing their weekly podcast, funniest hour+ of my week.
  17. The black Ducks alternate is awesome. I would definitely buy one of those if it were real. Good work on the rest.
  18. Here's my guess what the numbers will look like based off of 1,2,3,5,6,7 which have been seen in pictures.
  19. Yeah, it's a different font. The 7 does look pretty close to the same as usual though.
  20. Here's a picture from the Canucks instagram showing the back of the jersey, with an announcement to come today. http://instagram.com/p/WUsDTytOP_/ Same number font as the current jerseys, with a different font for the names.
  21. By saying moved, I didn't mean that they would move the Wolves. I'm well aware about the Wolves, simply meant that I wouldn't be surprised if the Canucks affiliate becomes Abbotsford once their agreement is up with Chicago. Better?
  22. http://www.uticaod.com/blogs/x1145972669/The-Flames-Are-Coming-The-Flames-Are-Coming-Deal-Done-AHL-Hockey-Returns-To-Utica-Aud-For-2013-2014-Season With this move, I wouldn't be surprised if the Canucks farm team moved to Abbotsford from Chicago. I wonder if the Utica team will keep the heat name, changes to Flames, or bring in a new nickname?
  23. Having lived in PG for the last 4 years, the current ownership has ruined the team. They've gone from a ticket that you would be lucky to get to them not being able to give away tickets for free. The city already has the Spruce Kings in the BCHL and arguably play better hockey and are definitely way more competitive. Anyhow if the team were to move, if Nanaimo could get the team it would be good I think. The current Cougars and Royals games are already decent and would be even better with an Island rivalry. Nanaimo Islanders?
  24. I like these new post game presser hats. The only hats that seem to fit me good are the mesh back ones. Now with the BP hats becoming 59Fiftys which don't fit my head at all and sit way too high on my head, these new mesh back post game presser hats will be the only MLB hats I'll be buying.
  25. Just switch back to using the old format of Photobucket. Solves any copy and paste issue with it. How do you do that? It asked me when they switched my account if I wanted to keep the new look or not, so I didn't. Of course as I log in to Photobucket tonight it says that they're switching everyone's accounts in 20 days, so something else than Photobucket may have to be used sooner then later.